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BYOI – Spoiler Alert

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FAM 082513We met new friends thanks to our new Groupon deal and auditions at the Warwick Museum of Art this weekend! Daniel, Krissy, Paul and Drew were on hand to make everyone laugh. The mighty FAM cup gave Melissa’s name, so she was our FAM! She had come to the show with her family, and said her life is being a mom. She homeschools her children and loves going on field trips with them. Melissa enjoyed the “Maze Runner” series and loves Teddy Bear, who she’s had since birth.

In FAM Centerpiece, Melissa was a good sport about being the centerpiece. Daniel and Krissy were her kids at the teddy bear factory, and the bears eventually ousted each member of the family. Krissy and Paul had to deal with robot bugs and should’ve just read the manual…except it wasn’t in English. Paul and Daniel found a bunch of things in the attic, including Melissa’s birthday cake from 4 years ago.

The crowd then warmed up as Daniel led them to make the sounds of cars, trucks and clown cars! Auditioner Josh and Krissy told a story in Fortunately/Unfortunately. Paul and Drew were the diabetic maze runners trying to make their way through candy. They had run out of insulin and had no cell phone reception, but luckily found the place for all necessities in life and a literal Rosetta Stone to help them translate everything.

Auditioner Alex was then up to help with Catch Phrase. Daniel knew the grass was greener on the other side but wondered where everything went, while Alex was clumsy and concerned about getting hurt. Together, they were in a scene with Drew, where they had to put food bars away. Unfortunately for Drew, the store was on a cliff, and Daniel was having way too much fun throwing everything off of it.

Marriage Counselor was next, with Paul trying to help out Drew and Josh. Drew didn’t know how to tie his shoes, and Josh was afraid of shopping. Neither of them could physically open their mouths when they were upset, so it made things interesting for Paul.

Story, Story, Die featured our cast plus auditioners Ethan, Alex and Josh. They told the story of mom and dad, the spies, and their travels around the world. They needed to learn other languages, like Chinese and Dog, since dogs like to talk, too! We learned more about dogs, like the fact that they spy on you when licking faces and might like cats. In the end, Krissy and Ethan were the lone survivors.

After the break, the cast sang an Irish Song about a scary lane with bears, before jumping into Follow That Action, with Josh and Ethan. They learned that pizza needs dough, not air, the dead aren’t allowed in restaurants and no health violations make health inspectors sad.

In Guidance Counselor, Krissy gave some good advice, as well as some questionable advice. Drew was too busy to wash his hair, until Krissy taught him of 2-in-1 shampoo conditioner! Daniel’s students didn’t listen to him, but it turns out they just didn’t speak his language and Josh the cat had a full litterbox but was told to learn how to use the toilet.

The night ended with a hilarious Pavlovian Response. Krissy had to fist pump every time a question was asked, Paul asked “What is Freebird” anytime a hand was on a hip, and Pavlov Drew had to scream instead of talk if hands went above a head. There was a lactose intolerant family, room temperature ice cream and hang out time for the family. Our cast triggered itself all over the place, must to the thrill of the audience.

And scene!

BYOI – Dog spelled D-I-N-N-E-R?

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20130823_234425Friday night in Cranston, we had a fun cast (Ryan, Ian and Paul, and occasionally Daniel) and an enthusiastic audience at our alternate Artist Exchange venue!

Ryan started us off with RESPECT, always a good thing, then Ryan and Ian interviewed our FAM Dustin.

According to his interview, he likes Thrice, but hates Weird Beards, is a recovering Navy brat, worked at Sennheiser until recently, and is an aspiring stay at home dad (with no kids). Really.

We put all that together, and did a bio-pic about Dustin in FAM Film Critic. Who knew professional companionship and recreational pharmaceuticals could be so much fun?!

Ryan warmed us up with a wave, then it was right into Quickest Minute, wherein Paul and Ian had to recreate the Essence of Gone In Sixty Seconds in 30, 15, and 7.5 seconds. Since neither Paul nor Ian had seen the film, their interpretation of it was… open to interpretation ūüôā

Catchphrase followed, with Daniel and Ian struggling with their speech limitations (being limited to one question and one statement each), as Ryan tried to coordinate their activities

Press conference saw Paul giving a presentation to the press as the Pope, about his recent marriage to a unicorn. The fact that he didn’t know this when he came in the room hardly slowed him down.

Spelling Bee saw the cast being joined 3 audience members for a hilarious romp through the simpler parts of the dictionary. My personal favorite? Dog ( defined as “dinner”).

After the break, we started things off with a rousing Irish Song about Dustin and misspent youth. Pillars proved to be wild ride as FAM Dustin and audience member Elizabeth provided random words for Ryan and Ian to fit into their conversation.

Trolley Stop provided us with plenty of reasons to own a car, and the night was capped off with a comedic and ever-so-slightly frightening artist’s conception of FAM Dustin’s return to the Naples of his youth.

All in all, a great show with a great audience!


BYOI – Coburn and the Jurassic Mermaid

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FAM 081813It’s so hard to say goodbye! Tonight was Coburn’s farewell show at the Warwick Museum of Art. Daniel, Corey and Erich were on hand to send Coburn off, with assistance from Joe, Drew and Corey’s adorable son Leo. Because it was Coburn’s last show, he was the FAM! We learned that like Evan, whose last show was two nights ago, he also wanted to be a paleontologist when he was a child. I guess a love of dinosaurs means you will grow up to be an improver some day. When he was growing up, he loved “Jurassic Park” “The Little Mermaid” and “Dumb and Dumber.” Coburn travels the country for his day job, but he’d like to travel the world to see wonderful places like Australia, Nepal and Istanbul (Not Constantinople). Someday he’d like to star in a thriller with Mila Kunis, and to everyone who has ever thought they should rob him, I dare you to try to take his DVD collection!

FAMlander started off with a paleontologist astronomer who made a talking Jurassic stone mermaid…naturally. It was sadly a failed experiment so there was a petition to oust the teacher. Although Corey egged Coburn on, the audience did not retaliate against Corey, and Coburn had to perform the fourth time all alone. I believe this marked the first–and only–time Daniel has called them by the correct names!

To warm everyone up, Daniel quizzed everyone on geography and accents. Erich and Drew narrated Fortunately/Unfortunately, where only old baloney could be found. Dad dropped his son during a weight lifting competition, but an eagle saved the kid! Somehow, dad spouted wings to save his son from the eagle before landing safely on the runway at TF Green. Joe jumped in for Alphabet, which started off with an argument about disrespecting the order of colors. Everyone–especially Erich–gleefully explained that Xanadu does not start with the letter Z before learning that onion soup will improve breath. Daniel and Corey made it through the alphabet and halfway through a second run before realizing they’d defeated the game. Go guys!

In Coburn’s Everything Emporium, he had to find a Trapper Keeper that holds dinosaurs for Daniel, Barney’s Swiffer for Erich and marshmallows that taste like coffee quesadillas for Corey and Leo. This was almost as great at the times we had Krissy guess Dick Van Dyke and Ray Charles, and the audience LOVED it. We forgot that Coburn’s young and was homeschooled. He has now been educated and knows what a Trapper Keeper is.

Corey and Leo controlled Story Story Die, where the guys and Joe narrated the classic new story, “Leo the Dragon.” A dragon needed chocolate for marshmallows so he raided a campground and found out about smores! A giant blocked the campground, so the dragon blew fire to cook the frozen smores before sharing with the campers. The storytellers were down to two, until Leo–the human one–ended the story with a bang.

After the break, the guys played Chainsaw. Daniel started off as a space cowboy at the Boston Tea Party with a spoon. Joe was able to get everything right, but apparently things were lost in translation with Erich, Coburn, Drew and Corey. Some guesses were a cowgirl at IHOP with an ice cream cone or lollipop.

In Follow That Action, no electricity on the mountain meant Joe couldn’t bake fresh bread for his sandwich. A breadmaker fell out of the sky and jars of electricity were a hot commodity. A husband kept shocking his wife and son, AC/DC trees were discovered, the Old Man on the Mountain was found and there was even a bonus grammar lesson!

Coburn was the central player for Centerpiece. He kept sending letters to Mila Kunis asking her to his prom with no luck, until his dad’s advice helped and she responded! Our former castmember Stephanie wondered if DVDs have feelings like whales do, there was a debate about if Wisconsin or Australia would be better and an ant hill was a nature preserve.

Busta Rap ended the night, with the addition of Joe, Drew, Stephanie and audience member Angel! They rapped and rhymed until they were all thrown out and Coburn rapped his goodbye in double speed.

We’ll miss you, Coburn!

And scene!

BYOI – What Evan Does Not Own!

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20130816_230225It was a late Friday night and this was our night to say Goodbye to Evan.  He was joined by a cast of Ian, Meredith, Ryan and myself to send him out with a bang!  Since it was his last show, he was FAM of course.  Evan told us all about his fights with his brother, the pet name his girlfriend gave him and that he always wanted to work unearthing dinosaurs.

So we began the night with a game of Highlander where we learned all about Evan’s family ritual of stick in the eye. ¬†Next Ryan forgot the warm up and dove straight into Say It Again where Joe came and helped with Evan and Meredith as we learned about the churches new Onesie. ¬†Then Ryan decided to bring back the warm up and the warm up was… not to warm up! ¬†So Ian got them into Action Figures where Evan and Ryan slow danced with their thinking caps on. ¬†We moved on to Evan’s Everything Emporium where we picked things all related to Evan and made him guess. ¬†People were looking for a Group-On to Vermont, a cursed Hawaiian shirt and a dumpster full of spiders. ¬†This all took some time and we learned that Viola Davis was a… well, we will get to that later. ¬†Next we moved into Short Cutz and we found the German spy in the French cooking class, the Russian spy in the German spy class, the Indian Spy in the Russian spy class and the Slushy machine of doom!


We came back with an Irish Drinking Song about a bear doing the right stuff and Wahlberg getting punched between the eyes. ¬†In World’s Worst we found bad doctors, sky divers and paleontologists. ¬†Meanwhile taught us about how kolas and high school kids are a bad mix. ¬†And for Evan’s final game of the night, we debated what Evan may or may not own many of. ¬†Want to know what it is? ¬†Well you should have come to the show!

Evan we will miss you man!  Go get that Masters Degree like a rock star!

And Scene!

BYOI – Do You Have Any Kumquats?

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FAM081113Evan, Joe, Paul and Daniel were on hand for another great show at the Warwick Museum of Art! This week’s FAM was Mark, who some of you may know as a local actor. He works in the human services industry and studies history. Mark loves theatre, especially the Artists Exchange, who coincidentally, is home to Theatre 82, our Friday night home! Mark had an infectious laugh and seemed to have fun at the show.

In FAMily Reunion, the guys played Mark’s brother Dave, his coworker Rich, Dracula and a sultan. Dracula was greedy and took a second grade baseball trophy, a tv and all of the gifts. Sultan permitted an impaling and Evan gave up his hand. Just a typical day!

Evan ran the fastest warmup ever before the guys jumped into Follow That Action. The sky was backwards, Santa was early for Christmas…in August…and Joe took remedial smoke signal classes in college.

Our FAM joined in for Alphabet, where Joe was afraid of heights, Paul hated leprosy and Evan sold his will for $1. After that, Evan had to tell Paul his fortune in Madame Zelda. Thankfully, spirits Daniel and Joe were on hand to help him. Paul found out his car was going to catch on fire, he’d forget to file his taxes and a plane would fly into his house. Eeep.

In Spelling Bee, the guys showed they have no business being spelling–or vocabulary–teachers, but that made it fun! We learned that a carriage is a thing that moves round and round, excruciating means “painful itch ow” and eviscerate has not just one S…it has about 10, and it’s a funny way velociraptors eat intestines.

After the break, the guys sang an Irish Song about Mark reading, Dracula bringing his kids to the school bus, Sultan liking the sun and Artists’ Exchange being awesome.

Paul helped Joe and Mark helped Evan in Action Figures, which started with George Washington getting ready for Valley Forge. He got sweaty when touched and needed to know how to tie a horse to a boat.

In Catch Phrase, Evan opined that someone needed deodorant while he searched for kumquats, while Joe denied doing anything and wondered if he was being watched. Together, they had to solve a situation with Daniel that involved laughing gas and a person who ate too much.

The night ended in song with Do Run, which was about Shakespeare and free shows at the park.

If you’ve been reading our Facebook lately, you’ll know that we’re losing 2 members of our group! Evan is going to grad school and Coburn’s busy traveling for his job. While we’re sad to see both of them go, we’re so excited for their successes. Come send them off BYOI style this weekend. Evan’s farewell will be Friday night at 10pm, but it will be at Artists’ Exchange instead of Theatre 82. Don’t worry, it’s literally walking distance, at 50 Rolfe Square in Cranston (instead of 82 Rolfe Square). Coburn’s farewell will be Sunday night at 6pm at the Warwick Museum of Art, our usual Sunday home.

We recently held auditions, but if you couldn’t make it and are interested in becoming a member of the group, come to shows and let me or one of the cast members know after the show.

And scene!

BYOI – ‘Onestly Sir!

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20130809_230340_resizedIt was a Friday night and BYOI was popping with Ryan, Paul and Myself! ¬†Our FAM tonight was Ann, a horse bookie, no a ACI baker… no, no, she lied again, she is just a physical therapist who recently moved, likes to keep active and recently switched from coffee to chia tea. ¬†So Ryan, Paul and I showed her what her morning was like if she switched to coffee. ¬†No mater what, many legs were broken.

Paul then warmed us up with some active chickens and sleepy lions and after that, we were off to Sit, Stand and Lie Down where the time machine wanted us grooving in the chair.  Next Alphabet challenged our minds and our ability to spell words with a British Accent. Pavlovian Response brought Aquaman to the beach to keep him from wake boarding. And slogans found us pointing out the many costs of Newport.

After an intermission, Smurfs were surfing in Irish Drinking Song. Meanwhile found Levar Burton sending strange red shirts to Montana to read. ¬†The quickest minute got everything we know about Flash Dance in 5 seconds. And finally, Ryan, Paul and Ann debated why houses don’t like coffee.

Be sure to join us next week!

And Scene!

BYOI – Fireballs Are Awesome!

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FAM080613Part two of our weekend long birthday celebration took place at the Warwick Museum of Art with Daniel, Joe, Krissy and Paul.

Meropy was our FAM, and she’s a nurse in a nursing home where the residents enjoy outside food being snuck in. ¬†She enjoys gaming and like any nurse, loves her sleep. A fan of comedies but not westerns, she’d take her car to save the world and–to Stephanie’s horror–doesn’t have a favorite Disney princess! She came to BYOI with her fiance, Phil, and her friends Kate & Dave, who are show regulars. Phil, being a great fiance, summed Meropy up in one word: beautiful.

Meropy had fun as the bell ringer for FAM Say It Again, where hotel shower curtains doubled as Slip N Slides, vinyl tasted like dog and a dog gave high fives every other Tuesday. After that, Paul warmed every up with a story of a rocket orbitting Earth. Major Tom, is that you?

Audience member Galen jumped in for Alphabet, where vet school was expensive, a nurse was on break and coffee made the doctor hyper. Krissy, Paul and Joe did a 60 second version about bad pumpkins and Joe finished right at zero. Go Joe!

Krissy and Daniel were the announcers for Sports Commentator with help from field reporter Paul. They all recounted Joe and Galen’s time in the bed making competition, where Galen threw everything away and Joe was hit with a Tempurpedic.

Four Pack was next, with Daniel and Joe in jail forever. Daniel just needed a quarter for the payphone, but Joe wouldn’t give it to him. After 10 years, Joe had mercy and opened the door, and was subsequently locked in by Daniel. Paul and Krissy were in a breakroom, which was slowly losing all of its amenities due to budget cuts. First they lost their pool table and air matthresses, but to lose the water cooler and ability to watch “Law & Order” was just unacceptable.

Joe was in charge at the toy store in Pavlovian Response. Daniel had to lunge if someone pointed, while Krissy screamed when she heard the world “the”…it was great fun as Joe pointed out the mouse in the toy store. Krissy ended up hating the toys and Joe’s dancing, and Daniel wanted all of the toys. Joe never ended up being able to sing “Sweet Caroline” when someone mentioned going home, so he ended up triggering himself at the end.

Back In My Day, the cast and Galen never had Aristotle, Tesla (so hairstyles were reserved), Miss Cleo, New York (we had New Amsterdam instead), jello (because it wasn’t alive) and teenagers.

During the break, everyone had cake to celebrate our birthday, before the cast jumped into Marriage Counselor. Joe had to help out Krissy and Paul, who could never figure out where to go to dinner. It didn’t help that Paul was bullied by Krissy and Krissy was deathly afraid of anything having to do with pigs.

Galen once again helped out, this time for Trolley Stop. We met cowboys, C3PO, Michael Jackson impersonators, Greeks, spies and gorillas. Follow That Action followecd this (see what I did there?), with costars at Comic Con. Krissy wanted a ton of autographs and a kiss from her costar. We then met Spiderman and Aquaman, although flame retardant uniforms weren’t in the budget. Invisible Woman and her horrible dancing appeared selectively until everyone had Google glasses, and Galen hated everybody.

The night ended with Busta Rap! The rap started about Bane but ended up with Krissy rapping about Meropy!

And scene!

5yr cake 2

BYOI – Jeopardy Island (aka BYOI’s 5th Birthday!!)

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FAM080213BYOI celebrated our 5th anniversary show at Theatre 82 surrounded by friends from five different states. After Daniel’s heartfelt speech, he was joined on stage by Meredith, Joe, Ian, Erich and a super special guest–Jimmy!

Jumping right into the show, Nick was chosen as the FAM! He’s a freelance graphic designer who came down from New Hampshire for the show. He likes art, hiking and music, as well as anything Japanese. In response to Joe’s question about saving the world, he was original and said he’d bring a sword.

Joe started off the FAM Growing and Shrinking Machine by tuning a guitar. Erich jumped in to start a caveman band, Daniel turned into an anime character, Jimmy’s personal demons prevented him from performing an exorcism, Meredith was a band photographer, and Ian directed a bunch of freaks in line. Once everyone was on stage, they left and reverted to the prior scenes.

Daniel then warmed everyone up by taking a trip down memory lane. This one was unique because everyone had to imitate a BYOI cast member depending on the year they started coming to see the show. BYOI cast members and alumni who we all imitated were John, Jimmy, Mike, Stephanie and Meredith.

Audience members Ray and Liz jumped in for Alphabet, where Erich was tossed out for too many groaners…I mean, being too good, depending on who you ask. After scenes about pirates and spitting up fish, it turned into 60 Second Alphabet. Joe & Ian, Ray & Jimmy, and Joe, Meredith & Ray all tried but failed, until Daniel went up and schooled everyone by making it through the entire alphabet solo in under 60 seconds.

Sports Commentator was hosted by Erich and audience member Mike D, with the help of field reporter Joe. They were reporting on a hiking competition between Jimmy and BYOI alumni Mike A! Flower was thrown, a life was saved and there was a blow dart almost to the jugular, before a photo finish showed the winner made it by a nose!

Six Pack brought us a lazy barn realtor who just wanted more coffee, secrets posted on the internet, and the devil and his son inventing social media to collect souls.

Erich was the troublemaker in Pavlovian Response, so he kept triggering Meredith and Mike D. He lead a traffic cop class with lots of “Hallelujah” exclamations, spinning in circles and touching different parts of one’s body.

Back in My Day featured the cast joined by Mike A and audience member Ray, where Erich once again threw out a bunch of groaners. We learned the following: before film directors, actors took credit for their own work, before art, people were called by their proper name, Arthur, and before forks, roads went straight.

During the break, we all went out to enjoy the wonderful cake that Meredith baked for us! The cast blew out the candles, and if you want to see pictures, they’re up on our Facebook page.

The second half started off with a game we only break out for special shows: Construction Call Out! Audience members Liz, Renee, Nick, Crystal, Kylie, Biz, Tim, Kate and Ray jumped in, as well as BYOI alum Erin! They turned into Nicholas Cage, a flip phone, road kill, a deck of cards, and Nic Cage again. It was a blast, and Ray and Jimmy were the winners.

Trolley Stop was next, with audience members Liz, Renee and Mike D helping out. We met a hula girl, British gents, Dorothy, Reservoir Dogs and wrestling announcers.

Next up, we took advantage of Jimmy performing and made him the main person for Centerpiece. Erin and Liz jumped in to round out Daniel and Ian’s scenes. T-shirts were made, a mighty pen was at an old age home and stressed kitchen employees didn’t get any breaks.

Follow That Action was up next with Mike D and Ray. Jimmy floated through as a guy hopped up on steroids, while the rest of the cast picked things up and put things down. Daniel used his strength to take Jimmy and Mike D off the ground, a kid had dirty applesauce for dinner and muscle men broke their nails–the horror!

The last game of the night was Busta Rap! The cast was joined by Tim, Mike D, Liz and Renee, and they sang about all sorts of things but were ultimately defeated by rap master Erich!

Thank you to everyone who came from near and far to play with us! We’re so grateful to everyone who makes it possible for us to do what we do. We’ll be finishing up the birthday celebration Sunday at the Warwick Museum of Art with more cake, fun and love.

And scene!

5yr cake5 yr cast & crew

BYOI – 5 Years of Comedy and Memories!

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ContactTomorrow night, Friday August 2nd @ 10:00pm at Theatre 82 in Cranston, RI, Bring Your Own Improv will be celebrating 5 years of comedy, over 500 shows and over 400 FAM members.

We want you there! If you have ever seen a show, you should come. If you have never seen a show, you should come. If you have always been promising to see a show, you should come!

As an added bonus, we will have a special guest performer you may never see coming and just to top it off, there will be cake!

We would love you to come out and support us and show us your love for what we do! Please come out tomorrow night, won’t you?

As a special note, for all of our family friendly audiences, BYOI will be celebrating again on Sunday Aug 4th too. So don’t worry, we will have more fun there too!