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BYOI – Cantaloupe Porridge

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FAM092913Krissy, Daniel, Drew, Alex, Ethan and Christine were on hand at the Warwick Museum of Art for another fun family friendly show! Our FAM was Andy, who is a 5th grader and hates learning. However, recess is great! Andy likes the Hulk and wrestling. Someday he wants to go to Lisbon, Portugal, and came to improv with his mom, who he said is a fun lady.

In FAM Pack, the neighbors had an awesome treehouse, a bronco had different colored eyes and the Hulk was an interesting, if violent, neighbor. Christine then warmed everyone up with the Hokey Pokey!

Serious Scene featured art with an usual muse: grandma! In Questions, the Toaster Strudels were gone, the library had child labor and everyone wanted bunnies! Krissy was then Bruno Mars, who invented the bicycle (again!) in Press Conference.

Busta Rap had the cast rapping about Andy, audience member Chris’ height and M&Ms. The final two were Christine and Daniel, and Daniel ended up being the rap master.

After the break, the cast played Say It Again. Touch a lemur and you’d have to buy it at a football game, and chick flicks are always picked for cheering up! A questionable pilot tried reverse psychology and Girl Scout cookies were everywhere. Sit, Stand and Lie Down featured Krissy, Alex and Ethan using paddleboards in Portugal. Ethan was allergic to the scary fish while Alex tried to impress Krissy.

Remake started off with a war movie with Krissy the rabbit taunting Drew, who was supposed to wrestle her. In the Disney musical remake, a singing frog danced through and Princess Sergeant wanted weapons put away. In the final remake, the Japanese arthouse version, the teacher became the “teachee” while sushi kept escaping.

The night ended with Curtain Call, with Alex on guitar and the rest of the cast singing. They sang about Andy’s awesome 4th grade teacher, silent bunnies and a great lesson about not playing hopscotch in the street.

And scene!

BYOI – Cosmo, Whitney, Number 1 and Cat 7.

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20130927_225324It was a great night for BYOI tonight with our new cast members joining the show!  We had Josh, Ethan and Alex, with Erich and Ian and Christine and I were in the audience.  What a great show it was!  They started off with their FAM Phoebe, a college student from Bridgeport (the ghetto) who is studying international business and wants to move to China and has nine cats, most of which she does not know their names.

So Ethan started them off with Sing It and they sung about many of their lovely cats.  Then Alex warmed them up with his already famous, lion face, lemon face!  Next was action figures where we learned Erich and Ian’s new hip moves.  They totally have tea pot street creed now!  Catch Phrase challenged the boss Ethan to find the file that made Josh very ill.  In Newborn, Alex and an audience member were Millie Cyrus and Winston Churchill and had a baby named Old Faithful.  Then Phoebe helped out the cast with Greatest Hits where many wondered what to do with their degree in international development.

After the intermission, they were back with Say It Again where Cat Salami may or may not have been on the menu.  Sports commentator fond that the easiest way to clean dishes is to break them.  Six pack saw drama all around in a very relative way… oh and cat vomit.  Then finally Erich dominated all in Busta Rap and sad “Bye, Bye!”

And Scene!

BYOI – Joe and the Fake Cheese

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FAM 092213bAfter finishing up at the Artists’ Exchange, we went right to the Warwick Museum of Art for our second show of the day! It was a special show because it was our last show with our friend and castmember, Joe. Paul, Drew, Daniel and Alex were on hand to send him off BYOI-style. Joe had the honor of being the FAM for the show! He’d been a castmember for over 2 years, but before that, he was an audience member for a year or two, so he has a long history with us.  He’s a new homeowner and new dad of an adorable puppy named Winifred. Joe loves Cheez-Its and “The Princess Bride” and hates ignorance. When his famous question about what to bring on a trip to save the world was turned around on him, he already knew he’d bring a Swiss Army Knife.

In FAM Centerpiece, the guys revolved around Joe. Daniel and Erich had a gun that shot salsa and Cheez-Its while Alex tried to persuade Drew and Joe that they should save Rapunzel, even though only one of them would get her. How did they decide who would win her heart? The obvious: Rock, Paper, Scissors! Drew had to always be rock because he had lost a hand in battle. Alex and Daniel taught us that ghosts can’t properly eat and Erich and Drew were part of Cheez-It focus group, which included bad ideas like cheesy floor tiles and mosaics.

After Alex warmed everyone up, Joe jumped right into hosting his favorite game: Highlander! Audience member Ava (who has the most infectious laugh EVER) joined Paul, Drew and Alex as they waited for the new iPhone. Some tried to cut in line, while others tried to convince their friends to accidentally leave the line. Unfortunately for them, they still had three hours left and time was going by sooo slowly. However, everyone else had a blast! The final two were Paul and Ava, but ultimately Paul “won” and had to perform alone.

Six Pack was next and started off with Erich and audience member Kate. They were discussing the option of becoming dentists for Jack-O-Lanterns, since they have bad teeth. Paul and Joe went to the Bahamas, even though Paul just wanted to play Candy Crush Saga on his phone. They encountered $50 hamburgers, yogurt sculptures and t-shirt shops everywhere. Daniel and Ethan invented mini burgers to make people buy more of them, and thought a milkshake burger would stop teeth from rotting. All three pairs wondered who the idiot was who put money in their sock.

Chainsaw was fun with the cast and Ava trying to figure out how a seafood waitress as at the library with a ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size). In typical Chainsaw fashion, it went off track fairly quickly, with guesses that there was an angry clown or monster at a zombie marathon or track with dirt or a wererabbit. Back In My Day featured lines about the lack of cat brushes, school bus drivers, Maryland and Disneyland.

From there, we moved on to a special edition of Lines From a Cup, featuring cookies. The catch was that all lines were Joe-themed, like Swedish Chef or mathematical references! The Flash needed to put out a fire but was stopped for going 250 mph, we were transported to the Superhero Naming Committee’s headquarters and doomsday butter was used to make biscuits. Erich was the picky director for Serious Scene, where he fired actors all over the place during a scene about a prisoner getting a clearer view of his future (or lack thereof).

Debate Club was great the addition of Christine and audience members Ava and Mark. Daniel asked why there are rules in sports and was told it was because there must be a final goal, baseball has runs instead of goals, hockey players don’t care, sharks need water, Canadians are elephants who prefer Kool-Aid and no one can grow green hair, except for Chia Pets.

In Follow That Action, grandparents talked too slow, vigilante turtles fought sharks and Oscar the Grouch was happy and medicated. The night ended with Irish Song, with the cast singing about Joe.

Joe, we love you and we’ll miss you, although we all know it’s secretly Erich’s fault! 😉 The new castmembers have big shoes to fill!

And scene!

BYOI – The Iceburg In The River

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FAM 092213aBYOI performed at Theatre 82 for a special show as part of the Artists’ Exchange’s Fall Out Of Summer Festival. Daniel was joined by brand new castmembers Josh, Alex, Ethan and Christine, although they didn’t know they’d been cast at the time.

Anthony was the show’s FAM! He’s a student at Norwood Elementary, where he likes social studies and US history but doesn’t like reading so much. Anthony loves his brother Dominic, who he said is fun and makes him laugh daily. When Anthony’s not at school or playing with his brother, he’s listening to music or outside riding bikes with friends. In FAMlander, the new castmembers were rowing up a river during the American Revolution, when alas, there was a sudden iceburg! One of them decided to swim ahead to start chipping away ice, which happened to come in handy because they had warm orange juice that needed some ice. They sent a big chunk off into the river to maybe get hit later, and blamed it on the British, and then a Native American showed up and walked on water! Ethan, Josh and Christine were the lucky people to be eliminated, before  Alex did a great rendition of the entire scene alone…and then he had to lead everyone in warmup!

Ethan and Daniel controlled Christine and Alex in Action Figures, with a little bit of help from Dominic. They were siblings who were frantically cleaning up after a party before their parents got home. Well, Alex was cleaning, while Christine directed. In Pillars, Christine and Anthony helped out when Josh, Ethan and Daniel needed words. We learned that multiplication is not science, but a college degree will help you become an underwear salesman. Sadly, I think that may be partially true in real life. We also learned that hot dogs are better than adding, which I agree with. They ended up camping at the Apple store, because only YOU can prevent shoes instead of forest fires!

Alex had to translate what his frantic dogs were trying to say in Timmy In the Well. The rest of the cast eventually got him to understand that Roger Williams took a flying car to Mars. Thanks to our FAM for the hilarious suggestion! Speaking of our FAM, he jumped up to help out with Spelling Bee! We learned that when you jump, it means you’re taking a leap and land on your neighbor’s fence…and there might be a T at the end of the word. Who knew? Also, a chair is something you sit on that was laid by an elephant and handsome is what a good looking man has on his face.

After a quick break, the cast serenaded everyone with Do Run, which featured bike riding, a skinned knee and an Indian guy named Steve. Quickest Minute had the cast’s translation of the film, “Epic,” which they decided was about tiny people trying to save themselves from a giant by taking a boat past an iceburg. There was a last minute escape as Josh made it through the giant’s legs! After the 60 second version, they performed the 30, 10 and 5 second versions!

Sing It! featured board game geeks playing Life. The loser had to make popcorn and they were apparently playing Child Savant Life, because they skipped straight to college. Because our brand new castmembers are musical, the last game of the afternoon was also a song game. Curtain Call featured a magic dragon, boys that are too loud, legos and Daniel’s declaration that he likes broccoli slushies on toast. I don’t know…I still won’t eat broccoli. After the show, Daniel gave the auditioners that good news that they are now castmembers, so congratulations to Alex, Christine, Ethan and Josh! We’re so excited to have you on board! Thanks to the Artists’ Exchange for inviting us to perform at your festival!

And scene!

BYOI – Quintessential Chemistry

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FAM 092013The golden trio–Erich, Daniel and Joe–put on a great show at the Artists’ Exchange! The FAM was Ciara, who’s an old friend of ours. She’s a massage therapist who has a teenage son. She didn’t like astronomy when she was growing up, although the Egg Scoop…I mean, Big Dipper, was right over her house. Ciara’s a fan of movies and books, but other drivers? Not so much.

In FAM Say It Again, Ciara gleefully rang the bell over and over. A lady was dropped in soup and deep frying made her ugly and wrinkly, a dog played on a scooter and a foldout of Tom Brady was the star of the game. Speaking of football, Erich got the audience chanting “defense” during the warmup.

Auditioner Josh jumped in for What Are You Doing, where the guys stole a white tiger, dissected a muppet, beat Oompa Loompas and categorized socks alphabetically. Audience member Natasha then bravely joined Josh and the guys for Alphabet. We witnessed fun with chemistry, stolen ideas in the smelly bathroom, a dentist with a blowtorch.

In Marriage Counselor, Daniel was obsessed with petting cats, while Erich was being bullied by the toilet. Joe had to help them through those problems, as well as the fact that they both thought the other was stupid. In Famous Last Words, the guys, Josh and Natasha threw out one liners and groaners about the Slinky, pogs, french toast and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

After the break, Josh and last Friday night’s FAM, Jessica, jumped in line for Trolley Stop. We met Disney princesses, high school girls, tv newscasters, magicians, and Gilbert Gottfried. Sit, Stand and Lie Down had Erich, Joe and Josh as the worst thieves ever, as they got trapped in the bank vault they were trying to rob.

Sing It started off with silent dancing because the guys were too afraid of Ciara’s power with the bell, before they entertained us with songs like the pretty meatloaf rap, the hamburger covered in hair song and Martha will shiv you song.

The final game of the night was Spelling Bee, with Josh and our FAM, Ciara. They taught us that an aardvark is an animal with a big shell for chewing ants, fascination is when you try to wish stuff on enemies, and obstination is when you wish stuff on friends. Please, someone, send them back to school for making up words!

We have TWO shows on Sunday! At 3pm, we’ll be at Theatre 82 as part of the Artists’ Exchange Fall Festival, and then at 6pm, we’ll have our regular home show at the Warwick Museum of Art. The latter one will be Joe’s last show, which we’re sad about, but we’re going to give him a great goodbye show. Come join us in sending Joe out BYOI-style!

And scene!

BYOI – Noodling For Noodles

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FAM091513We had another fun night of improv at the Warwick Museum of Art tonight with Krissy, Meredith, Paul, Daniel and auditioners Ethan, Alex, Christine and Josh! The night started off with the FAM interview.

Kenny is from the South and visiting a friend up in RI. He taught us about noodling, which is when you catch fish with your hands. While he admitted to cutting his wrist once, it sounds like noodling for catfish is adventurous! Kenny and Paul were the hosts of FAM Movie Critics, which featured 3 great scenes. Daniel played Kenny, who had a fish caught on his arm and was concerned about it being poisonous. He decided to deep fry it while it was on his arm. Later, a Worker’s Comp case was opened after burning a finger on a Hot Pocket, and Kenny met his new best friend at a party.

It was then time to warm everyone up, which Alex did by making everyone do lion & lemon faces. It was super fun!

In Highlander, the height restrictions on a ride made someone with no legs sad…until they met someone else who was their height! There was a brilliant plan to stand on top of each other to be tall enough, even though they would still need to sit on a phone book. Krissy and Daniel were relieved to be the first to get knocked out, and then it was down to Meredith and Josh. Poor Josh had to do the whole scene alone, but did great!

Audience members Kate and Mike helped out in Pillars. In round 1, Daniel and Kate helped when words were needed. Their scene featured a driving purse, putting a car into albatross and a crayon game. Perfectly normal! In round 2, Kate and Mike helped out with words. A claim rake and ear bud were needed, and there was a painting of a chainsaw.

Pavlovian Response took place in a sandbox which was going to be turned into concrete. Meredith had to yell if someone touched their face, Ethan had to imitate a chicken if someone walked and Christine had to touch her cheeks and scream (like in “Home Alone”) if someone said “like”….it was a blast!

In Because I Said So, Daniel was the curious child getting answers from the cast and audience member Chris. We learned that catfish hide in holes because they’re afraid of light, laughing is fun and because Buddha said so. Trees eat other trees because they taste like syrup and brake pedals are pickles.

After the break, Drew jumped in for Sit Stand and Lie Down with Krissy and Alex. They were lazy package handlers who didn’t know how to read. Eventually they opened the packages to find they were empty and addressed to no one. Serious Scene featured a customer trying to return underwear to the chocolate store, and then it was on the Questions.

Questions was the game of the night, with Drew and 4 audience members jumping in! A giraffe was under a grass skirt at a party, there were rhetoical questions and no tires at the car parts store. The final game of the night was Curtain Call, with the cast and all 4 auditioners. They sang about Kenny catching fish with his mouth, how Christine liked Kenny’s mouth and about Hey Arnold’s awkward head.

And scene!

BYOI – John’s 40th Birthday!

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20130914_202703It’s not everyday that you turn 40, and it is certainly not everyday that you have BYOI at your surprise 40th birthday party!  But we were there with Erich, John, Paul, Meredith and Myself ready to help him deal with this new Milestone.

So a little about John, he loves the Bruins, the Sox, is big on Safety and has only eaten a protein bar today.  So we started off with a game of Sports Commentator where John and John gave the commentary and Erich and I competed in garage floor sweeping that ended in burning down the garage.

Next up was Pillars where John and Erich played out a scene about safety with the help of two of John’s friends.  I don’t think the children will be safe.  Marriage Counselor had me guessing that Meredith had too many fishing lures, Paul had too many shoes and together they were recently abducted by aliens.  Blank Walks Into a Bar brought the house down with jokes about Pompeii, Protein Bars and Earnest Borgnine.  Followed up by Try That On for Size where we all learned a new word… kind of like fluffy, but not.  So we finished off the night with Debate Club and it was John the FAM who eventually won it!

A great night, some fantastic food at Spumoni’s Italian Restaurant and a wonderful 40th Birthday Party for John!

And Scene!

BYOI – It’s Funny When You Explain It

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photoRyan here! It’s time for another show recap! Our dastardly Friday the 13th show took place at the even dastardlyer Artist’s Exchange in Cranston. The cast for the night included Daniel, Meredith, Drew, and myself. Time to make the doughnuts!

Jessica was our FAM for the evening. While we discovered that she used to be a nanny, we were not able to determine what she did for current employment. Was she a spy for the government? NSA computer whiz? Psychopathic sex worker? All we knew was that it wasn’t a nanny, because that is what she used to be. We took what we could and put together a dangerous game of Remake, where we all proved to be worse nannies than Jessica could ever be.

After warming up the crowd by channeling our inner Larry King, it was time for a little competition with Try That On For Size. At one point we were drawn back into the magical world of Harry Potter, but thankfully Drew brought us right back out. Daniel then wrote up a story for one of our audience members in a game of Typewriter. He wrote a mysterious mystery filled with tongueless sidekicks, crazy cat ladies, and pizza. I left the room for a bit after that in order to return as Madam Zelda and read into Drew’s future. The trouble was that when I entered the room, Drew wanted to be Madam Zelda, but he already knew all of the clues, which would make for a very quick game. So I told him to get out of my chair, but that would have messed everyone else up. So he stayed in the chair, but I was Madam Zelda, which he thought he was in the first place, even though he knew all the clues, so it would not have been much of a game.

What happened?

We then joked around with Blank Walks Into A Bar, however some of the commentary was funnier than the jokes themselves. Then again, some of the jokes were just fine on their own. After a quick break, Daniel and Meredith had a case of the Repeatees in a game of Say It Again. It’s contagious, because I had the same problem when I entered the scene. Weird. We then enjoyed a fun time at the amusement park in a game of Action Figures, followed by some artistic licensing with Short Cutz. The love and admiration was brimming at this point, so naturally we had to bring ourselves back into a competitive rage and ended with Debate Club. Truly, a good time was had by all.

Next Friday will once again be at the Artist’s Exchange in Cranston, just a hop, skip, and jump away from our usual spot at Theatre 82. Don’t forget to also join us each and every Sunday at the Warwick Museum of Art.


BYOI – Is that how you pronounce escalator?

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meganfamHi everyone, Krissy here with Sunday’s show recap.  The cast tonight included me, Daniel, Erich, Joe, and auditoners Josh and Christine. Chris was on the door. Megan was tonight’s FAM, a student who likes Harry Potter, ballet, spending time with her family and her overweight rabbit named Toby.

Growing and Shrinking machine was our FAM game, where the audience saw scenes about dropping anvils off bridges, rabbit weight watchers, and giant turtles. Christine warmed the audience up with some arm and leg shaking, and then it was onto Helping Hands! Auditioners Alex and Ethan joined Dan and I on stage and we did a silly scene about cleaning the toilet with thumb tacs, toothpaste, and brooms. Meanwhile revealed scenes about dangerous buttons, coffee machines, fall out boy performing at fall out shelters, and the rabbit DMV.

Christine threw a party in Party Quirks, with Joe as an arcade, Ethan as 40 year old Elmo, and Erich as Homer writing the odyssey. Back in my day had some great one liners. (We didn’t have Miley Cyrus- we had Hannah Montana, we didn’t have Arbor Day – we had acorn day, we didn’t have Bill Cosby – no pudding pops, sweaters).

Audience member Ken joined Christine for Say It Again, where there were many problems with Kindles and ipads…. Especially when holding 10 at a time. The next round was a scene with Dan and Ethan, and their grandmother who lived in a tree. Daniel, Josh, auditioner Dave and I competed in Highlander, where we learned that if you break into a mall after hours, you must be sure to befriend the security guards for free foods. I ended up beating out the boys and performing the scene alone. Hoorah!

Lines from a Cup had scenes about school vacations, Sphinx, and Egypt University. The last game of the night was Six Pack, with Erich and Christine as competing ice skaters despite Erich only having one skate, Joe and Josh discussed pants, and Dan and I were a son and mother with an addiction to eating everything from fig newtons to sparkles.

It was a great show this past Sunday! Thank you to everyone who joined us in the audience. Come back next week to see our next round of auditioners!

And scene!

BYOI – Miss Greek Goddess

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20130906_225708A wonderful time was had by all who joined us on Friday’s show! In the cast we had Daniel, Ian, Joe, Ryan, and myself. Tonight’s FAM was Josh (a previous featured audience member! How lucky is he?) Josh recently went to a Greek festival, where they had delicious baklava, Josh’s favorite Greek dish. He also likes BBQ, and his favorite part about the Civil War was that the South lost. We started off the night with FAM Pillar, and Josh gave us pivotal words to complete the scene.

After that, Meredith gave us her warm up with the Hokey-Pokey, and that is what it was all about. Then, some interesting characters waited for the trolley at the Trolley Stop; including a child who knows how to make a business deal, and a couple of Parisians being snooty. Up next was Questions, with Joe and Ryan never answering what was under the dog magnet.
Ryan committed a horrible crime of sneezing in a morgue with Mozart in Good Cop, Bad Cop, yikes! We finished up the first half with Because I Said So, where mommy and daddy had to answer a multitude of questions Ryan had: including why is rain wet? I can assure you, it isn’t because birds are crying because they can’t fly very high.

The second half started with Say It Again! Leading us to Remake; where Joe the producer had to remake the movie of the incredible, aquaphilic Aquaman! Having to fight a vicious foe in the worst arena for our hero… the desert. Soon after we all Tried That On For Size. And to finish it off, Pavlovian Respsonse happened at the Miss Greek Goddess pageant. Every time Ian heard the word “the” he had to shine shoes, Meredith had to exclaim her like for Ike whenever some touched their thigh, and Ryan wasn’t too sure if his microphone was working. Unfortunately, neither contestant earned the title of Miss Greek Goddess. Maybe next year?

And Scene!