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BYOI – Dave the Squirrel!

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FAM 102713Daniel, Paul, Alex and Ryan were at the Warwick Museum of Art for another great BYOI show! Our FAM was Beth, who brings her son Andy to our shows on a regular basis. Beth is a nurse and lactation consultant, and loves running and junk food. She’s also a big fan of Mary Katherine Gallagher and was once Sandy the Squirrel for Halloween. After the interview, the guys serenaded Beth during the long awaited return of the FAM Welcome Song!

First up was Follow That Action, where Daniel was an extremely difficult driver who was dealing with OCD. He would not move until the light had changed 4 times, to the chagrin of his fellow drivers. Ryan gave Alex a ticket for telling him how to do his job, which made Alex want to be deputized so they could work together. Paul’s wife was then whining about the time they were waiting, and Ryan’s motorcycle was modified to have doors and crank windows. In Lines From a Cup, Daniel and Paul had muffins that fell into nuts, squirrels ate hamburgers and we learned that while fur is a great insulator, it’s a horrible windbreaker.

Next up, Alex was looking for love in the Dating Game. He had to choose between Ryan the IT specialist, Paul as Superglue and Beth as a grandma. Of course, Beth won because grandmothers usually bake cookies and watch “Jeopardy!” In Alphabet, Alex wanted to be a princess for Halloween, but had Ryan as the worst father ever.

Since it’s been such a big week for local sports, it was only right that the guys wanted to play Sports Commentator! Paul and Ryan were the competitors in the Olympic raking competition. Alex and Andy were the announcers, while Daniel was the on field referee. Ryan was the rookie, while Paul was a ninja and cheated by bringing out a leaf blower.

In Because I Said So, Paul learned about the world from the guys and audience member Kate. We learned that trees came from seeds when Johnny Appleseed had a bad date…or because of a capitalistic society. Without brain cells, brainds wouldn’t work because people are greedy and there is no I in team! Later, we learned that pink is better than blue because storks are smaller than ostriches, and chicken don’t have teeth so vegan food isn’t fun. In the end, the tribe spoke because Ryan was only a bill.

Because we had regulars in attendance, we tried Ventriloquism, which was a bunch of fun. Ryan voiced Paul, Paul voiced Daniel, Daniel voiced Alex and Alex voiced Ryan. They did a scene that started off with rocks being juggled. Salt was put in the wound so first aid was failed, and Woody Allen needed to be listened to because the Wiggellllllah root had no Wikipedia entry. The night ended with Curtain Call. The guys sang about scary school girls, buying a dozen puppies, how Beth is a good mom and cans of #YOLO.

And scene!


BYOI – This Isn’t Rocky!

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IMAG3291-1It was another great Sunday night for improv at the Warwick Museum of Art! Daniel, Drew, Ethan and Alex were on hand. Speaking of Alex, we decided to make him the FAM so we could get to know him!

You all know Alex as one of the newer members of BYOI, but here’s what you didn’t know: when he was a child, he wanted to be a park ranger. He works in high school special education, where the hot people apparently work. Alex loves being outdoors, tennis and books. If he had to pick 3 books to read forever, he’d go with The Phantom Tollbooth, the Sherlock Holmes anthology and an encyclopedia, so he’d always have a source of random facts.

Alex seemed to enjoy being in control in FAM Revolver. Drew was busy solving crimes on company time, Daniel was weary of Ethan’s habit of mixing everything in the household into drinks–including the kids, and janitors decided to come up with a brand new sport: rock rolling! After that, Ethan warmed everyone up with an Addams Family exercise involving faces and tongues.

Ethan and Daniel used Alex and audience member Kate as their hands in Helping Hands. They were comparing weaponry, and Ethan thought the tree was a jerk for ignoring him…like trees normally do. Later, Daniel littered as he lost pieces of his uniform. He redeemed himself when he stopped Ethan from chopping down the tree.

Daniel had a hard decision to make in Say It Again: should he get a goldfish or become an astronaut? Drew ended up furloughed and couldn’t buy a helmet, goldfish was better baked instead of fried and we learned about Law & Order: New York City Miami and how to Snapchat. In the Dating Game, Drew had to choose between Arnold Palmer, the Mayan Ruins and a functioning adult.

Next up was Famous Last Words, where we heard the last words of Benedict Cumberbatch, nature (“industrial revolution?!”), hockey, foreign language (“Google Translate!”) and the BBC (“Let’s sell our shows to the Americans!”)

From there, Daniel, Ethan and Drew had fun in Sit, Stand & Narcolepsy, which is a fun twist on Sit, Stand & Lie Down. They gave too much blood to get cookies, until they realized the could make their own! Unfortunately, there was a debate about what temperature cookies should be baked at, and when to take them out of the oven.

Drew and Alex then preformed a 60 second version of “Raging Bull” in Quickest Minute. That was followed by 30, 10 & 5 second versions. In Short Cutz, there was a phantom in the phonebooth, which was scary! Quick, look the other way! The phantom ended up popping up everywhere and being just friends just wasn’t good enough for Alex.

The night ended in a diner with Pavlovian Response. Drew wondered how fast he was going, which kept triggering Ethan to do the Chicken Dance, while Alex kept having to speak in foreign languages, which would then trigger Drew, and it was a fun loop for a bit.

If you like our Warwick Museum of Art shows (of course, you do, the WMOA is awesome!), then you’ll be happy to hear that after the new year, we’ll be moving there on Fridays! We’ll have TWO shows per night! We’ll have a family friendly show and another one for the teens and adults. Watch for more details. Also, if you come in costume to next Sunday’s show, you’ll get $2 off the admission! Come play with us–in costume!

And scene!

BYOI – Bead Store & Disease-Ridden Blankets

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20131018_231715It was a crew of Daniel, Erich, Josh and myself who came out to Theatre 82 under the Hunter’s Moon for another evening of irrepressible BYOI fun. We met our FAM Miriam, a freelance writer who has one husband, one friend, and two dogs, whom she loves enough to buy toys she can’t identify, so they won’t abuse her maroon & pink crocheted slippers with pom-pons (the dogs, not the husband and friend), and who would teleport to a faraway lush island since we wouldn’t let her be invisible.

Miriam’s pets inspired an incontinent round of FAMlander, with Erich eventually alone in showing no restraint as human nor animal, since there can be only one. I then warmed up the crowd with a round of orchard activities celebrating a favorite fall pastime in New England. In Meanwhile, we found out how the Northeast was won from the hapless Native Americans (hint: they’re bad traders), that glue is made from horse spit and not horse bits, and that Horace Nowhere, by selfishly not changing his name, doomed his descendants to live in a town that would someday die from lack of tourism. We then had a Press Conference in which the City of Paris had a hard time sticking to the important topic of Leave It to Beaver despite a pestering and punning press pack. What then followed was a Trolley Stop frequented by mysterious smokers, Munchkins, teleporting drug dealers, writers who compulsively wrote and announced what they were writing, and finally one of the aforementioned unfortunate natives.

We postured out of the break with a round of Sit, Stand, & Lie Down, featuring a lion, tiger, and bear (oh my!) getting grouchy about the bear’s incompetence (but not incontinence, unlike the earlier pets) in the woods. A Growing and Shrinking (and Growing and Shrinking and…) machine came next, with ill-fitting jeans, ill-tasting food being swapped at school, an ill-behaved pair of students being ill-prepared at a juggling course, and a boy ill-suited to join his sister’s girls-only club. The evening ended with a rousing Do Run about the delirium of Miriam, with her friend the bead store owner and their travels.

Annnnd Scene!

BYOI – What is on Vader’s Resume?

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20131013_185446There is a big Patriots game tonight, but that did not stop BYOI’s audience as people came to see Erich, Paul, Christine, Ethan and Alex for tonight’s show.  And your’s truly is running the door! Our FAM tonight is Andy!!!  He is in the 5th grade, loves recess, hates math, likes the Jetsons and Darth Maul.  So why not see some movies about Andy’s life?  We saw the lawyers at recess as a drama, then as a space dog lawyers film and then as great dating advice film.  Then Ethan warmed us up with Milkshakes.

So first up was Tableau with libraries, outer-space and Santa’s house.  In Revolver we saw people getting Joshed, a no pants at school day and a very dangerous haunted house.  In Chainsaw a plumber, at the shopping mall with a purse became a surgeon, on a wave with an axe. Then they finished up the first half with Do Run about Andy how cool he was and how he charges for his pool.

And so we begin the second half we saw a great scene about Darth Vader’s students and their attempt to blow up another Death Star.  Then next was the Good, Bad and The Ugly where cheerleaders hate the top of the pyramid, math is cool and the Jetson’s car is going down.  Follow that up with Say It Again where bologna sandwiches are great for running with rock sauce with granite stove top flavor.  Then another scene where Dad destroyed an endangered species and was loved for it.  We then finished the show with Follow That Action where we saw how to warm up cold pizza in the dryer.


BYOI – The More You Know

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FAM 101113It was a very special night at Theatre 82 as audience members came from Maine, New York and Pennsylvania! Daniel, Ian, Meredith, Josh and Alex were on hand (feel better, Ryan!) to celebrate a Sweet Sixteen.

Our FAM, Gwen, was brought to the show by her mom, BYOI regular Crystal, as a surprise to celebrate her 16th birthday, all the way from Maine. Gwen’s in her junior year of high school and loves Halloween. She has 10 siblings, which probably gives her plenty to work on since she wants to be a psychiatrist someday. During the FAM interview, Gwen had her second surprise of the night, as her best friend Carolyn came in, fresh from New York City.

In FAMily Reunion, Ian was handpicked by our FAM to play her. Gwen was having a party with lots of Reeses and thought she had the best costume. Mom Crystal, played by Meredith, made a TARDIS Jack-O-Lantern. Josh and Alex played Chris, Gwen’s boyfriend and her friend Amelia, who was a science nerd. After that, Josh warmed everyone up with a hand and foot shakeout.

In Guidance Counselor, Daniel had to give advice, with help from Josh on guitar. Alex was being bullied, Meredith had an inappropriate crush and Ian wanted to be in a musical. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly had FAM Gwen and audience members Ray & Carolyn giving advice. We learned about how to best do homework, how to respond to “Does this make me look fat?” and what’s best to eat.

Pavlovian Response had Alex as Pavlov, and he thought everyone was fat. Josh tap danced all over the place and audience member Pat was super sleepy while they had to hurry to make bacon flavored candy. Ray once again jumped on stage to help out with Quick Scenes. Kids had name tags, a gazelle was freaked out, the M&M store only had W’s and Nickelback tickets were the worst birthday gift.

After the break, there was an unfortunate accident with a plastic beach shovel in Sit, Stand and Lie Down. In Fortunately/Unfortunately, Ian and audience member Kylie told the story of John Proctor. He was in a new world of religious fanatics but liked the natives. Comic books were found in the bushes and the scene ended with Charlie Sheen.

In Catch Phrase, Alex and Pat were Meredith’s children in the Yankee candle store. Alex was skeptical about her parenting skills and Pat insisted he was innocent.

The night ended with Debate Club. The cast, along with Ray, Carolyn and Pat, debated about why people see psychiatrists. We learned it’s for medication–or not, people are self absorbed, that Alex has mommy issues, Carolyn’s Ritalin source, and videos that may or not exist of Daniel. We also learned that nothing is obvious to Josh, Ray may have been on some substances, no one believes in astrology and nobody likes Ian. Ian ended up winning!

Happy birthday Gwen!

And scene!

BYOI – Air Jordans!

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FAM 100613Paul, Krissy, Daniel, Ethan, Christine and Alex were on hand for another great show at the Warwick Museum of Art!

The FAM was Dave, who is one of our season pass holders. He is a regular, along with his girlfriend, Kate. When Dave was a kid, he hated football and wanted to be a basketball player. However, his favorite movie was “A League of Their Own.” Dave’s clearly a fan of sports. When he’s not at improv, he’s hanging out with Kate and playing games.

In FAM Pillar, Dave was the pillar who got to throw in random words. In the first scene, the guys had to throw a soccer ball like a dentist to get lots of clocks, like the rap artist, Ukelele. Reclining during a game was made illegal in France and we learned about the great new superpower: being anti-football. In the second scene, the ladies were planning a surprise anniversary party for Kate and Dave, although Kate wasn’t their favorite girl and it really wasn’t much of a surprise.

Christine warmed up the audience with a series of claps and cheers, before sitting down with Ethan as the announcers for Sports Commentator. The pair explained what Paul & Alex were doing for the Annual Ham Cooking Competition. Paul ended up with oil in the eye, while Alex’s undercooking warranted him a foul for being raw.

Krissy was then the director for the action film, “The Sleeping Elephant,” in Remake. It featured everyone’s favorite Governator hunting down a sleeping elephant. There was worry that the elephant would wake up, but thankfully, a foreign friend stopped by to help since elephants can’t hear Australian accents. Paul and Christine had a lot of explaining to do in the film noir version, and the backscratcher was the weapon of choice in the horror remake. Next, Krissy needed help from dogs Alex, Christine and Kate in Timmy In the Well. They easily explained that Van Gogh pulled a hamstring. It wasn’t so easy to explain that it happened in Cuba, but eventually everyone made it to the same page with the help of Daniel.

In Debate Club, the cast and audience member Ashby wondered if school lunch was bad. They said that lunch ladies don’t care–except for Krissy’s mom, who is awesome–that society doesn’t care about genger, the green aisle has Barbies on motorcycles and Ethan is self absorbed. What else did we learn? That Christine is smarter than Daniel since she’s a girl, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and dogs don’t have tails. It eventually came down to the last second, and Ashby won the debate!

After the break, Daniel, Paul and Ethan talked about if they should go to the theme park in Sit, Stand & Lie Down. Tableau featured a beach that had an abandoned hot dog & a dolphin with bad GPS, a doctor’s office and a candy factory.

Revolver showed us that it’s okay to switch out a pen for a Sharpie Light Saber since Sharpies are permanent–just like when you cut off a limb with a light saber. The night ended with the cast serenading Dave, who is rich and famous–but not heinous–in Do Run.

And scene!

BYOI – No Air Holes for the Pony…

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20131004_232807Tonight was another fun night at Theatre 82 and BYOI had a great team on hand!  It was Ryan, Paul, Alex, Josh & Myself.  And tonight was our FAM, Charlie, who is on a date for his one year anniversary with Jennifer.  He also hates Canada and seems to think he is a long lost cousin of Ryan.

So we began with having Charlie tell us a story about Charlie and Jennifer’s first date in Typewriter.  We found out that the Irish Cantonese Canadian restaurant called Murphy’s Law has wonderful food and terrible service.  After that Josh warmed us up with a numbers game and we were off and ready for the show.  In Tableau I learned it is painful to be Huey Lewis’s microphone.  Centerpiece found Alex in the middle of a Twizzler factory, Christmas Gift surprises and knowing that you can smoke a Canadian Maple Leaf.  Jennifer joined us for this game and helped us braid the Twizzlers. Party Quirks made Ryan guess his guests, Michael Douglas, the entire Back to the Future series and a toaster with Vietnam PTSD. So why not sing our problems away with an Irish Drinking song about Transformers.

After intermission, we were back with Sit, Stand & Lie down and saw some firetruck repair.  Then Follow That Action found the Paw Sox’s taking out aircraft with wiffle balls. And why not finish up with Curtain Call and make Charlie & Jennifer’s 1 year anniversary date complete!

And Scene!