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BYOI – Not the Uhh!

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FAM 112413BYOI had yet another great show at the Warwick Museum of Art tonight! Thanks to all of you who came out on the cold, windy night to see Daniel, Alex and Drew! Mary was the FAM. She’s a nurse who loves movies with good actors. I like Mary already. While she loves going to Disney for the kids, her dream is to make it to Italy someday…for the food! I think Mary is my spirit animal. After Daniel and Drew sang the Welcome Song to Mary, they started playing Helping Hands. Audience members Luke and Paxton did a scene with Drew and Daniel, where they learned how to properly do laundry so everything would stop coming out pink. Along the way, the cat started doing laundry for the lazy roommates and the detergent was way too heavy so they needed teamwork to pick it up.

In Questions, the cast was rounded out by audience members Danny and Luke, and it featured surfing weather and a dog bite. Madame Zelda taught Drew that he would end up getting fired, eating spaghetti from a tire & winning 1 million horses. Pillars had audience members Missy and Parker helping out when needed. The butterfly was invented–and it can cook! Silence helped a tablet make toast, and an iguana was needed to catch…an iguana. Try That On For Size was next, with audeicne members Luke, Parker, Addie and Paxton! They ran from a polar bear, poked a butterfly, had a solo thumb war, painted a house and pet a cat. Drew made it through most of the game. Way to go, Drew! Famous Last Words taught us about when Justin Bieber’s hair was cut and when light burned the lamp.

Sing It had Mary in control of when to sing, and the cast had fun with the help of audience members Luke, Parker and Elijah. Alex was the captain of a ship, and it unfortunately hit an island and started to sink. Thankfully, people could just jump onto the island, which confused the islanders, who thought their home jumped in the way of the ship. In Say It Again, Drew was then in control of the ship, after 10 years of being stuck on the island. Alex ended up being relegated to being the mermaid tied to the front of the ship, and everyone but Alex got parrots for their shoulders!

And scene!

BYOI – Passwick Stewart!

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FAM 111713Rainy Sundays are perfect for some improv, so the Warwick Museum of Art was the place to be! Erich, Ryan, Paul, Josh and Krissy were on hand, with occasional appearances by Daniel. The FAM was Jonathan, who came to the show because he liked it last week! Thanks for coming back! He does lots of paperwork and stays out of trouble at work, and likes adventure films because they’re not full of violence. Jonathan’s the proud father of a son and daughter. The cast took all of that information and put it into a Welcome Song to him!

In Growing and Shrinking Machine, Krissy the monkey thought Ryan’s sweater was good enough to eat, Josh was a dog catcher, Erich taught football with twigs and bottlecaps and Paul was seriously injured but everyone else was only concerned with Ryan’s sunburn. For Pillars, FAM Jonathan and audience member Kate provided words to Paul and Erich when needed. Erich was a Walmart greeter who was worried Paul would steal, bathing suits were next to Jesus instead of Cheez-Its, and free gum may have had pickles in it.

Paul and Daniel were trying to get Ryan to confess in Good Cop/Bad Cop. He ended up taking credit for solving Nancy Drew mysteries in a train station with Angela Lansbury. Next was Guidance C0unselor, where Paul gave great advice with the help of Josh on guitar. Krissy really liked a boy named Passwick Stewart despite his funny name, Ryan couldn’t play Call of Duty in the Navy since he was a pacifist, and FAM Jonathan was hanging around the bad kids who got him into sniffing sneakers. Bravo to Jonathan for being brave enough to play a song game and doing great at it!

Trolley Stop featured a wide array of characters, like super villians, enemies, Batmans, cats and monster truckers. Next up was Short Cutz, where Daniel seemed to get in trouble everywhere. We learned about when he wanted to pet the skunk but ended up getting sprayed, and when he wanted to pet the fire hydrant…but also ended up getting sprayed. Paul was the big brother encouraging the bad behavior while Josh tried to stop it. Bad drivers ed students wondered what green lights and stop signs were, and Krissy ignored them since she was color blind. We learned about the log roll exercise video, which triggered a lawsuit since it wasn’t a Richard Simmons video, and there was a settlement in ice cream from two guys named Ben and Jerry who thought it might be fun to make up crazy flavors with their fat monkeys.

In Lines From a Cup, Erich played a talking oven who was creeping out Krissy. It all ended up being a trap because he was just advertising to Krissy and Paul before turning into a Transformer. Luckily, Ryan the refrigerator was also a Transformer and saved them. The night ended in song, with Do Run. The cast sang about how smooth Jonathan was, Paul’s singing abilities and Josh was not allowed to throw up.

And scene!

BYOI – Don’t Forget The Keys!

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FAM 111013We were once again at the Warwick Museum of Art for a great night of fun! Alex, Drew and Stephanie were on stage, with some help from Paul and BYOI alum Mike. Our FAM was Patrick, who likes birding, napping and “The Hobbit.” He’s currently in school, where his favorite part is dismissal, so naturally, his best day ever would involve no school. However, it would involve discovering a dodo bird or two!

Drew and Stephanie sang a great Welcome Song before jumping into Freeze Tag! Mike and audience member John helped out. The game started off being about Belle, the Disney princess, but someone turned into a chicken taco shop, an art robbery and an attempt to set the new world record for avalanche stopping! In Movie Critics, Drew reviewed a riveting film about birdwatching. Paul and Alex brought Binaca breath spray instead of binoculars, but they still managed to find a dodo bird!

In Excuses, Excuses, Drew was late because he forgot his pants, then a dinosaur ate his keys, and finally, he dropped his keys in the toilet. FAM Patrick and audience member John joined Paul and Stephanie for Centerpiece. Paul the Hobbit was disillusioned with life in the Shire as he waxed his feet and Stephanie kept falling asleep in History of Math class.

In Quickest Minute, Alex and audience member Laura were moving, so everything had to go before the house got burned. Debate Club started off being about sledding until our FAM Patrick made a great point about being yourself and not living vicariously through fictional characters. Very smart kid!

Say It Again featured Drew and audience member Grace trying to stay dry, and the night ended with a hilarious Do Run, where the cast had to sing about cats…and hamburgers!

Thanks to everyone who came out and waited in the cold for us!

And scene!

BYOI – The Saga of Sandra and Gary

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FAM 110313Once again, everyone had a blast at BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art! Tonight Erich, Ryan, Krissy, Paul and John were on. That’s right, you read correctly–John is back! The night’s FAM was Eileen, who used to come to our shows back when we started on Thayer St. Eileen likes to bike and read, and would love it if her sons would learn to wash their hands. In FAM Remake, Ryan directed “How Green Are My Boys” which ended up being described as “Forrest Gump meets Forrest Gump”….that didn’t work out, so then it was on to the film noir attempt. The guys could hear each other’s innor monlogues and Erich really wanted to get rid of his nose goblins. Finally, the sci-fi version smelled like bacon and featured a nose picking machine.

In Fortunately/Unfortunately, Erich and audience member Bobbie told ths tory of Ryan and Paul, who opened a mystery door that led to the light…of resurrection! The new zombies then found a trap door, had kids together and met a hillbilly who made moonshine. In Meanwhile, the cast went to unicycling school, went to Target for chinos and khakis and khakis and chinos, and ended up in the burn unit. Paul then decided that he could sell stuff at the Everything Emporium! John needed diapers that sang lullabies, Ryan wanted a tapdancing snow leopard (not Don Pardo’s brother, Leonard) and Krissy needed a zebra print pif helmet, which we learned is a safari hat. Yay new vocabulary!

In Catch Phrase, Erich had great advice to not play leap frog with unicorns, while audience member Mike wondered how to do things. During the game, John learned the hard way that you should never hire your brother-in-law. Tableau featured the cast along with audience member Jess and myself in still pictures of the first snow, Mexico and Charlie Sheen on the red carpet. Two of those featured Erich as a bowl of dysentery…guess which ones? The scenes also had Paul as the skidding driver from Georgia, Krissy as a tourist who drank the water and John as Tony Petrarca.

In Busta Rap, the cast liked rhyming with names as they rapped about Eileen and her sons. There was a bit of a dispute between Ryan and Erich, before Ryan ultimately won. In Revolver, Erich welcomed Krissy to the Bavarian Technical University, which she learned is not cosmetology school. Paul and Ryan were inlaws meeting for the first time, but it ended in violence because of a compliment. Krissy needed Paul to be smiley to get hired as Santa Claus, but he ended up scaring the children away, while Ryan and Erich kept circling the mountain because the 2D GPS didn’t tell them to actually go up. Along the way, they found Pyton the wolverine under a rock.

The final game of the night was Debate Club, where the cast, Jess and myself attempted to settle the most important question: How much cheese should be in mac & cheese? Along the way, points were made about the point being the cheese, if store bought is better than fresh,  that wheel shapes are the best, how Jess deserved it when her dad cut her off, that mac and cheese is a sacrament, and finally, that equality means women can be punched and should have to wait for lifeboats. Krissy ended up vetoing that last point because the safe stage of improv means no punching or kicking, and Ryan ended up winning again!

Welcome back John!!

And scene!

BYOI – She’s a Scientist

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IMAG3371-1Theatre 82 was home to another great BYOI show, this time featuring Ryan, Drew, Josh, Paul, Ian and Alex! The FAM was Maura, who loves to read and dance in front of the mirror. She went to school to study environmental science and loves all things Johnny Depp.

After singing the Welcome Song about Maura, it was time for Action Figures! Ryan and Josh were at the mercy of audience member Kate and myself in a scene about who should scrub the toilet.

BYOI alum Stephanie dodged blame and Paul was concerned in Catch Phrase. The two of them turned Drew into a stuttering mess as they stocked shelves before Halloween. FAM Maura helped out in Chainsaw, which featured a rocket scientist in a strip club with a remote control, although it turned into a pyrotechnician at church with a video game console.

In Alphabet, the entire Thanksgiving dinner was burned, even the cranberry sauce! KFC was closed for the holidays, cranberry sauce turned Ryan into Linda Blair, and Maura just wanted a hug. Sit, Stand and Narcolepsy had Ian, Josh and Stephanie trying to do a case study, except the virus–and the floor–were airborne!

In Back In My Day, no Facebook meant we had to stalk the old fashioned way. Iggy Pop looked slightly less weird without mascara and we didn’t have castle dungeons, toasters or toothbrushes. Alex then directed Remake, where “Pirates Of the Caribbean” was redone as a scifi, a foreign film and a cartoon! Captain Jack Sparrow was actually Michael Caine, the plank had eyes and everything was brought to us by the letter G!

The final game of the night was Busta Rap, with Josh judging who would become the rap master. Maura once again joined in, and while Paul was the first one out, Ian ultimately won!

And scene!