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BYOI – Overly Attached Friends (Krissy and Erich’s Last Show)

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FAM 121513The final show of 2013 took place at the Warwick Museum of Art with Krissy, Erich and Josh. It also happened to be the last show of Krissy and Erich, so Daniel and Corey stopped in for some of the games! In a surprise twist, we had the first ever dual FAM interview, where the FAMs interviewed each other! Krissy and Erich both auditioned and were cast together about 2 and a half years ago. They both recently bought houses and had other big life changes: Erich has a 15 month old daughter, while Krissy has two furbabies in the form of a Dalmatian and a Shepherd mix. Erich’s wife, Renee, was at the show, while Krissy’s parents, brother, (Doctor) Daryl, and her fiancee, Chris came to send her off. Erich loves the game Chainsaw, while Krissy loves Fortunately/Unfortunately, which used to be called Angels & Demons. Erich loves softball, video games and D&D in his free time and joked about how Krissy doesn’t know about anything pre-1990, which we all know makes guessing games fun and is one of the reasons we love her!

Krissy was the pillar for FAM Pillar, where the basketball was too soft, which reminded Erich of when he baked grandma in a cake…which is like souflee with steering wheel. Remind me to not eat anything Erich has made! In Helping Hands, audience members Chris, Zola and Delia jumped in. Josh regretted being Erich’s hands when it meant they had to sit down to be Santa Claus granting wishes. Krissy and Chris played the elf, whose cousin Tommy stole the toys! Unfortunately, the banana phone was thrown away and the diabetic Santa really wanted cookies. In Revolver, Krissy and Erich were joined by Corey and audience member Matt, while Josh controlled the directions. Matt kept getting Erich Bratz dolls for Christmas until he decided to dress as one while Corey couldn’t find the movie version of “A Tale of Two Cities” anywhere, because his teacher was mean and wanted him to read. Meanwhile, Krissy forgot that her dad lived in her childhood home and went to sell him Girl Scout cookies. In her other scene, she wanted the walls painted black, but Matt could only get spray paint. It ended up being Corey’s house, with him still living there, and Matt decided that burning the house would be cheaper than painting it since charred walls would then be black.

Timmy In the Well was next, with Krissy guessing. Josh and audience members Kate and Delia were the dogs who helped bark out that Will Smith was choking on beef jerky at Woodstock. This was followed by Erich’s favorite game, Chainsaw! The cast, along with Corey and audience members Kate, Dave and Delia had to mime about an actress at a carnival with a shoe. The players thought it was an opera singer or music teacher at a circus or carosel with a snowsuit, cranberry bogging shoes or boots, so they were just a bit off.

Krissy’s favorite game, Fortunately/Unfortunately, was next, with Erich and Zola telling the story, with Krissy and Matt acting out the story. Dogs escaped into a swamp of kind crocodiles and had swimming lessons and got dentures as gifts. They went to Walmart to return them, but could only get store credit and the greeter followed them out the door. In Trolley Stop, the cast, as well as Chris, Zola and Delia were leprechauns, kung fu actors, chickens and McDonald’s employees. Next up was Alphabet, with help from Daniel, Chris, Zola and Delia. Corey gleefully took charge of the bell so he could ding people out. A crystal ball told a dubious Krissy that she was going to break her arm, super close friends were surgicially detached, and Krissy was a nursing student who was okay with letting someone bleed out while she flirted. Unfortunately, on her date, she kept getting replaced by younger people.

The final game of the night was Say It Again, with Erich’s wife, Renee, on bell. Corey, Matt, Zola and Delia also jumped in to help out on stage. In the first scene, Krissy and Erich were ghosts who could no longer pet dogs, but they could watch tv! Zola could see them, while Corey was oblivious, so the ghosts decided to have fun playing with hair. Matt ended up being turned into the neighbor’s dog, but he couldn’t bite the ghosts. In the second scene, Josh radiated awesomeness but really needed to start wearing pants…or even better, a skirt and tights! That started off suggestions to completely redo Josh so he can be a captain..with pretty hair!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us in 2013! Don’t forget to come see us on Friday nights for our family friendly shows at 7pm and more adult oriented shows at 9pm at the Warwick Museum of Art! Our Sundays will now be for the BYOI Youth Collaborative. Check out the website for more details. Krissy and Erich, we love you dearly and will miss you! Come visit us often!

And scene!!

Dual FAM Interview  Helping Hands  Chainsaw

BYOI – Teenage Mutant Ninja Drew

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Hi everyone!  Krissy here with tonight’s show recap!


Chris was on door tonight, and I was joined on stage by John, Daniel, Drew, and occasionally Paul from the audience for a very hilarious but sad evening – Drew’s last show 🙁  Which means he of course was our FAM!  We learned about Drew’s life as a part time scuba diver, part time teacher, and part time sound and video guy (FYI… one of these is a lie).  We also learned about his love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and that if he could have a castle in Ireland with a secret room, he would choose a room with a pool and a giant slide.

Next up was FAM pillar, where John, Daniel, and I took an interesting vacation to Prudence Island.

After that we jumped into our volunteer games, and had some AWESOME audience participation!  Thank you to BYOI alums Mike and Stephanie and audience members David, Mike, and Candice for getting so involved – you guys were a riot!  And thanks Kerri for taking some great photos 🙂

In Serious Scene, we heard a lot of voices that liked to shout out lists of chores from offstage, and diagnosed everyone with schizophrenia.

Revolver was up next, and we saw what happens when you let kids play the kazoo and let mom play with your ninja turtles.

I was a fitness instructor and Mike was cat woman in New born, and we had a very tough time guessing the name of our baby, Gray Makeup.



Meanwhile was up next, featuring war bunkers, visits to the hospital cafeteria, and LOTS of cats.  Meow!

Ninjas were at Guitar center in action figures, which ended with an epic battle.

“Coffee… would you like a cup… of it?” was the crowd’s favorite line in lines from a cup, which featured some Drew-centric lines, including several lines of simply the word “Drew!”  Hoorah!

Typewriter featured writers Drew and Mike telling a story about the Count, who was locked away in jail, but was able to escape with the help of ladder and money vendors.  Hooray!


We ended the show with  do run, which was “Drew run” tonight, and sang a song about the one and only Drew.

Thank you to everyone who came to the show!

We will miss you Drew!!

And scene!

BYOI – You’re the Problem (AKA Ryan’s Last Show!)

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IMAG3635-1The Warwick Museum of Art was the setting for Ryan’s final show with BYOI, so we were able to send him off to New York in style! Erich, Josh and Ethan were also on hand to entertain. Because tonight was Ryan’s last show, he was the FAM! How the tables have turned. Ryan’s been with us for about 3 years now, and he and his girlfriend Snow White (aka Jamie) will be moving to the Big Apple! He loves comedy, espcially slapstick, Woody Allen and Charlie Chaplin, and would love to see “Saturday Night Live”…live.

For FAM Pillars, Ryan and audience member Ellie helped out with words as a freshman was hazed by a gym major. A book of chairs ended up huring Erich’s eye, so he fused himself to the ground at caterpillar camp. In case you didn’t know, China is now near Submarine Land and Sweater Country, and SPOILER ALERT! Snape was good at the end. In Highlander, Ryan, Erich, Ethan and brave audience member Mac acted out auditions for Snow White. Dopey was a CIA agent, and Meryl Streep was the Queen who intercepted him. Unfortunately, the apple turned Snow White into a glittering vampire before the director decided everything should be in German. Ethan and Erich were knocked out first, but ultimately Ryan had to perform alone.

“The Snoring Birdie” was an action film subject to Remake, where a cuckoo clock bird had trouble focusing on when he was supposed to come out of the clock. There was then an inspirational sports version where he was cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and a documentary version set in China, where Erich was upside down since it was the other side of the world. In Marriage Counselor, Ethan wasn’t able to break the turkey wishbone and audience member Tina wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom alone. Ryan had to not only help out with those issues, but also their joint problem of wanting to dress up in costumes at inappropriate times. Lines From a Cup had Ryan, Erich and Ellie licking books at the library, Pickles the giant and no secret password.

It was then on to What Are You Doing? The cast and audience members did things like painting red hourglasses on black widow spiders, pretending to be a dog, doing the hokey pokey and looking for love in all the wrong places. In Sit, Stand, Lie Down, Ellie joined Josh and Ethan on stage. Mary Jane was stressed and turned into a superhero like Spiderman, and Erich jumped in as the newest superhero at the end! In Six Pack, Ryan was so indecisive that it led audience member Kate to break up with him, so he asked her to sign volume two of his book of jilted ladies. Erich and Josh had a problem because “Mad TV” was DVRed instead of “SNL” and their life together had to be rethought because of it, while Ethan and Mac played a clapping game and Ethan was the problem.

The last game of the night was Debate Club. Myself, Kate and Ellie joined in since we needed some ladies representing on stage. We argued about how to avoid traffic–or not, since that’s impossible, Ryan looking for a job in NYC, Matthew Broderick’s questionable taste, hashtags, Alan Thicke and his son, the difference between “Family Guy,” “The Simpsons” and “South Park” and when to actually end the game. We didn’t want to end when Josh declared a winner since we wanted to enjoy Ryan’s presence more…so we kept going! We then argued about who does the best Jerry Seinfeld and Gilbert Gottfried impressions (of course, Ryan and Erich did), and how Josh lost control of the game–so he won!

Go make us proud in NYC, Ryan! We’ll miss you!

And scene!