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BYOI – Noah’s Violent Tendencies

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20140131_222257It’s the 9:00 show for BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art! Our FAM tonight was Colby who is a student at CCRI studying Forensic Psychology and who wants to work in a jail some day. She also likes mozzarella cheese, cheerleading and Ireland. The cast included Daniel, Alex, Paul, Ian and new regular cast member David (congrats David!) The first game took place in a prison where the cast asked Colby for words to fill in whenever they couldn’t think of one, and we learned that you can fit more pool sticks in a clown than clowns in a car! Plus the warden likes cake…

The next game was Action Figures, where we saw Noah building his famous ark – and hammering on everything and everybody in sight! That was followed up by Irishmen fighting and singing at once, because if they only fought without singing it made them no better than Scots, which are inexcusable. In the Troubadours, we learned that 2:35 was the marrying time and that a conveniently placed dove could solve all your problems… well, ones related to transportation, anyway. More fun ensued where we learned about droopy hair and leeches in ponds.

Then the intrepid BYOI players presented a game where cast members were eliminated by popular vote and in the final tally, Alex had to perform a scene of four roles all by himself which took place in a Dunkin Donuts. The final game of the night was Lines From a Cup which featured Jesse the cheerleader, Sally’s gravy, and more nonsensical lines than could in the entire cast’s pockets!

…and scene!

BYOI – The Land of Um

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20140131_202647Friday January 31 at the Warwick Museum of Art and all’s well in the Land of Um! Our show tonight included Daniel, Paul, Alex and David (who’s been made a regular member of the cast of BYOI – congratulations, David!) Our FAM for our 7:00 show was Tara who is an Executive Assistant at a digital marketing consulting firm. She enjoyed traveling to Mykonos although she believes she’d really enjoy a trip to Fiji – and that was the setting for the first game of the night, where the BYOIers reviewed a movie about Trish’s dream vacation: a business trip to Fiji and the magical Land of Um with a talkative cat named Penelope. An audience member volunteer joined the troupe for the next game where she expressed frustration that the dresses were just so big!

Another audience member joined the troupe to recreate the fairy tale of Cinderella in increasingly short durations – culminating in a rendition that lasted only five seconds! The next game took place at Alex’s “Decline of Justin Bieber” party, where Daniel ate napkins, Paul was Santa Claus, and an audience member was a ventriloquist. Up next was the new game the Troubadors which showcased an audience volunteer as the newly-created sentient flower the Daffolily – and also saw the return of Penelope the talking cat! David took the lead for the next game, which was Catch Phrase. Alex could only say “I don’t think this helps it go” and “What’s a touchdown?” while an audience member joined in with the statement “I don’t understand this” and the question “How many cats is that?” The subject? A squid! Which David had to keep the cat off of…

Next up was a line game where an audience volunteer simplified the connection between both love and wine with the simple statement “You again?” And in the final game of the show, we learned that seaweed-based herbal supplements actually make you travel in time!

…and scene!

BYOI – One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Cross

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FAM2 012414Time for part 2 of Friday night at the Warwick Museum of Art! Once again, Alex, Josh, Meredith, Daniel and auditioner David were on hand to entertain everyone. The late show’s FAM was Trish, who renews insurance policies. That means she regularly gets yelled at, but fortunately, rainbows make her happy. Trish said she’s a snow bunny who has only skied once but loves to watch skiers & drink hot chocolate. In FAM Movie Critics, Alex and Trish reviewed the movie adaptation of Trish’s life, where she was played by a man. Trish went with coworkers to the happy land of marshmallows to rate hot skiers, but it was only a dream and they were really at work the whole time. In Catch Phrase, Alex made sure everyone had 2 legs and a heartbeat and threatened to turn the car around. Audience member Gordon wasn’t impressed by anyone’s wardrobe and thought the skiers were super. Together, they did a scene where David needed opening acts at a music festival in Zimbabwe. The Troubadours, was next, with Daniel and Josh singing the scenes before Meredith, Alex and David acted them out. It featured a bunny who went to a hoarder’s house, which had too many dishes and dogs. Eventually, the bunny multiplied many times and the babies ate some unsavory waste.

David had friends over to watch “Downton Abbey” in Party Quirks. Daniel was a close talker, Josh’s face twitched every 3 seconds and audience member Candice was maple syrup. In Say It Again, Meredith and audience member Julian needed a fox but got monkey butt and Josh’s special delivery. What Are You Doing featured the cast with help from Candice and Julian. They ate cans of iced tea, sheared a sheep and carved a canoe. Alex gleefully gave Josh something crazy each time. In Because I Said So, the cast and audience member Nicole had to answer Josh’s questions about the mood, ornery dad and mom’s time of the month. The Growing & Shrinking Machine was next, with Candice and Julian rounding out the cast. D&D girls were just into dungeons, stuff fell from the Empire State Building and peer pressure made everyone wrestle in jello. The night ended with Do Run, where Trish met a hot ski boy!

And scene!

BYOI – Good Steak

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FAM1 012413It’s Friday night, so it means it was time for BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art! Alex started off the family friendly portion of the night and he was joined by castmates Meredith, Daniel and Josh, as well as auditioner David. The show’s FAM was Rashae, who is in the 10th grade and loves to sing–but no country music is allowed! Rashae is a fan of history and jigsaw puzzles and recently did a 3D jigsaw State House.

Josh started off the FAM Growing & Shrinking Machine with Jigsaw the clown, before the rest of the cast slowly jumped in & made new scenes. A mini pony was up against a real horse, the wall needed a stamp of approval , everything had to be in order and steak was delicious. Freeze Tag featured audience members Candice and Julian, where I was sad because of squirrel cheeseburgers. Candice gave every new baby the “Lion King” treatment in the maternity ward and we learned about yoga dentistry–dentists without chairs! In Pillars, maybe it was a turtle and stuff tasted like diesel. Daniel and Candice were the Leaning Tower of Piza & Marie Antoinette in New Born, where they welcomed baby Dizzy Gillespie.

Our new game, Troubadours, was next, with Daniel and Alex singing what Meredith, Josh and David had to act out. The tour bus had a flat tire so they went to a creepy house for help. A 4 year old with a Tribble answered and they took him to the playground. Standing on his head didn’t help, so they brought the kid and his tight grip on tour. In the Good, Bad & Ugly, Alex, Julian and Candice helpfully dispensed advice while Josh, Meredith & David acted out the results. We found out what to do if chicken was thrown in your hair, why parents should go out and when to replace toilet paper. In Do Run, high school was hard and shoes were lost when running from a guy named Slick.

The cast was joined by audience members Gordon, Candice and Julian for Alphabet. It was dusty under buildings, animals were pushed together in a copy machine and concrete pillows weren’t better. Gordon and Meredith made it through the entire alphabet! The final game was Lines From a Cup, with daddy issues when David the grandson appeared from the future. There was no crying in baseball, school mascots and a bunny in a puzzle in a 3D puzzle in a mystery wrapped in an enigma inside the State House.

And scene!

BYOI – But this is Matzo!

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20140117_223028What’s up fans?  Our second show of the night has arrived and to the cast we add Ian!  Our FAM for this show was David (pictured far right.)  David works at the VA hospital, plays Dead Rising with his kids and loves The Crow!  So we begin tonight with the great Growing and Shrinking Machine where a pair of Harvard Zombies made a shocking discovery.

Alphabet found that cheap walkers do not work as well.  Our newest game, The Troubadours, found hilarity not at the VA, but in non-slip butter.  Next up Newborn found Josh and an audience member guessing that they were Nelson Mandela and the Grand Canyon having a baby named Honda.  Revolver introduced us to the beloved Panda meanwhile a child who wanted to watch bread rise was given Matzo. Try That On for Size accomplished the entire Karma Sutra.  The socks raised a “Toes”t in Blank Walks into a Bar and Freeze Tag convinced us not to jump.  Last but not least the night finished with Debate Club where math once again reared it’s ugly head.

And Scene!

BYOI – Where’s the Meatloaf!

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20140117_202626It’s Friday night again and BYOI is here with Josh, Paul, Alex and Myself for a rocking good time!  Our FAM tonight is Andrew who just got a job at Papa Ginos, loves playing GTA 5, hates Math and loves school lunch!  So we attack right away with Greatest Hits and four solid songs including the hit, “Where’s the Meatloaf!”

So after the BYOI Pledge it is off to Fortunately/Unfortunately where it can be dangerous to have flammable deodorant.  Next up is Centerpiece where I needed to maintain four different characters in four different scenes which included hating my Mom’s cooking and gambling away number 22.  Alex was then a Marriage Counselor and his clients Josh and an audience member were one had an obsession with collecting bones and the other had a hatred of spiders.  Together they could not handle the collection of spiderwebs on the bones.  In Remake, our Wild Wild West sneeze off was transformed into a Rave Movie, and then a silent film.  Tableau found us with a Miley Cirrus wrecking ball and the plans for the Boston Big Dig.  In Debate Club one thing was clear… “NERD!”.  Typewriter had a lack of marinara sauce for our joysticks of lunch and Gladys had the most attractive hairy mole. Finally we finished the first show off with Do Run and surprisingly had trouble rhyming with “up”.

And scene!

BYOI – Everyone Loves Piaya!

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FAM2 011013What a great time at our second show of the night at the Warwick Museum of Art! We had the same cast as the first show: Meredith, Daniel, Alex and Josh. This show’s FAM was Carol, who is an electrical engineer who doesn’t do the Electric Slide. She loves trivia, singing and cooking–especially piaya. Thanks Carol for making me google that to get the correct spelling…I learned something tonight! Alex and Carol hosted FAM Greatest Hits after the interview, as they introducted the album of Carol’s life. Meredith sang a country song about how Horseneck Beach is better than Oakland Beach since it can afford sand, while Daniel sang a ballad about a golden retriever. The entire group sang a classic rock turned pop song about “General Hospital” but Josh was the most creative, singing a rousing punk rock song about piaya!

After the BYOI Pledge, it was time for Fortunately/Unfortunately. Josh and audience member Mike told the story of actors Meredith, Daniel and audience member Julian. They had pennies to do laundry, went swimming with holes in their bathing suits and dried off like the wet dogs they may have been. In Meanwhile, audience members David and Mike helped out where Spain got in the way of a French takeover of Portugal. The cast went to visit Gru’s castle and a banana factory, which had lots of coconuts that Alex mixed by hand. In Marriage Counselor, Daniel had the hard job of figuring out what Alex and Mike needed help with. Alex had OCD regarding nail clippings, which was unfortunate for him, since Mike literally kept biting his toenails. Their joint problem was that they would burst into flames if they looked at each other, so they couldn’t really have quality time together.

Remake started off about an engineer. The cast was helped by Mike and David in the horror, German noir and Disney musical versions. Trolley Stop was a hit with audience members Cathy, Julian, David and Mike playing. We met spitting nerds, discreet British ladies, Spanish soap stars and celebrity chefs, among other characters. Daniel was the inquisitive child for Because I Said So, which featured audience members Marcus, David and Cathy. We learned that babies come from a magical land, that seduction is icy when it’s cold out, the sun likes the South because there’s more land, and people are crazy because they’re married. There was also a lesson about how to prevent chafing, but that’s for another time. The game ended when Daniel asked why no one could spell piaya.

In Typewriter, Meredith and Cathy wrote the story of a young, saucy lady named Maeve who demolishes buildings. Unfortunately, Josh came along and wanted to demolish the demolition company, but it ended up okay since it turned into the greatest love of all time. That is, until Daniel showed up as an old man who did yoga, to start a love triangle! The night ended with Curtain Call, with the cast singing about trivia, magic, lollipops in hair, and of course, piaya!

And scene!

BYOI – Zwimming Is Swimming Backwards

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FAM1 011013Welcome to another Friday night at the Warwick Museum of Art! Tonight featured Daniel, Josh, Alex and the return of Meredith! Our FAM was Michael, who came to BYOI with the adorable Isabella. He works in labor relations in Massachusetts. Michael likes minigolf, swimming and going to movies, so the cast used that for inspiration to serenade him in FAM Do Run.

After everyone pledged to be a good audience member, the show started with Follow That Action, which followed the life of Disney World employees. They got their jobs figuring they could ride stuff, but unfortunately, they were stuck cleaning up after Mickey and guessing the mystery of what was stuck in each piece of discarded cotton candy. Giant rats should’ve gotten the sewer creatures out to help after the employees sang, but alas, none showed up. In Catch Phrase, Josh was concerned about if homework was done, yet he stayed up all night playing video games. Audience member Gordon was looking for an attorney and just wanted everyone to clean their room. They did a scene with Meredith up in New Hampshire, land of too much nature.

In Madame Zelda, Alex found out Josh’s future with the help of spirits Daniel, Meredith and audience member Dylan. What was Josh going to do? Go to his dad’s house, get fired from a job he hates and win 9 horses in the lottery. Questions featured the cast and audience member David. Ten year olds were at the casino, but they were quickly replaced by old people who wanted meds, the buffet and their social security check. In the labor relations office, Alex pushed the red button and Daniel and David lost everything…again.

Sports Commentator was a blast to watch, with Meredith and audience member Bobbi participating in the Giraffe Herding Competition. Daniel and Josh were commentators Bob and Bob, who explained what Newt and Xander, the athletes, were doing. Bobbi was very competitive, carrying her and Meredith’s giraffes on her shoulders, then juggling them and bodyslamming Meredith. Meredith, in turn, threw Bobbi’s giraffe away. In Busta Rap, Meredith and David were knocked out first. When it came down to Daniel and Josh, Daniel ended up victorious.  Six Four Pack featured frescos and Fresca and Mr. Ed!

Debate Club ended the first show of the evening, with the cast and audience members David, Bobbi and Mary. They debated a bunch of topics, like zwimming and swimming, Alex’s lack of education, how Mr. Ed should be taught in schools, bugs and Josh’s lack of success with online dating. The final note was about hair, so David won the game since he has less hair than Daniel.

And scene!

BYOI’s First Youth Collective Class!

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YouthCollective1401Bring Your Own Improv moves into new territory and is happy to introduce our first students in our first ever Youth Collective!  Welcome to Allison, Alexia, Madeline and Emily!  They will be training with us for the month of January and then performing in our Sunday shows for February and March!  Come on out to see them and cheer them on.

BYOI – What Rhymes With Crayola?

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FAM2 010314We’re back, for part 2 of our new primetime slot at the Warwick Museum of Art! Once again, Daniel, Josh and Alex were on hand to make everyone laugh–this time, at the PG-13 show.  The second FAM of the night was Geoff, who loves to play Madden games on the PS2 and has a tattoo of an agressive blue shark. He loves books and movies, and his perfect date is to the furniture store! The guys serenaded Geoff and his exploits in FAM Do Run, before having the audience warm up during the new BYOI Pledge.

In Follow That Action, the cast was joined by audience members Geoff, Dave and Gordon. No one wanted to make the beds at the furniture store that sold a variety of pillows. The patriarch of the family business made a special ostrich pillow, which was fresh and extra drippy. It was the weirdest family I’ve ever seen! In Catch Phrase, Alex really liked a book but was concerned about hand washing, while Gordon wanted everyone to wake up and was a stickler for timeliness. Together with Daniel, they needed to know how to make good poutine and how to pick out great baby names. Madame Zelda was next, where Josh told Daniel his future with the help of spirits Alex, Geoff and Dave. We found out that Daniel was going to eat a lumberjack breakfast, he’d total his car made of hair and would enjoy some time with Bea Arthur. Here, we learned that our friend Krissy lives on in Josh and it was wonderful!

In Questions, the situation was minimized, pants went missing and Daniel had an ugly cry face. The Quickest Minute brought us the new classic, “Story of Grilled Cheese,” which had Michelle Obama preventing fat kids from slathering Alex in butter to throw him in the pan. Daniel, Alex and Dave did the scene a few times, shortening the amount of time each time. They started with 60 seconds, before eventually getting everything important in there in 3 seconds. Back In My Day, we didn’t have furniture, John Madden or sharks!

Revolver had Daniel not wanitng to meet Morrie, so Gordon wanted a dog named Marley. Geoff made a pasta bed for aggressive skin treatment before going with Josh to Mexico. Thankfully, they didn’t need a passport. Unfortunately, they spoke Spanish instead of Mexican. Eventually the duo made it to New Mexico, where they pay with cards and have wifi! The night ended with the guys as well as audience members Dave, Gordon and Geoff playing Spelling Bee. We learned about things like the banana, which is a yellow thing in a peeling; a kangaroo which is a hopping creature with pouches and gold babies; and geography, which find planets made of women.

And scene!