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BYOI – No One Likes Wet Giraffe

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20140228_222358It’s 9:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means it’s time for BYOI’s second show of the night! Our cast included Daniel, Paul, Josh, David, and Julian. Our FAM was Jeff, who is a college student studying economics and who loves skateboarding, movies, dill pickles and his girlfriend Julia’s hair. The first game of the night was Sing It where our cast explored what Jeff’s trip to Greece would be like. There, we learned that Greece Man is greasy and they have a marvelous product known as “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gentlemen”. Up next was Tableau where the dolphin said that it was better than being in a tuna can. Movie Critics saw an exciting film about skateboarding down the Himalayas which ended with the unusually restless and talkative longboard running off with the yeti whose parents had moved to L.A.

Freeze Tag came next and we learned a very important lesson – don’t wear your wool hat in the rain because it will shrink your head! Plus, they had to remodel the house so the giraffe could get in. Then Julian played the Dating Game, where the contestants were Kim Kardashian, a man who got very excited indeed by the letter T, and an iPhone. Alphabet was up next, where we learned that Obese Eugene was not his best look, and that it’s wrong to oppress the naked Quizno’s employees.

Audience volunteer Matt helped us play Greatest Hits, which featured such chart-topping songs as “It’s Long and Hard and Goes Down the Hill”, “Greece – So Happy to Say Goodbye”, and “This Is Not a Song”. Then we played Centerpiece, which featured a dramatic re-telling of Hansel & Gretel where we learned all about the proper treatment of asthmatics. Our final game of the night was Do Run, and it turns out that the word “improv” is actually pretty hard to rhyme!

…and scene!

BYOI – Unbalanced Pineapple Hat

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20140228_203001For the 7:00 show of BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art we had Daniel, Paul, Josh David and Julian. Our FAM tonight was Stasya, a ninth-grader who hates science class but loves Lord of the Flies, action movies, singing and swimming at the beach. The first game of the night was Revolver which featured an unlikely army of maggots trying to take over the world very slowly. Next, the cast played Sit, Stand & Lie Down where we learned that Schrödinger’s cat was indecisive, that there’s no pizza in science, and that you should make sausage out of politicians. Try That On For Size was next and we saw some odd cat petting and bench-pressing a cow.

Up next was Meanwhile where we saw the programming department at the History Channel try to figure out how to get 30 hours of programming about Hitler into a 24 day and still have time for 8 hours of infomercials. We also learned that the Rhode Island alphabet has no R’s but that the word “anything” is in fact spelled with 17 A’s. that was followed by the game Typewriter which featured Olaf and Rebekkkkah in our own special re-telling of “The Notebook”. The unlikely love interest/antagonist of the story was Gert from the Czech Republic, who had only one nostril – but he used that one nostril to store his magic purple crayon. Slogans was up next and some of the new slogans our cast came up with included: “Britney Spears: Warning – may be toxic”, “Lever so she’ll stay”, and “Swimming: It’s not just for Cubans anymore.”

Then we played Chainsaw, where a slinky tester became a snake farmer, Key West became a bell tower, and a bow & arrow turned into – that’s right – a chainsaw. Stasya helped us out with Sing It, which took place in a high school and where we learned that the school nurse liked to take temperatures but not in the mouth and that bones are, in fact, surprising! Our final game of the night was Debate Club where Paul was an expert on Hemi Demi Semi Lovato and we learned that there’s a factory in California that produces pop stars on a daily basis.

…and scene!

BYOI – I Love Fried Donuts

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2014-02-26 07.16.38-1A big shout out to Alexia, Madeline, Emily and Allison, our junior comedians on stage for Sunday Night! Daniel, their fearless leader directed our evening as the girls led our audience through the life and experiences of our FAM Mike. The girl’s initial movie debue of Mike’s life in Fiyeel showed us that twice fried donuts aren’t that bad… Our audience learned in the Korean and Sci-Fi remake of Mike’s like that frying or twice frying lettus, falafel and even the Mona Lisa make for tasty treats.

Next the girls struck a pose in Sitting, standing, laying down. Three people are awaiting trial, two defendants and one cranky court official. “Judge is killing me these days,” complains the official. To which the convict replies, “He may end up killing all of us.” Later on police brutality in the waiting rooms takes a twist as the court official confesses and says, “Cuff me,
I’m done with this.”

In trolly stop a critical problem arose when the girls realized there was no more Advil. And we learned in Lines from a Cup that it is not ok to run out on a pizza tab when is made with quality filet mingon. And if you have an idea, it may involve Emily kicking herself…

We also learned in Timmy and the Well that Lassie must have been telepathic as it is very hard to communicate through barks, whimpers and yips. Emily did her best as Alexia, Madeline and Allison communicated as Lassie did. After many attempts and some doggie sign language, though she was tired and distraught over their lack of connection, Emily was able to guess that Martin Luther cheated on his driving test while at the beach.

Daniel had fun with the team in Say It Again where the girls started with fried beans and through a series of bell rings ended with “You know what I think? I’m going to dig myself into a hole.”

In true Terminator fashion, the girls entered into the great debate on why they were not crazy where the audience discovered that snakes have invisible feet, trees are a government conspiracy and no one can do a better impression of Emily than Emily.

And scene!

BYOI – The Disgraceful Mason

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20140221_222500And here we are again at the Warwick Museum of Art for the 9:00 show of BYOI! Cast tonight included Daniel, Ian, Josh, Meredith and Candice. Our FAM was Rose from Pomfret, CT and she likes New Zealand (it is where they filmed the Lord of the Rings, after all), books and assassins! Our first game of the night was Say It Again where Meredith got bit by the ice cream. Sports Commentator was up next and the event being described was none other than Olympic laundry! They had to lift so many quarters, there was sabotage against the Croatian Laundry Service, and a magnificent demonstration of “speed flopping.”

Growing and Shrinking Machine was next and among the many scenes was Daniel being a disgraceful mason and giving the building a “hand-job” by leaving his handprint in the wet cement. Chainsaw came next and there was quite a lot of comic confusion as a stripper became a maid, a library became a schoolroom, and a duck became a baby! Up next was Catch Phrase, with Josh only able to say “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya” and ask the question “Where do babies come from?” while our intrepid audience volunteer could only say “The dog ate it” and “What is the Dewey Decimal System?” Apparently, Josh is a legend in pre-K medical school. Who knew?

The Troubadours taught us that Czech is actually spelled with 18 w’s and had Candice inquiring whether the person that got stuck in her mom was her father. We saw Famous Last Words next, and apparently Julius Caesar asked for a salad and Canada only had one word to say for itself – “sorry.” Meanwhile was next, and the most bizarrely memorable quote was simply “The more you quake, the more deliciousness comes out.” Sure, why not? Doesn’t that happen to everybody? The final game of the night was Debate Club, where the important point that voyeurism is a spectator sport was made and the best rebuttal was simply “Nerd!”

… and scene!

BYOI – Bollywood Dance Break

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20140221_202124It’s the 7:00 show of BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art, and we had Daniel, Ian, Josh, Meredith, David and Candice (BYOI’s newest! Congrats, Candice!) Our FAM was Sherri who is a per diem nurse at Rhode Island Hospital. She loves shopping, Facebook and reality TV. The first game of the night was Remake which told the story of a day in her life from multiple perspectives as the director Josh was unsatisfied with the genre and kept changing it. Remakes included “The Monster” – a parody of “The Bachelor” without an SFX budget – and a Bollywood song-and-dance spectacular!

We moved on to Serious Scene, where we learned that nothing’s official until it’s “Facebook Official.” Trolley Stop was next, and an amazing assortment of people were waiting for that trolley including cowboys, surfers, nerds, cheerleaders, nurses, vampires and even a certain large purple dinosaur that everyone knows and presumably loves! Next up was Lines From a Cup, and somebody really liked the Wizard of Oz, although we did ask why there were so many songs about rainbows (from the Muppet Movie).

Then Josh got out his guitar and it was time for The Troubadours. We found out that Awfully Fine Lad showers at work and smells really good before they all went out and had a very fine blue plate special. Rope was the next game where Josh demonstrated his fantastic ability to punch cars out of the way in a traffic jam! Timmy in the Well had president Obama being chased by zombies through a mall which Candice managed to guess correctly. We moved on to Say It Again, where we learned that cats like to order calzones and that Zen is the color of eggplant. Our final game of the night was Curtain Call. Meredith apparently really doesn’t like squirrels and Candice admitted that Canada has no beaches which is why she’s so pale.

…and scene!

BYOI – Amelia Earhart’s Holographic Harmonicas

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FAM 021614Sunday nights are the Youth Collaborative shows at the Warwick Museum of Art, and tonight was a great show! Alexia, Madeline, Emily and Allison were led by Daniel as they showcased their young talents. Allison’s dad, Eric, was the FAM. He teaches pre-algebra and is surprisingly aware of Eminem’s aliases. In FAM Pillar, Eric gave inspiration when it was required. The girls where on a pirate ship on a quest for popcorn booty and baloney got caught in the captain’s hook, which then turned into a hairbrush. It was then onto Highlander, where the ladies were panicking in Eric’s class before he showed up. One ripped her homework and realized she hadn’t answered a question with a number–she’d answered with a fish! The solution was to cover the homework with duct tape because if all answers were covered, there’d be no way to prove they were wrong! Unfortunately, bad math skills seemed to run in the family, since the bonding time in glass with grandma was getting really old. Eventually it came down to Emily and Allison, and the latter had to do the entire scene alone, and she did great!

Try That On For Size had the girls doing disco, drying hands, acting like Illuminati and rocking out at a concert before moving into Quick Scenes, where they painted themselves, touched zebras and had velociraptor kids. In Press Conference, Amelia Earhart invented the holographic harmonica. Thanks to our FAM Eric for the fun suggestion! Revolver had one of the girls turning into a cat after getting scratched, a platinum mac & cheese rap single, which should’ve been bronze instead and half shades/half mullet. After the rap inspiration, the girls knocked it out of the park with Busta Rap. The final rap battle was between Madeline and Alexia, with Alexia winning the game.

And scene!

BYOI – Groundhog Valentine’s Day

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FAM2 021414…And we’re back, for the second Valentine’s Day show at the Warwick Museum of Art. Once again we had Daniel, Paul, Alex, Josh and David on stage to entertain everyone. The show’s FAM was Kenny, who was at the show with his coworkers. He loves salsa dancing and his worst date ever was a blind date. Alex had fun when he grabbed Kenny’s phone during the interview. In FAM Centerpiece, which strangely enough was the same FAM game we played when Kenny was FAM last year, everyone just needed to get along. Dueling twins were reluctant to fight, diapers were changed and the guys were victims of bad salsa.

Lines From a Cup was a bunch of fun with help from audience member Jean. Paul was the worst cable guy ever and wanted to charge $450k to move cables, on top of making Josh and Jean take a week off from work to wait for him. We found out that Daniel Boone was a man who waited 12 hours for the bathroom and a marriage proposal had some hiccups because squirrels were distracting. Alex and audience member Rose told a story in Fortunately/Unfortunately. Gladys had a garden full of weeds and paid off the cops before she visited her husband in jail. Literate children later helped out with overpopulation. In Timmy In the Well, Daniel needed help from his faithful canine companions, Josh, David and Paul. They explained that Miley Cyrus was drowning in Jello at the Sochi Olympics.

We then  moved onto Debate Club, with the help of Rose. They debated a variety of topics, like why blind dates are bad, feeling faces shows that unsymmetrical faces are horrendous and who’s creepiest in the land of social media. The answer is Tom from Myspace. He’s always the creepiest. Josh and Alex sang during the Troubadours, while Paul, Daniel, David & Jean acted out. It started off as a journey to find friends in the rain and somehow ended with Daniel and David twerking against Paul’s legs. I promise, it wasn’t that scary–you can see the visual proof at the end of this post. Alphabet featured the cast and Rose, where grandma found date online. Xylophones were ugly, Lemony Snicket skipped previews and there was confusion about how “zebra” is actually pronounced.

In Sit, Stand & Lie Down, Josh, David and Paul were dancers on break from taking care of their kids. A penny bought meat pie & they considered a career change. Finally, the night ended in song with Curtain Call.

And scene!

Troubadours 021414

BYOI – Spilled Wine Engagement

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FAM1 021414Aaah, Valentine’s Day…a night for love and laughter at the Warwick Museum of Art! For such a special night, we had Daniel, Paul, Josh, Alex and David on hand. The FAM was Amy, who coincidentally is Alex’s mom! She loves tennis and travel and would love to see Iceland and its “ice hotel things” someday. Amy’s favorite Valentine’s Day was pretty awesome–it’s when Alex’s dad, Shaun, proposed! In FAM Pillar, Amy helped out with words as the cast spent Valentine’s Day in Iceland. Unfortunately, chivalry was dead, except with that guy who looks like Bob Hope. Along the way, we learned that Icelandic food consists of spaghetti, not guacamole. Good to know.

For Highlander, breakaway wine glasses were a great business plan for a restaurant. It meant that men would have to propose to their girlfriends because spilled wine=engagement, but how would they drink without a glass? Daniel tried to cheat by not really doing anything during the first round, but it came back to bite him, because he never got eliminated and had to perform alone. Try That On For Size had the cast, as well as audience members Linda & Rose, curling, freestyle skiing, playing lonely hopscotch and putting in dentures. The Troubadours, February’s game of the month, featured Alex and Paul singing so Daniel, Josh and David could act out their songs. They got pulled over while flying over people in traffic, got lectured by the police officer and somehow made it to work in time where they’d make (and eat!) low calorie Nickelodeon slime.

Quick Scenes was next, where the Ice Ice Hotel’s pipes bursh. The Eiffel Tower was leaning, the underwater GPS was invented and we all needed to just keep swimming. Paul was Joe Montana in Press Conference. With help from Daniel, Alex and Linda, he learned that he was presenting about his famous cat hairball collection. In Guidance Counselor, Daniel gave advice about Alex’s tic, Paul’s schizophrenia and David’s barking. From there, we moved onto something more normal, with Revolver! Rose rounded out the players on stage. They slid on frozen waves, met vegetarian zombies who just wanted grains and made up dance poems. The first show of the night ended with Busta Rap, where Josh, David and Paul were no match for Daniel.

And scene!

BYOI – New Girl and Mashed Taters

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20140209_184904Thank you everyone for participating in BYOI’s first Sunday show for 2014 at the Warwick Museum of Art! Dylan, Ally, Madeline, Alexia and Emily were led by Daniel in the exploration of what interested our FAM, Kristen. During her interview Kristen shared that she worked in the HR department for her company, her love of Greece for its blue water, that she enjoys watching New Girl, and that chicken and Jim’s mashed potatoes were the last two things she ate.

Ally, Madeline, Alexis and Emily led off the night with “helping hands” peeling potatoes for the army. It wasn’t their dream job but the army doesn’t look kindly on wasting money on spilt toothpaste. Every one had a blast with Trolley Stop, eating carrots and head banging to classical music among other things taking turns influencing the character waiting for the trolley.

Daniel introduced the crowd to the Pavlovian Response where Dylan new the giggle and OMG triggers for his partners.  All three of them led the audience through a beautiful day in the park for a picnic where potato salad was fed to the ants after a tragic spill because as Dylan pointed out, “the serious problem in this country is that ants are malnourished.”

The theme of spilt potatoes was carried into the next scene where a classic silent film was played out and remade in different genres through the ages. What started as a silent film about Jim’s mashed potatoes acted out with hand puppets, was then a thrilling horror movie with Jim the bowl of mashed potatoes tragically fell to the floor horrifying his sister. But the horror movie was not good enough and the producers chose to send Jim’s mashed potatoes back to their home planet in the final sci-fi remake.

Maddie played centerpiece in a ring around the scene game where all the comedians played in two different scenes all of which she had to remember. From no breaks due to company policy, staring wide eyed at the blue water, and studying for clown academy, our audience learned valuable lessons. Lessons like buying all your clown gear will not make you funny.

Daniel then sat in as the “kid” for Because I Said So. With the help of the audience Daniel asked our comedians the really tough questions like, why can’t I stay up and why are fish so big? The answer being because they ate their vegetables. And the truth every child knows, they have to do the dishes so that their parents don’t have to.

And Scene!

BYOI – Pita and Chowda

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FAM2 020714And we’re back for our second Friday show of the night at the Warwick Museum of Art! Meredith, Ian, Daniel, Alex and David were still here, along with auditioner Candice. The show’s FAM was Tim, who works in a group home in Connecticut. He loves to play guitar and travel–preferably to places with nice weather. FAM Remake had Tim and his partner on a romantic cruise, but she just wanted him to stop playing the guitar for once. In the suspense remake, passengers kept disappearing and the crew was very cryptic while velociraptors served drinks. That still wasn’t good enough, so it was remade again. The final version was the Peter Jackson epic fantasy with pointed-eared folks hiding in the bushes and a precious ring keeping everyone in purgatory.

Daniel then taught everyone the BYOI Pledge and it was on to Guidance Counselor! With Alex on guitar, Meredith helped Ian’s girl problems and gave advice to Candice, who had mean students. Daniel and audience member Cat were librarians who were upset about cell phones in the library and fun was had by all. Follow That Action started off with a haunted dryer at the laundromat. Along with audience member April, the cast helped Candice while she was trapped in monster land and decided to take freedom but not kilts! Press Conference was next, as Candice explained to reporters Daniel, Meredith and audience member Annalese that she, Ben Franklin, had come up with a method for melting iPods. The Troubadours had Alex and Ian singing while the cast and Cat acted out the story of Jim, who wanted to be a famous guitarist. He confronted his parents after finding out his name was really Burt and ran away from home. Math prevented him from making friends, so they left him to form a new band.

Six Pack was a blast with three pairs doing short scenes. Daniel and Ian ran out of lobster and only had clam chowder in Maine. Meredith and Alex needed a chihuahua cookie cutter and more crackers, and David and survived 27 hours of Monopoly. Daniel was the picky director in Serious Scene, while the cast and Cat were allergic to enunciation.  They needed small words–no, smaller–as they philosophized about big words. Busta Rap showed us that Alex is the most gangsta member of the cast, and the night ended with Spelling Bee. The audience learned about macaroni (It’s tasty!), broccolli (green leaves that make icky food), Connecticut (it’s a state), and hyposis…

And scene!