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BYOI – Dragons on the Merry-go-Round

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2014-03-31 09 44 56The weather was howling for the BYOI group tonight! It was an all star cast combining the first class with the second and the audience was full of energy and ready to rock. Kathy, the FAM tonight was new to the stage though not to BYOI. She works at Burger King as a manager in training and isn’t too thrilled with the online training. She’s following the story of Loulou in General Hospital who we’ll say is having trouble with friends… If she had to go save the universe, the one thing she wouldn’t be able to do without is her husband Mike, because he’s smaht.

Dylan, Rob, Allie and Emily started the show tonight portraying an episode of General Hospital, as two elderly grand parents and two grandchildren. With each end scene the cast became smaller, leaving Emily to portray all four parts and try to keep the lines the same.

Maddie, Lexi and Stasya followed up their performance with Titanic in exactly 60 seconds. Then 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 5 seconds… With Daniel providing movie critic style tips as they went and Lexi finishing each scene as Rose throwing the star of the ocean into the sea with a tear and sigh.

Kathy’s favorite musical, The Phantom of the Opera was explored next in Fortunately/Unfortunately as miraculouly the phantom lived at the end of the original and moved on with his life. Maddie and Lexi played the narrators of the tragic tale of a one legged phantom, Emily, in need of a musical organ transplant, in love with a doctor, Mary, who didn’t love her back. There were chases, betrayals, regrown limbs and love at the end.

Dylan was then brought up on charges of stealing the kings crown from the international space station with the help of John Travolta. Except he didn’t know this. Our brave police officers, Allie and Kristen, did a great job leading their witness to not only confess, but implicate his partner.

In four corners Emily ate Wonka’s dinner chewing gum and embraced the blueberry while we learned that plugging in the ethernet cable in the middle of the monitor doesn’t work out too well according to Rose. The real dragons put in Allie’s merry go round reduced the amusement to ash. And puppies painted blue while kittens are painted pink just makes them cute all over.

In their last skit our junior comedians were bowling for bananas on a deserted island somewhere near Kathy’s vacation spot, Jamaica. The cost was five dollars to bowl and even the queen had to pay.

And Scene!

BYOI – Reform School Slumber Party

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20140328_221735Time for the 9:00 show of BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art! Tonight our cast included Daniel, David, Alex and Amy. The FAM was Linda who used to be a breakfast cook but is now a special education teacher. A typical day includes walking her dogs and spending money on college tuition and books. Our first game of the night was Try That On For Size, where we not only saw test-driving coffins, but also that searching for Narnia looks suspiciously like parting the Red Sea.

Quick Scenes was next and – oh, no! – Hansel & Gretel are diabetic. We moved on to Say It Again, where we saw the state college tuition get all the way up to donkey! (Yes, you read that right.) That was followed by Movie Critics where we saw a movie that featured ex-Siamese twins Mario & Luigi and learned more than we wanted to know about Luigi’s solo romance. Next up was Sit, Stand & Lie Down which informed us that sleep is such a waste of time; plus that blue sounds like snow only colder.

Madam Zelda paid us a visit next and she saw that Alex’s future contained his pants falling down to reveal boxers with gingerbread men on them, finding a baby t-rex at the mall, and becoming president of the moon. Lucky Alex! Then we played Meanwhile, and it turned out that the tourists only came to see the baklava. Finally, we had our Spelling Bee, and we learned that Baker is spelled with a silent Q.

…and scene!

BYOI – Blue Kangaroos are Dead

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20140328_202219It’s 7:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means time for BYOI’s family-friendly show! Tonight our cast was Daniel, David, Alex and Amy and our FAM was Dana. Dana goes to school and works at her school’s general store when she’s not studying molecular biology and marketing. She likes Australia and Game of Thrones (and hopes the Mother of Dragons doesn’t die). Our first game of the night was Famlander, where Dana’s mother gave her the best advice for going to Australia – “Don’t get killed.”

Up next was Catch Phrase, where our audience volunteer could only say “Stop thief!” and “Why?” while Alex could only say “Shut up and listen” and “Can I help you?” We learned all about clay falling off the back of the truck and that in this school system, you buy your grades. That was followed by The Quickest Minute, which featured the story of the life of Winnie the Pooh – even though he never actually appeared, since it was only Tigger and two Eeyores.

Sing It! was next, where we learned that warthog bacon is the worst, apparently. Then it was time for Fortunately/Unfortunately where the monster that became a marketing agent told us that a dozen donuts will get you out of any situation. Good Cop/Bad Cop came next, where it was up to Amy to guess that she had stolen a school bus full of kids in Compton with Dolly Parton as her accomplice. The new slogan for Hula Hoops featured in our next game Back In My Day was “Spin your hips and get a red A on your chest.”

Revolver came next, which featured alligators at the general store and taught us a valuable lesson about how well electronics and water go together – they don’t! Finally, there was Curtain Call which featured made up words tonight and saw a drive to the park in a frindle… whatever that is!

…and scene!

BYOI – Swimming With Minnows

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FAM 032314Youth Collective night was once again at the Warwick Museum of Art, and it was special because it was the last time our first group would perform before the second group joins them! Tonight, Allison, Madeline, Alexia, Dylan and Emily were led by Josh. Our FAM was Alissa, who is a program manager in Boston. She trains medical professionals and loves her hours but the paperwork leaves room to be desired. Alissa likes “Breaking Bad” and “Modern Family” and would like to visit the Caribbean, which I’m sure everyone would agree to since we’re sick of the cold! Josh and Alissa then wrote a story in FAM Typewriter, entitled “Dreaming of the Sun.” Alissa wanted to go to a maybe nice restaurant with her husband in Aruba and unknowingly started a minnow uprising.

Alphabet featured an injured leg, ham sale, and ice cream! Remake started off as a paperwork horror show with a papercut. It was messy and the ghost of the sliced finger appeared. The cursed paper meant its victim would never stop cutting himself on it. The first remake was the slapstick version, while the Disney version featured skipping and birds chasing away a mean old lady. Centerpiece was next, with Emily in the middle. A daycare worker was allergic to babies and sued her employer, we took  a stroll through the park, we saw 3D pottery and 7 sold out by turning into 8!

In World’s Worst, the teens brought up the worst toothbrush, pancake and hip hop. Later, in Excuses, Excuses, Madeline was late to work because of a car accident, a dog beating kids up and the engine falling out of her car. The last game of the night was Serious Scene, where nothing was on TV but cats because it was Caturday! The dog ate colorful salad and everyone was color blind.

Don’t forget to join us next Sunday as the second teen group joins the first!

And scene!

BYOI – I’m Gary, Indiana (Paul’s Last Show)

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FAM2 032114We’re back for the second show of the night at the Warwick Museum of Art. This was a special show, because it was Paul’s last show with us, so he was joined by Daniel, Alex and Candice. Since Paul was leaving us, he was the FAM! Paul works in computer network security and in his free time, he produces a webshow called “NewsUndies.” He loves road trips and kayaking or just hanging out with his wonderful girlfriend, Kim, and while he gave “Jaws” a thumbs up, the same couldn’t be said for “Star Trek 5.” Paul’s been with BYOI for almost 3 years and is so dedicated that even when he broke a rib during a show, he kept performing. The cast then sang the FAM Welcome Song to Paul, which was fun when part of the song was him singing to himself.

The first game on the agenda was Trolley Stop, which had sharks, texters and sad Paul fans. Revolver had the cast with audience member Mary. We went sand kayaking in Texas to get scorpion pizza, Pegasus went on a journey with other consellations and Paul tried to come up with a fake identity. Gordon played Highlander with Candice, Daniel and Alex, where a cook was practicing with imaginary food and pans, while a chicken laid eggs directly in a pan. Alex ended up being the audience favorite with each round.

Good Cop/Bad Cop had Paul interrogated by Alex and Daniel, where he finally confessed to the heinous crime of letting his dog stick it head out of the car window at Home Depot with Ronald McDonald. In Lines From a Cup, we had enough lines for two rounds! In round 1, Paul and Candice were joined by audience member Justin. The hat could go, but not the mama. They had all the Nintendo accessories and would put peanut butter on everything. In round 2, Alex and Daniel were joined by audience member Mary. They gave Rocky Balboa a pep talk so he could knock you out like evolution! Thanks to everyone for the fun lines and the Paul-isms we had scattered throughout the game!

Meanwhile had bad hip dancing at the preschool dance club, and table 7 was hungry!! Luckily, there was a good dinner place to go to: GeorgeGregAlbert’s. The final game of the night was Sing It! Instead of giving the bell to our FAM Paul, we gave it to his girlfriend, Kim! There was no exit from Dell, the number 7 kept trying to escape, Bill Gates was a man with a plan and there was much admiration of Alex’s behind.

Paul, we love you and we’ll miss you!

And scene!

FAM w/cast 032114

BYOI – Honest Ashley

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FAM1 032114BYOI once again had a great night at the Warwick Museum of Art! Tonight, we had Paul, Alex, Daniel, David and Candice on stage for the family friendly first show of the night. Ashley was the FAM, and she’s a waitress at Paragon. Her boyfriend, Hector, described her as honest, which is always a good thing! Ashley loves to dance, especially to R&B and hip hop music, and wants to visit Spain someday. Also, next week is her birthday, so happy early birthday! In FAM Typewriter, Ashley helped write the story of her life. It started in a messy dorm room at RIC during finals week. The door got lost in the messiness and suddenly Ashley’s roommate popped up after being trapped. The finals week moved to the 1920’s somehow, and then moved to the 1960’s so it could be “Mad Men” style. The decision was made to go to Spain and a chip in the wall opened up into a club.

In Alphabet, the cast was joined by Gordon and audience member Leah. The library didn’t have a polycentric trigonometry book in, boxed goat meat was delivered because of the increasing price of ice and they ate heavy yoga mat tortillas. Also, an important question was asked: Why can’t we be in Kansas?! In The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, audience members Hector, Catie and Mariah gave different pieces of advice about how to deal with smelly shoes, how to survive standardized testing and how to deal with shipping costs. One of them may have mentioned grenades as an option. Remake had the cast plus audience member Annakiya redoing the story of Pocahontas. They started with a western where Pocahontas’ dad challenged John Smith to a duel and Pocahontas couldn’t sing so her father gave her away. It was then redone as a pirate adventure, where Scottish kings had wretched giggle disease. Finally, it was redone as a horror, where conversations were had over chainsaws and Pocahontas wanted to open a casino.

Centerpiece was next, with Paul as the center, doing scenes with Alex, Daniel, David and Catie. We learned that Casey Kasem is too old for Alex, and there was confusion about what type of kale there was. Was it Portuguese? Or Australian? Or Brazilian? It ended up being all of them to make an international soup. World’s Worst featured the worst time period, boyfriend, seafood (aka chicken!) and dancer. Follow That Action started off with an ironic hipster waiter refusing everything. He stapled a customer to the bar, stole chairs from the fancy McDonald’s and poor Ashley got soup to the face. David was late to work in Excuses, Excuses. He had good reasons though, thanks to his helpful coworkers Candice, Paul and Mariah. His day started off sad because his cat was run over, but then his wife had a baby, and he witness an alien deerbra landing in the yard. The night ended with Serious Scene, with help once again from Mariah and Leah. The scene centered around a drooly lost puppy, who couldn’t be replaced by a thirsty tricycle puppy.

And scene!

FAM w/cast 032114

BYOI – Dad Burgers!

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20140319_100819Just a few minutes later and a few hundred more kids to help take a break from the MCAS! This time Emily was our FAM!  Emily is reading a book called Elixir and loves Science and stuff.  Once again Highlander started us off, and even though Emily had a slow start, the crowd picked her to serve Dad Burgers and sit on strike at the Burger Stand.

Pillars gave us a Candyland Adventure with dancing and elephants. Alex got in trouble in Good Cop, Bad Cop when he was talking in the Principal’s office with Gandhi. Trolley Stop gave us ultimate and painful mimicking. In Action Figures the dishes were done by more dancing.  And finally in Spelling Bee we found out that the definition of shrubbery has “shrubs” in it.

Thank you very much for having us Norton Middle School!

And scene!

BYOI – Undead Fried Biscuits!

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20140319_090359BYOI dropping in again this Year to the Norton Middle School to help them take a break during their MCAS tests this week. Our first of two shows had our FAM Arianna who loves the Walking Dead and hates graphing non – liner equations.  So the cast of Josh, Alex and Myself worked with Arianna in a game of Highlander where in the end it was Arianna having to do a scene about deep fried biscuits killing her zombie son because it was not part of a healthy test breakfast all by herself.

Next up was Pillars where Alligators and Hippsters could be held in the garden with fences and bananas.  Josh guessed that he was riding a bicycle without a helmet in the gym closet with Alexander the Great in Good Cop, Bad Cop.  Trolley Stop saw dry snacks, found out what’s up and Josh literally giggled like a schoolgirl.  Action Figures showed us that washing machines are huge and work when you punch them. And finally, Spelling Bee taught us that “um” and “Batman signal” are letters and that all animals with claws are cats.

Next is show number 2!

And scene!

BYOI – Husband Witch

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FAM 031614Sundays are Youth Collective night at the Warwick Museum of Art, and we’re in the final month of the first group of kids. Tonight we had Alexia, Madeline, Emily, Allison and Dylan on stage. The night’s FAM was Kim, who loves history and geneology. She found out that her husband is a descendant of a witch from the Salem Witch Trials, which sounds fun. When she’s not playing with her son, Kim is reading and dreaming of visiting England.

First up, the cast gave Kim the almighty bell for FAM Sing IT! They sang about how sliding is fantastic, their favorite fedora (although fedoras aren’t allowed at the mall) and no headbands at school. In Action Figures, two audience members came up to help out. There was courting in the park, a witch that could fly like a bird–and do a pirouette in the sky–and a business deal marriage.

In Questions, blood tasted bad and teeth were on the floor. It was less gory in Catch Phrase, where someone was going to be injured and homework needed to be done. Dylan had the hard job of leading a support group for women with husband witches, or warlocks, depending on who you ask. Emily had to sell products in Everything Emporium! She successfully sold singing gum, Dr. Pepper flavored duct tape and a q-tip that gave the power of flying.

Do Run featured the cast singing about a pet knight who was sick and scary big pears. The night ended with a doomed ghost romance in Highlander. Twilight was creepy and they wondered if a cat could join the ghost clan. Emily, Allison and Madeline were the lucky ones voted off, so Alexia performed the fourth time alone.

And scene!

BYOI – Dr. Jellyfish!

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FAM2 031414And we’re back, for part two of our night at the Warwick Museum of Art! Paul, Josh, Meredith, David and Candice were still on hand to make everyone laugh. This show’s FAM was Rebecca, who is a grad student. She’s currently studying jellyfish and their life cycles. Sadly, being a grad student means she doesn’t really have any free time, but thankfully, her boyfriend Jake was able to bring her to the show. FAMlander had congealed pasta and a jellyfish net, and “You look like Carrie Fisher!” Josh was the last one standing and therefore had to perform alone.

In Quickest Minute, the cast bought cakes to celebrate Pi Day but decided FAM Rebecca wasn’t amused. In the end, they gave out sea urchins. Remake had the cast and audience members Amy and Jake in the scifi bird movie, “Jesuits in Outer Space” because in space, no one can hear you preach and they ran out of oxygen for using too much air. The slapstick version needed pie to be saved and Candice did the Chicken Dance across the stage. Finally, the Disney musical featured the wedding of people who just met and know nothing about one another. Yay!

Helping Hands featured lots of selfies before we moved onto Excuses, Excuses. Paul was late for work because his windshield shattered before exploding and then he was attacked by honey badgers! Next up was Centerpiece, with help from audience members Linda and Rose. A Happy Meal turned into an Alarming Meal with the addition of a bear trap, Paul’s windshield went through the space/time co and an old witch offered a spa complete with spices for marinating! Irish Song was next to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, so the cast sang about math and mead.

Lines From a Cup had a ton of great lines from our audience! Candice, David and Amy lamented about the life and death of Andy Warhol and talked to dolphins before meeting up with Paul at the Douglas Adams convention. What happened there? The Time Warp, of course! The night ended with Josh as the director of Serious Scene. The cast studied jellyfish and came up with tons of things to do with them. Ultimately they realized that jellyfish are handicapped since they don’t have eyes, but that made them interesting, fascinating, indeedly!

And scene!