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BYOI – Steel is an Upcoming Project

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20140425_2210379:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and you know what that means! That’s right it’s BYOI! Tonight we have Alex, Amy, Candice, Daniel and Ian and our FAM was Casey. Casey is an IT engineer who likes mountain biking, Egypt and monkeys. Our first game of the night was Movie Critics and our fearless cast re-created scenes from the exciting new film “Atlas Shrugged” which is actually not what you think – it’s all about slacker Greeks with too many abs and Spartans who don’t train to defend against attacks by puppies.

Next up we played Fortunately/Unfortunately where we saw a blender chop someone’s hands off but it was okay because Michael Phelps gave swimming lessons. The Quickest Minute came next and our intrepid cast (plus audience volunteer) re-created the classic story of Aladdin (featuring tiger-monkeys) in 60 seconds, 30 seconds, 10 seconds and finally 5 seconds! This was followed by Chainsaw in which a shipbuilder became a Native American guide, a pizza parlor became a circus, and a Rubik’s cube became a cell phone.

Then we played Ventriloquism where we found that GI Joe 2 just threw the script out and did the story of King Arthur instead. Plus, lifting your left leg may make you pregnant! This was followed by Story, Story, Die where it was revealed that aliens made the pyramids out of glass. Next up was Six Pack where we discovered that watering cucumber plants with vinegar does not actually make them grow as pickles. Our last game of the night (aw!) was Do Run – which featured green monkey who drives a Prius.

…and scene!

BYOI – Mom Forgot the Goat Spray

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20140425_200651It’s 7:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means it’s time for BYOI’s family friendly show! Tonight we had Alex, Amy, Candice, Daniel and Ian and our Featured Audience Member was Bob. Bob loves cooking critters and skiing in the Alps. He has 2 daughters – one dancer and one actor – and would be a capybara if he could be any animal. We started off the night with Do Run, where he heard all about how Bob’s wife hides his cooking utensils in a nook and his shortage of pencils – but at least he makes mean fritters!

Our next game was Action Figures which featured the hot new cooking show “Cooking with Critters,” where we learned the valuable lesson that you should always look at the grill before turning it on! After that we played Pillars where we saw a zebra-striped wedding dress and heard all about Amy’s yodeling song about oatmeal. This was followed by Pavlovian Response where Candice had to jump whenever she heard the word “the,” Bob had to yell “help!” whenever anyone put their hands on their hips, and Alex to sing in a falsetto whenever anyone’s feet left the floor!

Ventriloquism came next and we saw a dad that never learned to hug but would pick up a splintery broom for you, but also learned that if you didn’t breathe then you wouldn’t have to clean. Famous Last Words was up next where we saw capybaras take a trip through the fire swamp, Miley say goodbye to Disney, and golf balls go clubbing. Then we had Highlander which featured a special 2-for-1 deal on honeymoons from Groupon, fishes love thumbs, and the dreaded underwater capybara. Our last game of the night was Debate Club which was all about acting vs. dancing.

…and scene!

BYOI – Cat Pants

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20140418_221442Get ready for BYOI at the Warwick Museum of Art at 9:00! Tonight featured Daniel, Josh, Amy, Candice, David and Ian. Our Featured Audience Member was Tommy who likes basketball, Game of Thrones (although he does love to hate Joffrey – but who doesn’t?), the North Pole and the Sopranos.

First up, we played Growing & Shrinking Machine which featured a semi-organized mob and an Elvish impersonator (yes, you read that right).  Follow that Action came next which featured severe abdominal papercuts and a really low field hockey budget. This was followed by The Good, the Bad & the Ugly where much amusing advice was given!

Next up we played the Dating Game where the contestants were a moose hoarder, a fantasy writer and every character from the Wizard of Oz! This was followed by Ventriloquism where we saw that king Joffrey makes too much dirty laundry and that he likes to store his slain enemies on the shelf.

This was followed by Spelling Bee which featured such innovative topics as a kangaroo with seven pouches and that baddabing = fuggedaboutit (who knew?) Sing It! came next where we met the North Pole basketball league (see how the FAM’s interests get worked into the show?). Our last game of the night was Debate Club which focused almost entirely on the topic of the theater.

…and scene!

BYOI – Squirrel-flavored Ice Cream

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20140418_201308It’s 7:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means it’s time for BYOI’s family friendly show! Tonight we had Daniel, Josh, Amy, Candice, David and Ian and our Featured Audience Member was Ethan! Ethan is a 4th-grader who loves gym but hates math and lives with his parents, cats and annoying brothers. Our first game of the night was A Day in the Life of Ethan where the cat ate his homework but he was still a double pancake stack of awesomeness! This was followed by What Are You Doing? which featured such activities as ironing pants while still wearing them, dentistry on alligators and tap-dancing seals on the moon.

Movie Critics came next and featured the world-renowned documentary on toilet eating where we met the #1 toilet eating champion in all of Virginia. Up next was Busta Rap where we learned about the new fast food craze of “rat for your cat”. This was followed by Ventriloquism which featured the loveliest snack bar in the airport.

In Party Quirks, we saw such varied people as someone who was stuck in The Lord of the Rings, someone who was afraid of lawnmowers, and someone who hated the band “One Direction” so much that they formed their own band known as “The Other Direction”. Helping Hands came next where we saw our fearless video game testers crushing soda and eating cheese. Our last game of the night was Curtain Call where we found out that Josh really likes egg-flavored candy.

…and scene!

BYOI – The Mascara Incident

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FAM2 041814Now that the kids all went home, it was time for the late night show at the Warwick Museum of Art! We once again had Alex, Daniel, David, Amy and Josh on hand. Sorry Josh for starting the show while you were occupied!! This time the FAM was Leah, who’s an oncology nurse navigator. She explained what exactly that means, which I’ll just translate into “superhero” because she’s just awesome. Leah came to the show with her husband Joe, and they like hiking. Leah was the consistent person for all of the scenes in FAM Centerpiece. Amy and Alex were going to a wedding that was clothes optional because the maid of honor didn’t want to get stuck in an awful dress, while Daniel and Josh were spies at the train station. Josh and Amy were bored by mainstream auditions, and in the final grouping, Alex was scared by Daniel’s cowardly lion.

Meanwhile, there was a hyper assistant and foot problems in…Meanwhile. Try That On For Size featured help from audience members Chrisy, Lexi and Marissa. They played with silly putty, did water polo the wrong way and seasoned fish! Ventriloquism, the game of the month, was next, with David, Josh and Alex voicing one another. The scene centered around a kid playing with makeup and concern over where Josh’s hair went. New Born had Daniel and audience member Michaela as Payless Shoes and Joseph Stalin, the proud new parents of baby Mighty Mouse.

Next up was Blank Walks Into a Bar, where the needle said, “I’ve got my eye on you.” We also heard what happens when a pen, bear or bandage walk in. This was followed by Growing and Shrinking Machine, with freaky birds, Daniel in leather for a heavy metal video and the lesson that bears are people too! The night ended with Busta Rap, with the cast rapping to the death! David, Josh and Amy were no match for rap master Daniel.

And scene!

BYOI – Jump Around!

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FAM1 041114Holy fun night of BYOI, Batman! We had a VERY energetic show at the Warwick Museum of Art and I hope everyone had as much fun as we did! Josh, Daniel, Alex, David and Amy were the castmembers who played for an almost sellout crowd!

First off, we had to pick a FAM! Casey is a 3rd grader who loves music class but doesn’t like library because it’s too quiet. She loved the film “Pitch Perfect” and recently went to Disney and Pennsylvania! Casey loves Cinderella and begrudgingly described her brother, Connor, as funny.

In FAM Greatest Hits, Josh and Casey hosted an infomercial as David, Alex, Amy and Daniel sang songs about Casey’s life. Hits included songs about Connor, being loud and dribbling a basketball. Up next was Action Figures, where Josh and Alex were moved by audience members Ashley and Kim. They were excitedly cleaning a desk, but Alex was moving slow after a big lunch. Meanwhile, Josh didn’t want to look at anything, which of course made Alex demand that he look at it!

Tableau had the cast and audience members Connor and Emmie creating still scenes for everyone. They made a library, hockey ring (with abused Plexiglas), Disney movie scene and an inventor’s laborabtory (with a coil that goes “zzzzzst” and a notebook of extensive notes). The game of the month, Ventriloquism, was next, with Josh, Amy and Alex wanting to be helpful while making a snowman.

Slogans had audience members Cayden, Eli, Christy and Beckett joining the cast in line. Some favorite slogans included “Cinderella: here’s my glass slipper so call me maybe,” “Lincoln Logs: probably named after a President,” and “iPod: now without Flappy Bird.” In Short Cuts, the cast played with audience members Rose and Ella as they looked for Easter. Later, an arm got stuck in the microwave, no one wanted jelly Munchkins and a turtle was really a tortoise.

Chainsaw had audience members Jessi and Sawyer playing. Alex started off as a dentist in a dumpster with a chicken swatter, but ended with Daniel as Doctor Evil above a trap door that has buttons with a chicken egg. The night ended with Curtain Call, where the cast sang about teaching music, marching band, good movies and meeting Casey on vacation.

And scene!

041114 family audience

BYOI – Indoor Sandbox

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FAM2 040414And we’re back for BYOI’s late show at the Warwick Museum of Art! Once again, Alex, Daniel and Meredith were joined by auditioner Amy for a great show. This show’s FAM was Mary Beth, who is the wife of the prior show’s FAM! Yay, we had a super FAM night!

Mary Beth is a camp nurse who loves the Red Sox. Like her husband, she likes traveling and will someday visit Ireland, land of her ancestors! The cast sang about Mary Beth, Steve and their dog, Bonnie, in FAM Do Run.

Mary Beth was brave enough to join the cast for What Are You Doing. So, what were they doing? Making the biggest picture, calling mom, salsa dancing in salsa and feeding the dog the homework.

In Sports Commentator, Alex and audience member Steve hosted the International Vacuuming Championship. Meredith and Amy were the competitors who encountered Crimean dust. Ventriloquism was next, where the new invention, Yooooooooo-something tasted like mold.

This was followed by Rope, with a talented hamster and the Karate Kid! Timmy in the Well had Amy trying to figure out that Moses found his twin on another Earth. Thankfully she had the help in dog form through Meredith, Alex and audience member Karessa.

The night ended with the cast and audience members Steve, Karessa and Brittany having a rap battle in Busta Rap! After rapping about a variety Eventually it came down to auditioner–and future castmember (although she didn’t know it yet!)–Amy taking the crown.

And scene!

BYOI – Improper Japanese

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FAM1 040414Friday night is BYOI time at the Warwick Museum of Art, and we started the night off with our family friendly show! Tonight we had Meredith, Alex and Daniel joined by auditioner Amy.

The first thing we did was pick Steve as the FAM! He’s a project manager at a local health care company and enjoys kayaking, traveling and spending time at the beach. What is one thing Steve doesn’t like? Zombies. That makes me sad.

After serenading Steve in the Welcome Song, we moved right into Lines From a Cup. Alex, Meredith and audience member Beckett didn’t like lions, tigers and bears in the dog park, so a dog chose her new owner.

Trolley Stop featured chickens, robot spies and unprepared students as audience members Beckett and Mary Beth joined the line with the cast. From there, it was on to Ventriloquism, the April Game of the Month! Meredith and Amy were joined by audience member Kendall for a scene with a twist–they had to voice each other while controlling their own actions. Their scene had a wonderful queen, phantom voices and a revolution.

In Marriage Counselor, Daniel and audience member Beckett needed a therapist to deal with Beckett’s habitual socks on the floor, Daniel never being able to eat in peace and the different temperatures in the house.

Because I Said So had the cast, along with audience members John and Phil, educating us about a variety things like seedless bananas, heavy heads, fear of swords and niceties. Freeze Tag was next, with audience members Emmie and Kendall helping out. They painted around Banksy, rescued Old Zealand and started a zombie musical.

Some would say the night ended in an educational way with Spelling Bee. The cast and audience members Kendall, Emmie and Beckett had fun spelling and defining words such as wall, Rembrandt and extravaganza. As always, it was sometimes correct and sometimes…not. For example, peace means peacefulness broken hippie dreams love and extravaganza is silliness shark loose party time. Obviously!

And scene!