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BYOI – The Dancing Prince

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FAM2 072514We’re back for the 9pm show at the Warwick Museum of Art, this time with Daniel, Josh, Ian and Amy. We had our second regular of the night, Nidal, earn his shirt! Of course Nidal had to be the FAM to celebrate filling his card. By day, Nidal sells storage units, but during his down time, he’s an amateur magician. He’s also in charge of a group of people who play games & find fun things to do…like coming to BYOI. One of Nidal’s friends described him as sarcastic, and his description of his family and friends was the inspiration for FAM Day In the Life. The game had an allergic friend wanting an eggless meatless omelette and Nidal’s brother painting an empty room.

In Sit, Stand and Lie Down, Amy, Ian and audience member Alexandria needed to clean up before their room was inspected. Daniel, Ian and audience member Nicole then needed to help Josh in Timmy in the Well. He neded to know that a girl celebrating her 16th birthday had a heart attack in the McDonalds drive thru. How sad! Next up we took a trip to the Trolley Stop, where the cast and Alexandria made fun characters like hit women, tech support gurus and samurai.

Pillars was next, with audience members Mikayla and Ben helping out with words when needed. Caffeine couldn’t make a kid tall because he had too much peanut butter and ice cream. His parents wanted to move to Nigeria, once they sent money to Prince Nidal to get millions back. The game of the month, Jep-Parody followed this, with Ben, Rose and Alexandria helping out. My favorite lesson from this game is that boat is not something you ride the ocean in…it’s actually two people from Johnston. In Short Cutz, listening to Siri didn’t end well, and we followed the Three Wise Men. The night ended with Spelling Bee, where a bunch of people wanted to join in! The cast and Gordon were joined by audience members Alexandria, Mikayla, Alex and Rose, where they attempted to spell words like dad, allergic, silence and sarcastic.

And scene!


BYOI – Generally Competent

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FAM1 072514We had TWO people earn their BYOI shirts tonight! The first one was during our family friendly show, with Daniel, Ian, Josh, David and Amy. So how do you earn a shirt? Easy! Fill your card that Gordon or I stamp at the door, and you get a shirt and become automatic FAM for the show. Rose was our first person for the night. You all know and love Rose and the pink in her hair. She’s part of the BYOI Youth Collective and wants to be a marketing psychologist someday. After the interview, the cast serenaded Rose during FAM Do Run.

The show started off with Quickest Minute, where Josh, Ian and David reenacted the lost Disney classic, “The Fox and the Hound” in 60 seconds. Amy then made them redo it in 30 seconds, then in 15 seconds–in song–and finally, in 7 1/2 seconds. From there, we moved on the Catch Phrase, with Emily from the Youth Collective joining in. Amy and Emily had a blast nagging David because it wan’t time for dinner yet, and they wanted to know why. Next, Daniel had some friends over in Party Quirks. They had Fanta and listened to NPR! Josh had a quail plume transplanted on his head, David was a non-existant woodland creature and audience member Alexandria was an Irish golf course.

The cast was joined by audience member Hannah for Movie Critics, with Josh and Gordon narrating the story of “The Caramel Typewriter Pizza”…which was a love story/horror/comedy. Caramel brought stickiness and joy to life and a shark lawyer tried to steal her typewriter back from someone by offering the whole 3.14159%. There were geographical terms of endearment & an offer of garlic atop the Eiffel Tower at the end. Next up was Jep-Parody, with help from audience members Alexandria, Cat and Leia, as well as BYOI alum Corey (and his son, Leo)! Yay Corey and Leo!! They all taught us that a spatula is something that makes you flip and an egg beater is a crime that puts you in egg prison. Obviously. We then moved on to Freeze Tag. The cast was joined by audience members Kyle and Carolyn, and we met the worst bodyguard ever. There was a hole in the ground that hadn’t been blessed by a gopher and Etch-a-Sketch art.

The final game was Story, Story, Die! The cast along with audience members Tom, Hannah and our FAM Rose explained how Tom Bombadil got a job. With the search for the ring on hold, he wanted to become a tiger tamer. He captured a lion in the woods, stopped being a pizza guy and started a TV cooking show before finally becoming a fictional character that no longer exists. Surprisingly, the cast members were knocked out first, while Tom finished off the story…of Tom.

And scene!

BYOI – Going Coconuts!

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20140725_184911It’s 6pm and our Youth Collective show is on! Our cast tonight is Ally, Dylan, Alexia, Emily and Rose. And our FAM tonight is Rena who loves the Lion King, works at an elementary school and needs her phone every day. So we begin with the Growing and Shrinking Machine where people are going coconuts and watch out for the finger.

In Action Figures we found the most uncomfortable chair used by cats. Then in Chainsaw, an Oceanographer, in Ireland with a bowling ball became a clown in the Atlantic with a cat. Back in My Day recently thin people’s floppy arms can help you fly and we didn’t need encouragement to “let it go!” Next up is Two Headed Monster the Lion Tamer needed to know the difference between lions and monkeys. In Debate Club we learned that playgrounds are made of plastic and blood cells like to party!

And scene!

BYOI is having auditions!

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It is that time a year again for BYOI’s annual auditions. As BYOI grows and evolves, we are always looking for new talent. This year we are looking for two new members to round out this cast.

Bring Your Own Improv is an established improv show that has performed over 500 shows all across New England. We are a short for improv show (similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway) that takes it a step above the rest and welcomes audience members up on stage to perform with us.

This year’s auditions will be held Friday August 1st and 8th at 5:30pm at the Warwick Museum of Art at 3259 Post Road in Warwick, RI. After the auditions, you are encouraged to stay for that night’s shows. Attendance at the audition will give you a free ticket to that night’s shows. Make sure to be on time and dress to move.

We are looking for two performers who can commit to the following:
Are at least 18 years of age
Can pass a Rhode Island Background Check
Works well with children
Be silly when needed
Commit to two Friday nights per month
Have reliable transportation and arrive to things on time
Brings no drama or ego

Please contact us via email to let us know you will be attending.

See you soon!

BYOI – Pudding is the New Black

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20140718_220529It’s 9:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means BYOI! Tonight we had Daniel, Alex, David, Ian, and Josh and our Featured Audience Member was Jay. He works driving computers at an abrasive manufacturing company – or at least that’s what he told us – and likes London and the film The Usual Suspects. Our first game of the night was Centerpiece where we learned that sandpaper works best when you put the rough side down. Next up was Serious Scene which was about getting rich by writing computer code.

Then we played Press Conference which showcased Nelson Mandela showing off his new invention – the mechanical plunger. This was followed by Quickest Minute where we saw that Alex’s other mom went on Maury to prove his parentage and that dad got the Legos out of the Goodwill box. Next up was Movie Critics where our critics reviewed the new film “Jail Pudding” which featured prisoner 8675309 going to Hooters on a Monday afternoon.

This was followed by our Game of the Month, Jeo-Parody, where we saw such answers as Kanye West, the Bahamas, soccer, and the Great Gatsby. Then we played Say It Again which was all about art – including foot odor art, baby budgerigars in your mouth, and the question of whether or not you can understand things with a chainsaw in your face. Our last game of the night was Story, Story, Die which was about Oedipus in the Bahamas and featured such deaths as Bahaman bricks, singing crabs, poisonous sea urchin apple turnovers, and crusty pudding.

…and scene!

BYOI – Pretty Princess Shoes

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20140718_200544It’s 7:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means time for BYOI’s family-friendly show! Tonight we had Daniel, David, Alex, Josh, and Ian and our Featured Audience Member was Lisa. She’s a school psychologist who likes Tibet, late night TV, and playing with her kids. Our first game of the night was Day in the Life which asked the deep philosophical question “Do you contemplate oceans?” Then we played The Good, The Bad and The Ugly which featured advice on what to do when your shoe is untied, you can’t breathe, how to be funny, and how to deal with a bully.

Our next game was New Born which saw the happy couple of the world’s largest ball of twine and Rebecca Black welcoming their new baby the Geico gecko. Then we played Alphabet where we learned that X-rays show that Alex’s body can’t handle Austria. This was followed by our Game of the Month, Jep-Parody, which saw such answers as sweet, New Mexico, Tibet and Jimmy Fallon.

Then we played Meanwhile where we learned the deep truth “I just wanted to grow a beard!” Next up was Fortunately/Unfortunately which was all about princess Jasmine and the healers with their wise ways, except the problem was that no one could speak the language. Our last game of the night was Sing It! which took place in an old folks’ home run by gnomes.

…and scene!

BYOI – 100 Parrots per Box

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20140718_185129It’s 6:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means time for BYOI’s Youth Collaborative show! Tonight we have Rose, Dylan, Rob and Emily and our Featured Audience Member was Jon. He likes ping-pong, dogs, playing with his kids, and kayaking and if he could be any animal, he would be a sloth. Our first game was Revolver where we learned about such things as sailing pants, a milk charger, the ping-pong champion of the school, and deforestation.

Next up was Tableau where we saw a crooked farmer’s tool. Then we played Marriage Counselor which featured someone obsessed with bottle caps, their spouse who ate Play-Doh, and their mutual problem – a house made of vegetables. This was followed by World’s Worst which saw the world’s worst examples of kayaking, weather, pants, and things to have stuck in your ear. Next was Follow That Action where we saw parrot sunglasses and a duck on tape. Our last game of the night was Busta Rap where our players had to find rhymes for play, dog, and of course Jon.

…and scene!

BYOI – Rotten Chicken in the Boys Laundry

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20140714_200914BYOI is at Brown University tonight with 200 summer camp students from around the world and their counselors! One of those counselors was Marina and she was the FAM for our show with Alex, David, Candice and Myself!

We began the night’s performance with a FAM Reunion where we saw what happens to the laundry when Marina is leading the charge. Her evil minions found a way to get even with the boys! Next up in Pillars, an ice pie with liquid Helium and Nitrogen always tastes great! In one of the hardest Timmy in the Wells, found Madame de Pompadour, exfoliating at the Great Wall of China. Trolley Stop gave us a singing pair of stop goers and Acton Figures made splits the new way to walk. We rounded it out with a game of Curtain Call and sang our way from Sam to the FAM.

Thanks to the folks at Brown for having us!


And Scene!

BYOI – Rubber Biscuits Make Good Water Wings

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It’s 9:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means BYOI! Tonight we’ve got Daniel, Meredith, Amy and Alex and our Featured Audience Member was Rose. She’s a student – about to be a freshman! – who likes paintball, renaissance festivals, and tigers. Our first game of the night was Welcome Song. This was followed by What Are You Doing? where we saw such diverse activities as fixing the car in a snowstorm, performing the chicken dance as an actual chicken, and making friends with otters.

Next up was The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly where we saw advice given on such topics as keeping a tiger as a pet, staying in a hostel, and freshman breakups. Then we played Meanwhile where we saw that times were hard in the paintball slum and learned that you can rent out a uterus as an apartment. This was followed by our newest Game of the Month, Jep-Parody which saw such answers as lasagna, s’mores, new cars and freshmen.

Then we played Remake which saw the story of Disney’s Atlantis (told with otters) re-made in such genres as a chick flick, romantic horror, and a foreign film – in “Thailandese”. Next up was Pavlovian Response which saw one person who had to scratch their butt whenever they heard the word “anyhow”, another which had to shout “rubber biscuit!” when someone touched their hair, and someone who had to stand on one leg whenever anyone had their hands by their sides. Our last game of the night was Sing It! which told the story of “pimping out” a 5-star hotel.

…and scene!

BYOI – A Bald Joke Every 31 Minutes

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It’s 7:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means it’s time for BYOI’s family-friendly show! Tonight we had Daniel, Dave, Alex, Amy and Meredith and our Featured Audience Member was Wendy. She’s a legal assistant who likes Big Bang Theory, watermelon and Bora Bora who came with her husband Kevin. Our first game of the night was FAM Centerpiece whose topics included seedless watermelon (“still not yellow”), honeymoon in Maine (“milliseconds of brilliance”), and Big Bang Theory (“go boom”). Then we played Tableau which had such varied scenes as the beach (“learning how to swim the hard way”), inside Kevin’s ego (“Wendy’s not gonna say anything”), and a legal department (“I’m the seafood”).

Next up was Marriage Counselor where one half of our troubled couple hated the other’s shoes while the other didn’t like the way the first chewed gum. Together, they had been to 49 states but never to Alaska. This was followed by Typewriter which told a story all about a trip to Bora Bora which very well could have been titled “I Married a Velociraptor”. Then we played our new Game of the Month Jep-Parody which featured such answers as ferret, ego, husband, and bon voyage.

This was followed by Lines From a Cup where we saw that History, Science, and Math = bad and asked that age-old question “What is the Cyrillic alphabet?” Next up was Follow That Action where we saw grandpa model for cookies and learned that you don’t need dentures for prune juice. Our last game of the night was Highlander where we saw that son/husband has a big ego and learned of the existence of a Vegemititarian – that is, someone who only eats Vegemite.

…and scene!