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BYOI – Yummy Peruvian Hamsters

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FAM2 082914We’re back for the 9pm show, and this time Team Alex L represented! Daniel, Candice, Alex W, Amy, Cyn and Alex L were again on hand. This show’s FAM was Brenda, who is a 4th grade teacher. She sadly spent her summer vacation recovering from surgery, but did get to visit Cape Cod. She loves books and taught everyone about feminist elephants. For FAM Pack, ¬†the peanut butter allergy kids were segregated, pens were scary to touch and jumping head first was the best solution to overcome a fear of heights.

Try That On For Size featured Liz, where crazy things took place like awkward cab hailing and throwing kids off the lawn. From there, Alex L had to tell Daniel’s fortune in Madame Zelda. Thankfully, he had spirits Candice, Amy and audience member to help him figure out Daniel would hurt his mouth on chicken salad before getting pregnant, and finally having a tree fall on him after winning the lottery. The Troubadours followed this, with Candice and Alex W singing for the cast plus audience member Jimmy’s scenes. An elephant took a trip to Pawtucket but it didn’t have enough peanuts. At the state border it learned to skate and then took conservationists to McCoy Stadium for hot dogs.

Alex W and Josh told a story in Fortunately/Unfortunately while Alex L and Shannon mimed everything out. They talked about a girl who wanted to be an astrophysicist and Inspector Gadget’s arm. Cyn was then the middle character for Centerpiece, with Gordon and Liz joining Daniel and Alex L. Surgeons had fun getting confused, a kid broke his baby sibling(s) and a visit to the beach required clothing. Story, Story, Die was a blast with the cast joined by audience members Liz and Joe. They told the story of Brenda the vet and what happened to her guinea pigs. After tons of laughs and carnage, Alex W ended the story. The night ended in song with Curtain Call!

And scene!

BYOI – Is This Rigged?

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FAM1 082914Tonight we had our last night of audition callbacks, and Team Cyn showed their support during the 7pm show. Candice, Amy, Daniel and Alex W were joined by auditioners Alex L and Cyn for the super fun family show! The show’s FAM was Marilyn, who is from North Kingstown and is a retired “do whatever I want to do” receptionist. She loves being retired, especially the doing everything part. At some point, she’ll follow her dream to visit all 50 states. Marilyn was a great sport and gave suggestions during FAM Pillar, where the cast went to Texas to pick up a hitchhiking cop.

In Sit, Stand and Lie Down, Amy and Alex L were joined by audience member Carolyn. They were in class with a dizzy teacher who just wanted to take a nap. Healthy cookies didn’t help and they debated whose parents should be called first. Next up was Movie Critics, where Alex W and audience member Christina reviewed the classic film, “Pop Up Camper,” which was a comedy, depending on which reviewer you asked. The film was about someone trying to light a fire until Smokey the Bear…or someone dressed like him…showed up. Faux Smokey ran away with his friend’s little sister and moved luggage at the zoo. Sing It! had the cast joined by Josh and Liz, but Josh was never invited to the barbeque so the steaks were taken back to be cut in half 3 times.

It was then time to go shopping at the Everything Emporium, where Cyn had to figure out what people needed. Candice wanted shoes that made her hungry, Daniel needed mold that grows puppies and BYOI alum Paul was looking for a Christmas tree that does complex math. Famous Last Words had the cast and audience member Tom teaching us the last words of Oklahoma, Steve Buscemi, Chuck E Cheese and Batman! Follow That Action was next, with Paul, Josh and Carolyn helping out. The mechanic wasn’t doing anything to prevent an explosion and traded a tire for a chili dog. Tricycle races ended the game. Wheeee! The final game of the show was Highlander, which took place at the Home For Wayward Receptionists. They were bored and just wanted to answer something, but lamented letting in the temps. Alex, Amy and Cyn were knocked out first, so Candice did the whole game alone in the end.

And scene!

BYOI – Heat Keeps A Mongoose Warm

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20140822_222334It’s 9:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means BYOI! Tonight we had Alex, Amy, Daniel, David, and our two auditioners Cara and James. Best of luck! Our Featured Audience Member tonight was Rachael who is in 12th grade, likes tennis and Italy, and wants to study neuroscience. Our first game of the night was Movie Critics which featured the new hit film “Hey, Neuroscience Freshman!” where we learned the bus driver passed out and the importance of photosynthesis. Next up was Trolley Stop where we saw such diverse characters as cowboys, gondola drivers, and Frenchmen. Then we played Good Cop, Bad Cop where our accused shaved a mongoose in Quebec with Pee-Wee Herman.

This was followed by Follow That Action where we saw 18 hours of SAT prep to get into the “high gene pool”. Catch Phrase was next where one person could only say “My brain hurts” and “Can you stop?” while the other could only say “Don’t touch me” and “Can I have some money?” and featured the world’s loudest bank robbers. Next up was Sing It, which featured being Jenny for coffee and pondered what kind of parent would name twin sisters the same name. Then we played Spelling Bee which featured such words as boy, pear, crazy, tennis, freshman, and finally onomatopoetic. Our last game of the night was Highlander which saw such things as donating sperm at the bookstore, “It’s okay, he’s lactose intolerant”, and the fact that neuroscientists have clean ears.

…and scene!

BYOI – Parfait Is Good For Breakfast

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20140822_200805It’s 7:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means BYOI’s Family-Friendly show! Tonight we had Alex, Amy, Daniel, David, and our two auditioners Cara and James. Our Featured Audience Member was Liz who likes painting happy rainbows, unicorns, and fairies; teleporters; and cherry trees. Our first game of the night was Six Pack, in which they watched too much Highlander and Jeff Golblum said to stay away. This was followed by Action Figures, where they ditched school to go to the zoo only to end up wondering if they’d get paid for sweeping up poop. Next up was Lines From A Cup which featured a flying car – but had to use your imagination eyes to see it fly – and we learned the important fact that you don’t need a green card when you’re bald.

Then we played The Dating Game where our lovely contestants were an ape from the Planet of the Apes, Frankenstein’s monster, and a blender. Next up was Remake, where we remade a scene from the exciting film “Cherry Tree” as film noir, sci-fi, then finally a Lifetime network drama. This was followed by Serious Scene where we heard such serious lines as “We never expected you to pass the first grade”, and “Maybe we can sell my growth spurt”. Then we played Debate Club which covered such topics as the existence of Justin Bieber and the plural of the word “moose”. Our last game of the night was Do Run.

…and scene!

BYOI – Taco Bell Mom!

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Hasbro-frontIt is Wednesday night and BYOI is at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital performing at the Izzy Foundation! This is our first of many shows there and we are so happy to be a part of this. Our cast was Amy, David, Josh and Myself. Our FAM tonight was Daniel (No Picture for Family Privacy), who also goes by Superman… who also goes by Mario. He loves the Patriots, the Color Blue and Science because of liquids and solids.

We began tonight with Sing It where I had gas from Taco Bell where my Mom Amy worked in a Dog outfit. Next in Pillars, Josh and Myself were stuck in the freezer with only gravel pies and socks to eat. Good Cop, Bad Cop had David parking his car in Hawaii with Marilyn Monroe. Luckily I “Lou” spilled my coffee on Amy and she screamed “Ow”. Daniel played Trolley Stop with us and we Superman skydiving and adorable squeaky kids. In Action Figures Josh and I were having trouble as the Patriot’s Water-boy. And we finished it off with Spelling Bee where we could not spell ostridge and spelling music was just out of harmony.

Not done yet, we followed it up with two bed side performances where Josh and I sung about making pizzas and David and Amy did a 10 second version of Frozen.

We had a great time and we are looking forward to our next show there!

And scene!

BYOI – One of Each Shade of Gray

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20140815_221709It’s 9:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means BYOI! Tonight we had Daniel, David, Amy, Josh and our two auditioners for this week Ashley and Elizabeth! Best of luck! Our Featured Audience Member was Renee, celebrating enough shows to get her free t-shirt! She likes Ireland, Jupiter, economics, Amy Winehouse, writing books, and a cross between penguins and pterodactyls. Needless to say, we had plenty to work with. ūüėČ

Our first game of the night was Growing & Shrinking which included such scenes as Mint Julep or death, this month’s Breakfast Club is waffles, and Santa is getting some new elves. Next up was the Quickest Minute where the crew had to re-enact the movie “The Breakfast Club”, which featured the line “Oh my God we’re in detention, that’s so cool.” Everything Emporium was up next and we saw customers looking for such diverse items as a white Russian that makes you jump and down, a shamrock that makes you pass out, and gum that makes you talk like Mickey Mouse. Then we played Action Figures which showcased a scene all about training dolphins.

Next up cam Say It Again, which featured a bird that flew over the moon, and a jar of blood. This was followed by Story, Story, Die in which we saw Amy Winehouse learn from Kermit the frog under a bridge that Russia is full of questionable relationships. Plus, Bobby McFerrin sang “Don’t Worry, Get Married.” Then we played Alphabet where we learned that Scooby-Doo wants nothing more than to be a productive member of society, had a visit from Inspector Treefarmer, and learned that vernacular words are awesome! Our last game of the night was Do Run, where the group sang about the fact that “pendactyls” live in sacks and that Renee stole my face.

…and scene!

BYOI – My Cat is Broken

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20140815_202357It’s 7:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means BYOI’s Family Friendly show! Tonight we had Daniel, David, Amy, Josh and our two auditioners for this week Ashley and Elizabeth! Best of luck! Our Featured Audience Member tonight was Bob from lovely downtown Mystic, CT, who builds submarines for a living and enjoys carpentry and the Philippines. Our first game of the night was FAM Movie Critics which reviewed the new hit movie “The Magic & The Mystic” – all about Bob’s life! – where we learned such things as “marriage is forever except for the first time”, “boats must sink in order to be effective” and of course that Boston needs subtitles.

We followed this up with What Are You Doing? where we saw such imaginative activities as building submarines out of duct tape, jump starting a car with a fish, and Smurfs doing the Macarena. Next up was Busta Rap where our intrepid crew had to rhyme such words as fish, shell, cheer and place. Then we played Timmy in the Well which featured a baker swimming in a Sharknado!

The next game was Questions where we saw an ex-dentist who lives in a cardboard box, a giant parakeet taking over the earth, and learned that starboard means front. Then we played Guidance Counselor, where we saw such problems as being chased by elephants, vandalized lunches, and being allergic to chalk dust. Highlander was next and was set in a veterinarian’s office which housed a dog named Nurse. Our last game of the night was Curtain Call, where our cast sung about such things as being afraid of getting a ladder stuck in your tights, Dave is a slob, and delicious nails.

…and scene!

BYOI – More Bricks

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20140815_134853On this Friday afternoon BYOI is in Woonsocket helping one summer camp go out with a bang! It was Josh, Amy and Myself, with the help of BYOI Youth Collective Member Emily. Our FAM from this summer camp was Dana, a soon to be 8th grader who loves Math and wants to go to France!

We began with Highlander where Dana’s brother and sister went with her to France to fix the leaning tower of Eiffel… with Bricks. Ultimately it was myself having to finish that one for the “win.” Then it was on to Pillars where the pool was filled full of Zebras roasting wood blocks to make s’mores. Good Cop, Bad Cop had the fearsome criminal Josh discovering that he, indeed gave away cookies, on the Titanic with Kim-possible. Trolley Stop found Cheerleaders and Sumo Wrestlers, and the game Action Figures made for the longest attempt at a pinky swear ever! ¬†We finished with a good old fashioned Spelling Bee and learned that these folks may need less Math and more Spelling.

We had a great time and the kids did too! Thanks for having us!

And Scene!

BYOI – Plus Math

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FAM2 080814We’re back for the 9pm show at the Warwick Museum of Art! This time we had Daniel, David, Josh, Amy and Candice joined sometimes by auditioners Alex, Cyn, Cara, Ashley and Liz. This show’s FAM was Annabelle, who came all the way from Maine to celebrate her birthday with us! Annabelle will be going into the 2nd grade and is looking forward to learning addition. She loves the color pink and reading and saw “Guardians of the Galaxy” twice. In FAM Greatest Hits, Josh and Annabelle hosted the late night commercial selling the album of her life. Candice sang about Malificent and her dragons, Daniel sang about Disneyworld, and David and Amy sang about math. The whole cast sang an entertaining song called, “I Picked Up a ¬†Book Today” and it turned into a friendly competition between Candice and Daniel.

Tableau was the first game for people to participate in, with Alex, Ashley and audience member Catie building pictures of a silent movie, Monopoly and a crime scene. The Dating Game then had Candice as Lizzie Borden looking for a victim…I mean, date. She had to choose between a Skipper doll (Josh), Julius Caesar (Amy) and a rake (Liz). What Are You Doing had the cast along with Liz, Cyn, Alex and Catie doing crazy stuff like fighting a polar bear with a popsicle, collecting Canadian ham and waiting for Annabelle to point out something.

Revolver featured Daniel, Josh, Ashley and Liz doing 4 different scenes. Hulk was put to work doing demolition, lightning struck a school was so stressful it caused hair loss.Blank Walks Into a Bar was next with Alex, Cyn, Liz and audience member Leia. They made up groaners about second graders, Turkey and Malificent walking into a bar. The night ended with Curtain Call! The cast entertained with songs about jury duty, clowns, Ren and Stimpy and jumping. Happy birthday Annabelle!

And scene!

BYOI – Fluffernugget!

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FAM1 080814Friday is BYOI night at the Warwick Museum of Art, and it was a fun night. For our first show, we had Daniel, Amy, David, Candice and Josh. They were sometimes joined by auditioners Liz, Scott, Cyn, Ashley, Cara and Alex. Maybe you’ll see one of them as a cast member in the near future. The first show’s FAM was Beckett, who has been to BYOI before with his dad and sister. He’s looking forward to learning cursive in the third grade next month. ¬†Becket told us all stories about his dogs, Suki and Cleo, and how his stuffed animals get him in trouble. For FAM Growing and Shrinking, Daniel tried out dog voices and everyone baked sunshine cupcakes in the real oven because Easy Bake Ovens are dangerous. Try That On For Size added Liz, Beckett and fellow audience members Carolyn and Emmie to the line. They fell in love with a dream boy, used Canadian coins in the soda machine and put a printer on a toe. Helping Hands had Candice, Cara, Amy and Ashley fighting over the softest stuffed bunny, Fluffernugget.

In Press Conference, David played Sir Isaac Newton and he just found out about teleportation. He had Candice, Amy and audience member Phil to help him along as members of the press. Pillars was next, with audience members Owen and Catie giving inspriation for a scene where the breeze felt so good it made people fall asleep. Follow That Action followed this, with Alex, Cyn and Cara helping out. The game took place in the Hall of Justice, where ALL the superheroes came out to play.

Next up was Because I Said So, with help from Beckett, Cyn, Alex and Liz, as well as audience members Joe and Emmie. We learned about how specks come together to make animals, how Shakespeare liked to write sad things and that old teachers like boring people. Busta Rap ended the night, with the cast as well as Ashley, Scott, ¬†Cara, Beckett and Emmie rapping about Groot and phlebeting, which is Amy’s new word for donating blood. In the end, Josh was the rap master.

And scene!