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BYOI – Joe Turns 50!

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IMG_6374BYOI was at Hopkinton Country Club on Saturday night to help celebrate Joe’s 50th birthday!!! Joe is an innovator who loves movies and Broadway musicals, and his birthday party guests love having a good time! Our cast included Alex W., Josh, Amy and David.

We started out the celebration with a game of FAM pillar, with the birthday boy Joe as our FAM of course. Josh and Alex fought about the best way to pack for their romantic trip to Fiji. Unfortunately, the argument was taking place on the plane and the other passengers were quickly becoming aggravated with the pair. Then, we moved on to Action Figures where two volunteers helped our action figures defeat the DeathStar in their fighter jets. Unfortunately, Alex W. dropped the laughing gas missile instead of the missile that would have actually done some damage.

In our next game, Timmy in the Well, our three dogs had to help Amy guess that Orphan Annie had gotten into a fight with her boss in the Pentagon. Fortunately, Amy guessed the problem just in time to celebrate Joe’s 51st birthday. During Remake, we had two volunteers, Paul and Mary, help our cast members remake Joe’s favorite movie “Rudy” into a western, a horror film, and a silent movie. Next, David and Alex W. made up our Two-Headed Monster, who was attempting to help Amy revamp her entire wardrobe.

Inspired by Joe’s love of Broadway musicals, our cast played Sing It, as Indiana Jones attempted to make his most famous movie of all time. The treasure Indy had to steal was replaced by a bald native and then, finally, Alex W.’s dying body. Our final game of the night was Highlander, where our cast, joined by Joe, discovered what it means to be an innovator. Helping other people come up with their own solutions to their problems. Thank you to Joe and all of his guests for a great night! And Scene!

BYOI – Scandalous Bingo Cheats and Pandacat S’mores

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20140926_221511It’s 9:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means BYOI! Tonight our cast was Ian, David, Amy, Candice and James and our Featured Audience Member was Ellen! She’s a professor who teaches film studies, likes to sing, would love to visit Scandinavia, and would cross her cat with a  panda if she could (who wouldn’t want a pandacat? It sure made Candice happy!). Our first game of the night was Say It Again, where we saw the Chinese happy birthday song win a record contract, and we learned that second from the left is the best position to be in in any choir. Next we played Highlander, which featured a scene about an Arctic expedition to find pandacats in which we learned that there is no free Wi-Fi in the Arctic, life is cheap in the tundra, and mythic quests are just walking around in circles.

Then we played Catch Phrase which featured Swedish architects, one of whom could only say “Where’s my crayons?” and “Stop hitting me!” while the other could only say “Are we there yet?” and “I’ll tell you later.” Debate Club was next, which featured a debate all about film in which we learned that when Amy’s eyes fly out of her head, it makes Candice nostalgic for cartoons. (Makes perfect sense.) This was followed by Pillars, in which we learned that the cupcake network made sense at the time and that you can sell earthworms as antennas for vodka.

Pavlovian Response was next which took place at a church bingo function where one person would brush his hair whenever anyone said “Amen”, another had to make pedaling motions whenever anyone made a reference to time, and the last one had to touch her nose whenever anyone said “door”. This was followed by Fortunately/Unfortunately which took place at the Alamo, where it was hot and our vacationers were attacked by a pack of angry pandacats. Our last game of the night was Do Run.

…and scene!

BYOI – The Ramen Experience

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20140926_201724It’s 7:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means it’s time for the BYOI Family Friendly show! Tonight our cast was Ian, David, Amy, Candice and James and our Featured Audience Member was Justin! He’s a student who likes sci-fi/fantasy movies, Eastern Europe, and dogs. Our first game of the night was Revolver which featured four scenes – country music, Magical Mystery Tour, English, and ramen. Then we played The Quickest Minute which was all about The Land of Stories and asked such thought-provoking questions as “What flavor is mystery?” and “How do you escape the carnivorous books?” Next up was Say It Again, which told of the “Star Journey” to the planet Uh in the cat constellation of Mr. Wiggles by the Bargain Tours and Delicious Toast company.

This was followed by Madam Zelda, which featured our guest having a future consisting of stepping on Legos, being eaten and cats, and losing his feet. Then we played Lines From a Cup, in which we saw a scene with a German Shepherd trying to sell a rabid talking sheep. Rope was next, where we saw fishing practice, slash move cleaning, and that cake just feels right. This was followed by Helping Hands which featured a scene about a sports team exercising and where we learned the valuable lesson that sports drinks work best when absorbed through the skin. Finally, our last game of the night was Busta Rap, where our cast had to rhyme such words as school, store, snow, foot, and okra.

…and scene!

BYOI – Why do we have brains and giggles?

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20140924_200545We had our monthly show at the Izzy Center at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital tonight. It was David, Josh and myself with many families and our FAM Nathan! Nathan loves taking naps, math, watching Football and wants a superpower of creating money out of nothing. So we began with Pillars and learned that if you pull the branches off of the money tree it creates mini black holes!

And so we move into Questions discovered where the brains were. Then we played Timmy in the Well where Beyonce was stuck in traffic behind a T-Rex in a Trashcan. Helping hands taught us that a good meatloaf has three whole eggs with shells on in it for crunch.  Two headed monster one young lady helped me with our very short sentences and lots of giggles. Next up Highlander forced me to wake myself up to play football just to have me put pack to sleep with a cement laden padding. And finally in Because I Said So we learned more about why we have brains.

We love being at the Izzy Foundation and thank them for inviting us every month!

And scene!

BYOI – The Super Mom at PIF

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20140920_145556BYOI was at the Providence Improv Festival this afternoon and we had a blast! The cast was Alex W., Josh, Candice and myself and our FAM Andrea! Andrea is a stay at home Mom who likes Bell as her Disney Princess and loves the color purple.

We began with our Welcome Song, singing all about Andrea. Then Alex W. was forced to re-tell the story of the witch, the hero and the hunchback who could not read in Highlander. Pillars let me know that I could not go downstairs and fly unless I finished my spaghetti with broccoli and ice cream. Chainsaw began with a museum guide, in a rhino cave with a butterfly, but ended with an art collector in a bull ring with a selfie. Two Headed Monster reminded us not to trust the bus driver when he sits in the back. Next up Action Figures with many hot pans and bad cooks. And so we finished the night with Curtain Call and sang about the super mom!

Thanks for having us PIF!

And Scene!

BYOI – Inertia Is A Property Of Love

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FAM2 091914We’re back for the second show of the night at the Warwick Museum of Art! This time, we had Alex, Daniel, Cyn, Candice, James and Josh. The FAM was Braden, who is one of our regular audience members. He’s in the 10th grade and loves “Doctor Who” and video games. Braden loves his caring parents, especially when they buy him stuff. He’s a smart kid! For FAM Revolver, a pixie lost its wings and during a power outage, video games had to be acted out in real life. In Alphabet, audience members Justin and Joe held their own with the cast. Rusty scissors were used for a haircut and an Agnostic hated the Greek gods before we witnessed very awkward marriage proposals at a funeral. In Party Quirks, Josh had some crazy visitors, as James was the Black Plague, Candice was violently upset when greeted and audience member Joe M was Bob Saget.

Busta Rap had the cast and Joe battling to the death, with Candice prevailing! In Helping Hands, Alex and Daniel were helped by audience members Rose and Justin where everyone was stabbed by scalpels. James and Rose reviewed the Bill Nye biopic in Movie Critics. The whole movie was crazy, where Bill Nye decided to become a scientist at birth and experimented on his placenta, which eventually became a real boy names Placentio! Follow That Action again had Justin and Joe joining in. We were able to see how David Tennant would do an in audition with an American accent (not well!) and found out the worst PAs sabotage the coffee. Curtain Call was the final game of the night, while the cast sang about Amy Pond, Johnny Bravo, Josh’s bad date and foller coasters.

And scene!

BYOI – Giddy Down

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FAM1 091914We had a great family friendly show at the Warwick Museum of Art with Daniel, Josh, Candice, Cyn and James! The FAM was Bridget, who came to the show with her family. She’s a music teacher, so she plays lots of instruments. When Bridget’s not working, she’s reading, playing tennis and riding horses. For FAM Remake, we met Boring Bob, who pretended to ride horses because he was afraid of them. In the Greek drama version, they went to the mountain to get grapes. We also saw the action/mystery and horror versions! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly had audience members Theo, Rose and Rachel giving advice for the cast to act out. They told us what to do about long nose hair, kids who won’t eat veggies and clashing outfits.

Revolver had FAM Bridget brave enough to play some scenes. Someone pretending to be a cat liked destroying shoe and a scrunchy face terrorized a school and destroyed a village. Catch Phrase had Josh and audience member Daniel in a scene where someone was going to get fired. Rose was a witness to a horrible crime in Interrogation Lineup! Eventually someone admitted to shouting on a tropical island with Goofy. Quick Scenes had bendy straws that wouldn’t go into the coconut, an angry giraffe called the grrrrrraffe, and theorectical physics.

Growing and Shrinking was next, with toy horses on the way to Africa, hotties at the gym and training for the human statues you see at Waterfire. Spelling Bee ended the show with help from audience members Daniel, Linda and Rose. A period was when you are writing words in French, you multiply denominators by periods…and brocccccccccolli was a thing that grandparents age to deliciousness.

And scene!

BYOI – The Strange Demon Fox Inside Me

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FAM2 091214We’re back at the Warwick Museum of Art for another fun BYOI show with Alex W, Ian, Josh, Daniel and Alex L. The late show’s FAM was Gianna, who recently graduated from URI with a theater degree. She’d like to work on designing costumes and would like to be able to mind read–for good, of course. She came to the show with her cousins Kiera and Angela, and with her love of the beach comes a love of manatees, AKA underwater globs of flub. FAM Remake started off as an X-Men romance with Josh and Alex contaminating each other. The scene was then a Japanese horror where the guys had to be careful of the power plan and sushi-making knife hands. Finally, the scene was redone as a Christmas movie, where Santa’s elves used water power from the melting polar ice caps to help build toys.

Alex and Josh were moved by Daniel and audience member Jay in Action Figures, where they practiced Rock Em Sock Em Robots and mental training. In Typewriter, Alex W and audience member Lauren wrote a story about a manatee who could read minds but was allergic to Big Macs. Next up was New Born, where Ian was King Henry VIII and audience member Brenda was Space Mountain. They were the proud parents of baby Squirrel. In Growing and Shrinking, the chastity belt needed to be tied tighter, magic healing was taught and Bill and Hillary did the conga at the Democratic National Convention.

The president of Australia had a big boomerang in Lines From a Cup, while nuns had guns. Back In My Day was next, where were found out about what was around before Starbucks, Apple products and planes. Do Run ended the night. The guys sang about Gianna’s time at home and had fun making Daniel laugh throughout the game.

And scene!

BYOI – Sandra Bullock’s Sinus Infection

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FAM1 091214Are you ready for some improv!?! Ian, Alex W, Daniel, Josh and Alex L were for our family friendly show at the Warwick Museum of Art. The show’s FAM was Kelly, who goes through her day helping old lady people on autopilot. She’s a fan of Sandra Bullock movies and came to the show with Pam. In FAM Pillar, Kelly helped the guys when they were at a loss for words during the Miss USA competition–with an all male cast playing the parts. Thankfully, they didn’t need good looks or talent to win; they needed money. Tableau was the first game with audience participation, so audience members Emily and Alexia jumped in to play with the cast. We saw a farm with an annoying cow stealing the pitchfork, grandma’s living room and its cat, and a car crash that happened because of a squirrel.

Questions had a bad caller at bingo because no one else applied for the job, but sadly, no one could win on C-7. Furry rocks weren’t squirrels and we witnessed what may be the first Battle of the Alexes. Two Headed Monster had Josh dealing with a monster made up of Daniel and audience member Rob. Dead birds were brought back to life with defibrillators. Next up was Good Cop/Bad Cop, with Daniel and audience member Pam trying to break Alex W. Finally he admitted to playing field hockey at a department store with Taylor Swift.

The guys sang about Sandra Bullock in Irish Song, before playing Freeze Tag with Emily and Rob. There was no hare in the race but was made things more aerodynamic, while hormones made a carrot bigger and growly. The show ended with Story, Story Die where we heard the great story about ripped milk. It was special milk that made its drinker so strong so they could pick up things like houses to clean underneath them. Later, mom met her son at the bank to rob it of a million dollars in milk. The guys dropped like flies until Daniel was the lone survivor and finished up the story.

And scene!

BYOI – Hermit Crabs Don’t Need Sand Castles

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20140905_222111It’s 9:00 at the Warwick Museum of Art and that means BYOI! Tonight our cast was Josh, Candice, Alex W., Alex L., Daniel and James. Our Featured Audience Member was Deb who does social work and likes Bali and big cats. Our first game of the night was FAM Pillar where our cast had pickles & nothing for breakfast and then went to school to learn how to skip school. Then we played What Are You Doing? which featured such activities as milking a cat, catching a blind polar bear, fitting into leather pants, and giraffe mating rituals. Next up was Marriage Counselor which featured a couple that was obsessed with toasters, smoking banana peels, and drinking “apple headstands”.

This was followed by Two-Headed Monster which featured a scene all about packing for a trip to Bali. Then we played Freeze Tag which started off being about flying squirrels. Guidance Counselor was next which featured problems with fighting over woodchips, having a crush on your teacher, and bed-wetting otters. Next was World’s Worst which saw our cast explaining the worst zombie movies, sports drinks, safari tour guides, and apple products. Our last game of the night was Debate Club where we saw the cast debating all about Rock ‘n’ Roll.

…and scene!