IMG_0541BYOI was back with the honor of performing another show at the Hasbro Children’s Hospital’s Izzy Foundation Center! Our cast for the evening was Amy, Cyn, James, and Josh with an enthusiastic audience and our FAM, Abril! Abril is in the 7th grade and she is 99 44/100% sure her favorite class is math (yay!). She loves movies like Home Alone and Frozen, and hopes to someday harness the power of magic to be able to make wishes come true. We let her test drive this magical power as our FAM Pillar as her word choices turned our scene of finding a magic book with a chapter for magic that taught James how to conjure up his own reader, a fine upstanding citizen named Cookie.

In Questions, we learned that not only is it incredibly difficult to do scenes speaking only in questions, but that the reward for painting an entire room green using only a toothbrush could only be a trip to the movies!

Cyn, James, and our fabulous audience volunteer were the incredibly helpful dogs for a round of Timmy in the Well. Without their assistance, Amy never would have been able to discover that Abraham Lincoln didn’t clean his room at Walt Disney World!

Josh and Cyn were then charged with the task of constructing a trap to catch a burglar using only their wits and the Helping Hands of James and our audience volunteer. Not even MacGyver could have built such a contraption based on a foundation of an erector set and pizza!

Our Two-Headed Monster for the evening was formed by Josh and FAM Abril. It made for a very harrowing dance audition for Amy, who thought it was going to be all about the Hokey Pokey, but it turned out to be a performance for our monster — master choreographer, Madame Veuxleux (pronounced OK) .

There could be only one in our final game of the evening — a round of Highlander — and from our valiant competitors Amy, James, Josh, and FAM Abril, Amy ended up running the final gauntlet! A trip to the Apple Store to purchase a new iPhone 6 turned into a sneak preview of the new iPhone 7 prototype which is no longer a portable smartphone, but an actual physical manifestation of Siri. Hopefully the frequent resets, incredibly short battery life, and glitches of mass distortion are fixed before it’s time for the official release.

Thank you to the Izzy Foundation for inviting us to entertain every month! We love it!

And Scene!