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BYOI – Purple Feathered Petunias

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IMAG6386_1Welcome back to the Warwick Museum of Art on the night before Halloween! We we all entertained by Emily, Daniel, Josh and Ian! Our FAM was Wendy, who is one of our regulars! She has been a baseball character a few times in Halloweens past and said the scariest character is Jason. For FAM Horror Movie Critics, Wendy and her husband were stuck in the woods with Jason and being chased around by giant rubber things!

Fortunately/Unfortunately started off the show, as we witnessed the fall of Newport Creamery since Newport loves money. Horror Movie Lines From a Cup had Josh and Emily taking all of the candy and rum and Daniel was creeped out by Josh’s personalities. Chainsaw was next, with a mortician in Antarctica with a meathook, or a hamster cage cleaner at a home for challenged animals or seagull’s nest, which is where the cast and audience members Courtney and Sue took it!

In Horror Movie Catch Phrase, Ian needed lots of saving and Courtney kept trying to leave. Poor Josh was kept on his toes! Next up was Story, Story, Die, where we learned about Jim & Mark’s very strange relationship and fish who have feathered ears. Emily wielded a light saber in Freeze Tag, but she didn’t know what to do with it other than make noises. The final game of the night was Curtain Call, where Josh was excited by Snickers and Ian had very interesting apparel for Christmas caroling.

And scene!

BYOI – How To Handle Legumes

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IMAG6380_1Happy Halloween! It was a spooky night at the Warwick Museum of Art with David, Daniel, Emily, Josh and Ian! The FAM was Matt, who is a technology consultant in the mobile phone industry. To him, the scariest setting is Walmart at midnight. I’d have to agree with him! Matt came to the show with his wife, with whom he shares a Brady Bunch-esque family! There was something very exciting about Matt, that he didn’t know when he walked in: he was our 700th FAM! We sent him home with a 4-pack of passes to see the Providence Bruins. Congratulations, Matt! He then made the cast sing a bunch of times in FAM Sing It! They were employees of everyone’s favorites superstore, and it was very interesting!

In Monster Movie Trolley Stop, we met the Empty Child, a zombie and monsters! Thanks to brave audience members Jordan, Eli and Beckett for helping! Two Headed Monster had Josh and audience member Karen as the monster who couldn’t read any other languages and loved to insult Daniel. Up next was Chainsaw, where a firefighter was in Mexico with a glass. After the cast and audience members Carolyn, Shane and Emme played through, it was of course completely different, with guesses of a rabbit farmer at Subway and a yo-yo or magic Slinky. Revolver had Ian and Emily playing in scenes with Jordan and Beckett. They did scenes about lots of kids and visiting the Sahara!

We then moved on to Spooky Slogans, where the cast was joined by audience members Susan and Shane. Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups had ridges so sharp they cut, licorice, Charlie Brown wished for inflated footballs, and ticks wanted to suck your blood! This was followed by Highlander, where beans were mixed with peas, and it was horrifying!! After David, Ian and Josh were eliminated, Emme had to perform all 4 characters alone! The final game of the show was Story, Story, Die! Tom Brady, the hot dog collector, was the subject of the story, which included a game, avocado stuffed hot dogs and the scariest thing of all, buffering live streams! Later in the story, we met bad “Star Wars” characters and Brady the Jedi Knight, who bought his light saber at the thrift store! That last bit killed Daniel, so our audience member Eli won!

And scene!

BYOI – Who, Who, Who!

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 It’s the Halloween Youth Collective Show and Ally, Dylan, Rachel, Rose, Shane, Carolyn and Catie are here for a spooky good time. Jordan is our FAM and he works at a summer camp, likes math, wrestling and loves the movie Scream! So to start things off we begin with a game of FAM Typewriter where Tall and Short have a dispute and switch places!

Now we play Try That on for Size where Rose was done with Dylan. Then in Good Cop/Bad Cop, Shane smashed a pumpkin at Target with Santa Clause. Famous Last Words of a pumpkin, “Yes, I want eyes!” and Famous Last Words of an Owl, “You!” Then in Freeze Tag we insulted the French more then Jeb Bush!  Finally in Debate Club we began about wrestling and then about contridictions and then, what?

And Scene!

BYOI – Get to the Flosser!

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20151023_221323And here we are at 9pm with Alex, Alan, Amy, Ian and Meredith with our FAM tonight Mimi! She loves calculus, vanilla ice cream and Arkansa and her family described her as brilliant! So we listen to the Greatest Hits of Mimi’s life and it was “Dairy Good!” to hear about her “Romance with the Stars.”

We Followed That Action to see David Spade and Rob Snider grow! Then in Pillars we had the cast of Friends, the new color Rellow and needed to “Get to the Flosser!” In Everything Emporium we were looking for a spatula that tastes like melted cheese, a telepathic stapler and an antibacterial swing. Troubadours brought us to a nerd convention that was too cool for Comic-con! When that was done, we moved over to Quick Scenes where it is dangerous to be sprayed with the fire hoes in O, Hi ho! In Trolley Stop we saw Tonya Harding the ballerina, a devastating lunch with no vanilla ice cream and Alex’s awful accents. And finally in Do Run, we learned Inglorious Bastards in 3D may be a bad idea.

And Scene!

BYOI – Mathical Dogs

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20151023_201331We are up now for the 7pm show and we are here with Alex, Alan, Ian, Meredith, Amy and our FAM Adrian. He is a fourth grader who loves kickball, wants to go to California and will be dressing up as a Navy Seal for Halloween! We begin with a game of Typewriter where Adrian and Meredith wrote a book about Adrian’s new music award… a mathical dog.

So now onto some more games! We played Try That on for Size where Alan was very mad at himself and Amy was a “Mild and Crazy Guy!” Next in Catch Phrase it was always clearly time to “PASS THE BALL!” But then Amy commited a crime in Good Cop/Bad Cop by loitering in a parking space in Newport with George Clooney. That had a lot of questions and so did our next game Questions, where someone smelt it first. Then Spiderman said, “Half of me is still afraid of News Papers” in Famous Last Words. In Freeze Tag, Chris Angel showed off his new trick! And finally in Debate Club we learned that Alan eats Caramel by the bucket!

And scene!

BYOI – Happy Birthday! Times 3!

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20151023_185601It was a celebratory evening with many birthdays amongst the cast! In the cast Ally, Dylan, Rachel and Carolyn are getting older, and Shane, Rose, Catie get to help celebrate with playing games and eating cupcakes. The FAM Lauren, is a massage therapist. And if she could have any super power, she would tunnel through things. In the future, when the Lauren museum opens, inside will be all the garden critters she has defeated, and magic hands. If she would go anywhere, she would travel to India.

FAM Sing It broke into many a song about Lauren’s life. Rose, Rachel and Ally dug with a pen, and Doug opened a museum with the dirt and pen as an abstract art piece.

Many characters waited at the Trolly Stop including a puppet, a robot, and a connoisseur of burritos.

Ally was late for work again in Excuses, Excuses! Her co-workers Shane, Catie, and Carolyn helped her keep her job explaining that her cat hid the keys, her hover board ran out of gas, and the elephants were in town. Luckily, she got to keep her illustrious job at a fast food fried chicken establishment.

Doug, Rose, Carolyn, Ally, Catie, and Shane laid down some sweet rhymes in Busta Rap. Rose won the rap battle- and rapped about sleep for her victory lap.

The whole cast played  Alphabet- doing a scene about plants and magic hands. They also visited India where they got to see the elephants, and Warwick- which had some pretty rad rocks.

Beyond a doubt, the cast knows everything and could make all the arguments in Debate Club. They were able to ague how about waking up, SNL, and slang.


BYOI – You Can See Us?!?

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20151017_120440And we are back with Josh, Candice, Amy and Myself for Round 2 of the Rhode Island Theater Conference at St. Ray’s in Pawtucket! Our FAM for this show is Sarah who would love to have invisibility, thinks Bell is the best Disney Princess and never wants to see Madagascar (The Country). So we begin with FAM Highlander where I had to do a scene all by myself where the Waitresses in Madagascar are so rude they pretend they cannot see you!

Next up in Pillars Josh and Amy found that it is frightening when everyone yells “Nothing!” Then in Timmy in the Well, Kid Rock ate pie behind Enemy Lines. In Trolley Stop someone totally was lost, “Oh My Gawd!”, but then in Two Headed Monster the lunch lady was very lost on what to serve on liquid pizza. Sing It gave us amazing songs about prison food and why the line starts at both ends. Then finally in Debate Club, Bishop Hendricken and St. Ray’s went after each other like the Greeks and the Trojans.

Thanks to all of the volunteers, teens and teachers, we hope to see you all again really soon!

And Scene!

BYOI – Trump Did His Homework… Yeah, right!

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20151017_112523Hello there theatre fans! BYOI is at the Rhode Island Theater Conference being held at St. Rays in Pawtucket and we are performing two great shows for them with Josh, Candice, Amy and Myself! In the first show our FAM was Erik who wants the superpower that steals other superhero’s superpowers, would be Mulan if he had to be a Disney Princess and would love to be a mixture of the two cutest creatures on the earth. So we began with FAM Highlander which eventually had Erik doing the entire scene of the cute critter who stole everyone’s ability to make pies, speak French (sort of) and eventually just become apathetic.

After that, we played a game of Pillars where the eatable ant colony set up their own line of magnifying glasses for us. Then in Timmy in the Well, Donald Trump was caught doing his homework in Cape Cod. We followed that up with Trolley Stop where David Tenant made an appearance, “Well..!” And then we finished it up with Sing It where the jobs at the DMV are competitive.

We will be back in 5 minutes with another show!

And Scene!

BYOI – Wax On Wax Parallelogram

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IMAG6276_1We’re back for the last show of the night at the Warwick Museum of Art! Once again, we had Alex, Amy, Emily, Josh and Meredith on stage! Our late night show’s FAM was Courtney, who is one of our regulars! She loves to dance in her free time. She created a slelephant, which is an elephant/sloth hybrid that brings everyone joy! Courtney was a bunch of fun, as we tried to get blackmail on her boyfriend, Josh. In FAM Do Run, the cast sang about Courtney’s life and if Josh is or not a good choice.

Freeze Tag started off the night, with Emily’s Oscar statue breaking, Alex and Josh reenacting “Titanic” and slelephant testing. Meredith was looking for love in The Dating Game! Josh was Nicholas Cage, Amy played the Statue of Liberty, and Daniel surprised everyone by appearing as a guy who was deathly afraid of doorknobs. Pillars was the next game, with audience member Wendy and our FAM Courtney helping with random words. Meredith and Alex were trying to escape the dumpster with receipts on the count of Spock!

World’s Worst had a giant ball of yarn rolling over kitties, and an elephant with an unfortunate peanut allergy. “The Karate Kid” was shortened for Quickest Minute, and the 30 second version was the best because there was a song! The final game of the night was Debate Club, with Daniel and the cast debating ballet, if Daniel was a volunteer or castmember, and what exactly is the color of sadness.

And scene!

BYOI – Biscuit Goes Camping

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IMAG6271_1We’re back for the family friendly show at the Warwick Museum of Art! Our energetic cast for the night ended up being Emily, Josh, Amy, Meredith and Alex! The FAM was Jen, who is a speech pathologist at a rehab center. She has a labradoodle named Cody and would love to visit Australia. Jen loves camping, especially roasting marshmallows, but she could do without the bugs! In FAM Sing It, the cast sang about dog breeds, signing a contract and banana and peanut butter lunch! In Trolley Stop, the cast was joined by 4 brave audience members as they imitated geese, cheerleaders and hula hoop competitors. In Alphabet, pretending to be a dog wasn’t fun anymore and we found rabbits! Emily was late for work again in Excuses, Excuses. Thankfully her nice coworkers helped her explain that her kid was sick, she found Narnia in her bedroom closet and the dog stole her car.

Catfish, dogfish and Byram, Mississippi were found in Lines From a Cup, before we moved on to Busta Rap! The cast was supported by 3 audience members, as they rapped about the joy of reading and how Girl Scouts are cool! The finalists were Josh and Alex, until Alex took Josh out! Up next was Fortunately, Unfortunately! Meredith and an audience member told the story of Charlie the table who went swimming and had an epic adventure with fish and sand fleas! Fortunately, we had Emily and another audience member miming out the story! The final game of the night was Curtain Call, where the cast sang about Biscuit the dog’s life, never ending videos and our FAM, Jen! Thank you so much to everyone who made the show great, especially Troop 97!

And scene!