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BYOI – Suzie Jane’s Manly Knock

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imageWe’re back at the Warwick Museum of Art for our late night show! This time we had Jonathan, Daniel, Josh, Ian and Kennedy! Our FAM is Kate! She’s a junior in high school who loves driving around with her very giggly friends and playing softball. FAM Six Pack had everyone feeling pretty good and mom went nuts.

We started off the show with Trolley Stop, with living Barbie dolls, asthmatics and stoners. Daniel and audience member Paul wrote the next great mystery novel in Typewriter, with a hunt for the chartreuse crayon! It included a special appearance by Ice-T, a rap battle and a trip to grandma’s house. Elton John created the square wheel in Press Conference, before we moved onto Meanwhile. The game took place at a softball party, the hot kid’s backyard and West Virginia!

Because I Said So explained why kids have big mouths for candy, why peer pressure is bad, and where the teddy bear is. Growing and Shrinking Machine had dangerous Republicans in the bathroom, a weird line dance and unfortunate rope burns in Tug of War. The final game of the night was Sing It! We followed the crazy musical adventures of a bunch of dolls. It was surprisingly like a soap opera!

And scene!

BYOI – I Thought It’d Be Cuter

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imageWe had a great family friendly show at the Warwick Museum of Art with Daniel, David, Kennedy, Ian, Jonathan and Josh! Our FAM was Carolyn, who is learning about the 1850’s in school right now! She loves playing “Minecraft” and is part of our Youth Collective. Someday she wants to be a scientist because science is cool! Maybe she’ll be the first to create a Hamcat, the world’s first hamster-cat hybrid. She’s going to North Carolina with her awesome mom tomorrow and is very excited. In FAM Highlander, we saw Carolyn’s trip to North Carolina, the creation of the hamcat and a completely amazing lone run through by Josh.

Three audience members gave advice in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. They explained how to ensure getting pie for dessert (bring it in your purse), what to do as a pilot (make lots of friends so you always have a couch to crash on), and how to get a pet (whine a lot). Revolver was next, as no one was to pay attention to the luggage on the conveyo and Kennedy and Daniel tried to sneak into Disney World with a senior discount. Josh, Jonathan and Carolyn went to Texas, land of the tumbleweeds, in Pavlovian Response! The game was full of wow, boogers and hate. I know that’s a strange sentence, but it was a ton of fun!

Alphabet was next, with the cast and audience members chatting about Xerxes, the horror of roast beef sandwiches and lost love. Story, Story Die started off in Texas, where it’s warm so the chocolate is melty. As the townsfolk slowly perished, the mayor ate alone with the tumbleweeds and coyotes. Fortunately/Unfortunately followed this, as foam shoes deflected lightning and we elected a new president! Spelling Bee closed out the show with words like metaphor and unilateral!

And scene!

BYOI – We Are On A Train!

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imageIt’s Friday night and BYOI’s Youth Collective with Idallis, Emmie, Carolyn, Cat and Noah are ready to rock the night! Our FAM tonight is Lia who is in the 9th Grade, likes outside art classes, does not like most  kids, loves reading science fiction and would love to drive to Japan. So we begin with Typewritter where we took a train ride with a lots of peanut butter puppies!

In Action Figures we played all sorts of ball based sports and trained to be a ballerina. In New Born, Harry Truman and Tea Kettle had a baby named the Jefferson Memorial. Slogans was up next, as the youth came up with one liners for books, France, art class and students. The show ended with a scene about anime characters in Highlander, where everyone claimed to be Sempai, and Kat ultimately did everything.

And scene!

BYOI – The Patriotic Whopper Jr.

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20160425_150058It’s Monday afternoon and BYOI is at the Clough School with Josh, Alan, Kennedy and myself! Our FAM tonight is Reed, a 4th grader who watches Once, plays soccer and loves ice cream! We play Sing It to start things off, where soccer in the Burger King has patriotic results!

Next up, it is Trolley Stop where there were plenty of little feet and big arms. Then in Timmy in the Well, Mary Poppins went Skiing in the North Pole. The Quickest Minute kicked in the door of Grandma’s house in Little Red Riding Hood. Two Headed Monster created a singing career instead of doing the dishes and Action Figures taught us that jumping on trampolines can be very difficult. Finally in Curtain Call, school is hard, but it is easier with Reed by your side.

Thanks for having us! And Scene!

BYOI – Let’s Go to the Prom!

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IMAG8619_1Aaaand we’re back at the Warwick Museum of Art! We once again had a fun show with Kennedy, Amy, Daniel, Jonathan, Candice and David. Tyler is a senior in high school who works at a movie theater and with drones! He’s going to major in robotics next year, and told us the strangest thing someone left in the theater was a lounging lawn chair. Thanks to help from the cast and audience, he’s going to be bringing his lovely girlfriend Sara to the prom! In FAM Sing It, the lawn furniture wouldn’t fold for the prom where they served Spam on Ritz.

The Quickest Minute started things off, as Daniel, Amy and audience member Allison quickly acted out “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” in a minute or less. Two Headed Monster had Jonathan and audience member Paul as the monster at the beach with Candice. They serenaded her halfway through so convince her that hummus is a great beach snack. Pavlovian Response had David, Daniel and Kennedy at a screening of “Rocky Horror Picture Show” but they needed to make it safe for Republicans.

Lines From a Cup was a blast, as Amy and Jonathan were joined by Alan! They were a family of doctors, all named Adam, who were performing surgery on someone named Adam. Back In My Day was next, with the cast, Allison and Paul telling us about how it was without socks, snow globes, drones, ushers or folding lawn chairs. David and Daniel almost reenacted “Dirty Dancing” in Freeze Tag, and the cast showed us awkward prom dancing. The night ended with Irish Ditty, as the cast sang about

BYOI – That’s Why It’s Funny.

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IMAG8587_1School vacation week is over!! We were at the Warwick Museum of Art making it all better with Kennedy, Candice, Amy, Daniel, David and Jonathan. Our FAM was Aidan, a sophomore in high school, who likes history. He came to the show with his friends, and he’d love to have his own personal arcade. For FAMily Reunion, Kennedy played Aidan, as he hung out with his family and friends for Christmas dinner. A secret friendship was revealed and the wi-fi was spotty.

The night started off with Tableau, with the cast and some brave audience members creating pictures of the arcade and the beach! Remake followed this, as we witnessed a story of a coffee making family who found pink coffee beans! The sci-fi version where robot Candice showed that you only need to wave your hands and say “nom nom nom” to make ice! Next, the Michael Moore documentary was very dramatic, which gave away the family secret of pink iced coffee. The game ended with a short dinosaur fight! Amy had friends over for Party Quirks, with Daniel as a bathing suit, Kennedy as a rocket and an audience member as a unicorn.

Typewriter had Daniel writing the story of Moop and his best friend, Pizza Man! As Daniel wrote the story on his cell, the best buddies took a horse to Seattle. Along the way they had zebra pizza, met a 12 year old bank teller and were involved in an epic battle between a nail place and screwdriver shop. Spelling Bee was up next, with the words book, alphabet and metamorphosis among the words spelled and defined! Follow That Action followed the thrown shoes after the fight between Wheeler School and Woonsocket! Unfortunately, David wasn’t the cool dad and Jonathan got a heel to the cranium. Story, Story Die ended the show, with the story of a school and an infamous taco lasagna. During a pep rally, the lunch ladies crusaded for healthier lunch, and the cafeteria finally was taken over by breathatarians! Amy was the lone survivor who came up with the brilliant conclusion.

And scene!

BYOI – In Cat We Trust

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imageThanks for coming back to the late night show at the Warwick Museum of Art! It was almost ladies night, with Candice, Amy, Meredith, Emily and Daniel! Kennedy, we missed you rounding out the cast tonight! Our FAM was Tara, who is a bank teller! She came to the show with her coworkers, and they could do without people complaining about the bank! Unlike our 7pm FAM, she said New York City is the best place in the world. She’s reading the Harry Potter series for the first time! The ladies did a scene in the Kitty Cat Bank in FAM Say It Again, where funds were paid out in cat food pouches, but the scene ended with a neutering holdup!

In the Good, Bad and Ugly, we learned about what to do when you’re broke (print your own money), how to get around without contact lenses (steal someone else’s) and how to prepare for a trip (save money). In Six Pack, we had people confetti and a Mexican cake. Thankfully there was a prenup! Candice then had friends over in Party Quirks, with Emily as a clown mouse, Meredith as Antarctica and audience member Jim as a White Russian.

Amy took a selfie with an endangered worm in Centerpiece, while Daniel and Jim bought Lite Brites of happiness. In World’s Worst, the cast and audience members came up with the worst tacos, cereal testers, and bank testers! Fortunately, Unfortunately brought us a remastered “Lion King” with a flying Simba and great self esteem! Highlander had the ladies acting out what would happen if Harry Potter worked in a bank. Hint: He needed friends to help him. Candice ultimately had to play all 4 roles alone!

And scene!


BYOI – Aurora Borealis Seals

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20160415_201220And here we are with our Family Friendly Show with an all female cast tonight of Meredith, Amy, Candice and Emily. Our FAM tonight is Nick. He goes to High School… a lot. He like math class, Call of Duty and hates NYC cause he hates people. So in FAM Typewriter where Nick and his best friend Bowser were stealing lunch money at 35 and losing money to loan shells.

So our first game we are playing is Action Figures where Candice and Meredith where we found the Aurora Borealis Seal! Next in Questions squash waffles are grown with steroids and we saw Emily’s gun show. Now in New Born, Niagrra Falls and Taylor Swift had a baby named John Wilkes Booth. Then in Two Headed Monster, NYC can be a hard place to get a gig, but an easy place to sell a doggie pencil. Next in Slogans where Cheese Cake is better Factory Made is better than Factory Farmed. In Sit, Stand & Lie Down we summoned demons and quenched Chad’s thirst. Finally in Irish Ditty outside made us hurl so we played C.O.D.!

And scene!

BYOI – Shakira’s Hips

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20160415_184500Here we are at our Youth Collective Show with Meghan, Maddie, Emmie and our FAM tonight Rachel! Rachel works as a manager a kitchen, hangs out in coffee shops and has always wanted to explore and relax in Australia. So in FAM Sing It we learned not to get up in people’s grill in the kitchen and not to be Sassy.

We move in to What Are You Doing, where beats a rockin’. Then in Marriage Counselor where Meghan and Maddie they were forced to go to class, over hair twirling and they are always stuck in traffic. Next up is Rope where roads were chopped and faces were frosted. At the coffee shop you can taste the banana seeds and allows you to mocha your soul in Pillars. It was trendy. Finally in Highlander, Maddie had to perform nonsense which just became more nonsense.

And scene!

BYOI – Chicken Little

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20160415_150204Today BYOI got to perform at Community Preparatory School with Mrs. Rojek’s 5th grade class for their whole school! We had Meredith, Candice, myself and our FAM Aereis! Aereis wants to be a architect, loves handing with friends playing ball and wants to own a Red Panda. So in a game of Pillars we had a large biodegradable wall that no one would help me build.

Next up, we played Alphabet with Koko, Ben and Romona where photocopied cats were great for math. Then in Two Headed Monster we played with Loreana and found out that outside is not a good motivator for cleaning your room. Moving on to Chainsaw with Kiara, Ama and Marshall had a journalist in Hawaii with a triangle became a accountant in a cafe with a jumprope. Next we had Trolley Stop with Lydia, Elhadji and Gloria where the chicken was little. Now in Action Figures where Mrs. Rojek and a colleague helped us get the board game by kicking in the door. Finally in Spelling Bee, Cristian, Ky’Shawn and Derek helped us realize that everyone is brilliant!

Thanks for having us Community Preparatory!

And Scene!