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BYOI – Go for the Gold!

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20160730_094342It’s 9 o’clock on Friday at the Warwick Museum of Art, time for Bring Your Own Improv! Our Featured AudienceMember tonight was Jordan, who likes chicken and has mysterious friends. We started off the night with a round of FAM Reunion, where our cast expertly portrayed Jordan and his friends on Halloween. There was much indifference, the costume was homemade, and the evil (or at least annoying) villain stole a name. Next was Tableau, where apples fell on the floor in detention, organic shopping carts never visited aisle three, and Charles Darwin visited a gila monster in the Galapagos.

After that, we gave Revolver a spin, while we avoided golf at all costs. In Interrogation lineup, Dancing Daniel eventually confessed to changing the oil to a car at the movie theatre with a notable female olympian. Following that we played Catch Phrase while polishing trophies in an Olympic museum, where nobody bought the donuts, the fashion was painfully lacking, and Emily tried her very, very best. World’s Worst introduced us to popcorn eating firefighters, lots of poorly timed Pokemon Go playing, and the worst pool boy ever.

In a rousing round of Fortunately/Unfortunately, little Timmy had new shoes but couldn’t quite get his footing, mom loved hopscotch and the cake was lonely but delicious. We capped off the night with Lines from a Cup, where there were entirely too many pidgeys.

….and Scene!

BYOI – The Ladder Is Important

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20160730_094425It’s Friday night at the Warwick Museum of Art, and you know what that means: It’s time for BYOI’s Family Friendly show! Our Featured Audience Member tonight was Mali, who loves Dr. Who and wants to visit England. For our first game, we played Say it Again where Dr. Who didn’t drive the Vespa for Uber in the operating room, and the surgeon found out the nurse was actually an orderly. Next up was Sports Commentator, where cast member Jonathan and youth collective member Carolyn hosted The World Tile Laying Championship between Sweden and Ireland. Shamrocks were shattered, grout was too dry and the Irish team won by default.

In Pillars, tea was glittered, accents were lost in the flash drive, and Emily wanted to hay-bail but forgot about the ocean. We played  Madam Zelda after that, where Daniel had to predict that Emily was going to trip on a Pokemon, blow away the leak in her hot air balloon, and became a forklift operator in space. For our game of Alphabet, we stormed out of the complaints department. The boss was just wonderful, kites belonged to Kennedy, and dingoes were in the wilderness of Albequerque.

That was followed up by Spelling Bee, where an elf is hairy with many ears, Manly cowboy likes to horse frequently, and a cyclone is an awesome, terrible twisty. While playing Follow that Action, the nice shoe fit Jonathan well, the leaning tower was hard to hold on to, and a proposal was interrupted with happy results.For our Finale Song,  the fat cats were done, the husband was just plain good, and the kitty ran for government office.

…and Scene!!!!

BYOI – Death By Moon Pies

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imageWe’re back at the Warwick Center For the Arts (formerly the Warwick Museum of Art) with Amy, Emily, Daniel, Candice, Kennedy and Josh! Our FAM was Victoria! She came to the show with the amazing Josh, and likes doing fun things! In FAM Movie Critics, Victoria met Josh and there was a whip involved? There was an epic love story with shetland ponies that were just a smidge taller than Amy.

Sports Commentator showed us the Vacuuming Championship, with vacuums used as weapons. I’ve never seen vacuuming like that! We then moved on to Remake, with a hidden dairy allergy in the valley. After a few rough starts, Emily seemed happy with the musical version. Good Cop, Bad Cop was next! Daniel stole a fish from the fishtank at a PokeStop with Cher! Emily and audience member Paul had a blast getting him to confess to that horrible crime.

Marriage was prominent in Alphabet, where a 4 year old wanted to visit Amsterdam. Story, Story, Die was needley, the moon was made of cookies instead of cheese, and drugs were bad. This was followed by Follow That Action, with garbage men sorting stuff and lots of beeping. Irish Ditty was last, with things I can’t write about in the blog. Plus dogs.

And scene!

BYOI – Blastizard?

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imageWe had a great fun at our family friendly show the Warwick Center For the Arts! “But wait!” I hear you say, “What do you mean? I thought you were at the Warwick Museum of Art?!” We are still at the same beautiful venue, but they’ve changed their name! Tonight we had David, Daniel, Kennedy, Candice, Emily and Josh on stage! Our FAM was Adam, He goes to school, which he described as sadness school. Boo! He’s really enjoying playing “Pokemon Go” with his Vaporeon. He’d like to combine Blastoise & Charizard to make a super Pokemon! In FAM Remake, “Light Fabric” was a short film that gave Adam light sadness to go along with his excess glee. The scifi version had a long-winded robot, the action had the cast diffusing a bomb on the homework, and the cartoon version at Depression High was goofy.

Sit, Stand and Lie Down had Josh, Candice and Kennedy all over the place as they made porridge fingers! Meanwhile started with a really boring date, before moving to Johnny Rockets and a focus group for socially awkward kids. Interrogation Lineup was next, with a horrible crime committed! Someone at potato chips at the Gap with Madonna. That someone was Daniel!

The Two Headed Monster didn’t know the difference between chicken and fries, which sometimes happens. Next up was Slogans, where the office was safe from fire because of a stapler, and the Rocky Mountains were more fun than Bullwinkle Mountains. Candice and Kennedy made great action figures for Josh and Daniel to move, with a mixed pot of coffee. The cast ended the show singing about the FAM’s banana bread muffins.

BYOI – Our 800th FAM & 900th Post!!!

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20160719_190757Here at Brown University on a Tuesday night, BYOI is performing for this brilliant group of STEM students with Amy, Jonathan, Kennedy and Myself. Tonight Anabella is not just our FAM, but our 800th FAM!!! That is over 800 shows we have now performed since August of 2008. But back to Anabella, who loves Florida Beaches and would like to have mind reading powers. In our FAM game of Remake, we saw a musical laundry day and finished up with some Anime fun!

Next up was Pillars where the building of a monument could have kept us apart from the tide and required more bananas. The Quickest Minute brought us a quick Star Wars where Luke asked to be a Jedi and then was struck down and Greedo shot Jar Jar. Timmy in the Well had Marie Curie enhanced by radiation in Springfield. We followed that up with Alphabet gave us quinoa sweat soup and Action Figures gave us massive hammers. Finally in Debate Club we found that Pokemon Go is dangerous, running is hard and Kennedy is old!

And scene!

BYOI – Discovering the Magic of Jupiter’s Spot

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20160715_221952It’s the 9pm show at Bring Your Own Improv! On cast were David, Amy, Kennedy, Alan, Candice and Daniel. Our lucky FAM was Allison, who likes horror films and doesn’t Pokemon Go. In FAM Growing and Shrinking Machine, the lambs weren’t sleeping, Candice was a professional accident, a child almost lost his head, and Allison gave up on Mr. White.

Next we played What are you Doing? where hopscotch is played in Guam, moon landings abound, time lords squeeze into spandex while surfing the internet, and the goat is in China. Then, it was on to Questions, where the erector set was expensive, the earth was overpopulated with spawners, Amy changed her pants, the bunnies were too much for Candice, and missing watermelon angered Alan. In Excuses, Excuses, David convinced Kennedy that he was late for work for the eight time this week, because he was stuck in traffic, was watching the muppet show, and was possessed by a demon. We played Typewriter next, where Amy and our audience volunteer wrote the horror novel, “Don’t Go Outside!” where we ditched the Pokemon, friendly woodland squirrels with attitude and allergies ate last season’s Gucci shoes, and Alan made sure there was dinner. David hosted a Spelling Bee after that, where  lamb is like potato pillow softness, pickles are green, we would be expelled for misspelling expulsion, we totally knew that peregrination involved grenades, and syllogisms are best defined after 9pm. For the game Sit, Stand & Lie Down, Alan had acne and the principal wasn’t much help. Ducks and snow angels invaded the office, and Daniel invented the natural clay mask. David was the winner of our final game, Highlander, where apple juice was too much for school, Google wasn’t cheating, and syllogisms cause nausea.

And Scene!

BYOI – Beauty and the Charizard

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20160715_200901It’s 7 pm at the Warwick Museum of Art, time for our Family Friendly show! On cast were Daniel, Amy, Kennedy, Alan, David and Candice. Our FAM was Kristen, who works at a big box retailer and enjoys the people she works with. Our first game was FAM pillar, where Candice had a huge dryer for laundry and bought the expired milk on sale, and David’s sister was an orphan.
In The Quickest Minute, Youth Collective member Carolyn joined David and Amy for a lightning fast, almost entirely bookless rendition of the story of Beauty and the Pokemon Beast. Lines from a Cup brought us Kennedy and Daniel with an audience volunteer. They had trouble at Walmart with staplers, burned the applesauce, forgot the cheese and needed thier knees.
Next up was Good Cop, Bad Cop, where Alan was coerced by Candice and our audience volunteer to confess to the crime of leaving the dishes in the litterbox while he was in the Bahamas with Colonel Mustard. For Six Pack, Carolyn and Rachel joined Kennedy, David, Daniel and Alan for scenes on invisibility, clowns and candy. Daniel couldn’t handle his twin, the clowns didn’t make it,and the terible candy raised the roof. Daniel hosted the rest of the cast, youth collective member Allie, and visiting cast member Josh for a game of Rope, where the cats were down the drain, the watermelons were juiced, and the light was not flattering.
In Serious Scene, Candice meant business! David wasn’t a beach person, helmet packs made sense, dancing trees were strange, and we cut them down to size.
Our final game was Debate Club, where former cast member Eric, Youth collective Member Rachel and audience member Karen joined the argument. Kennedy didnt know who Professor X is, Patrick Stewart was too expensive, Amy wasn’t telepathic, Ally didn’t speak French and the Marvel Universe can’t be debated without Stan Lee, and we all knew Eric would win.

And Scene!

BYOI – Donkey Farmers from Maine

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spottedassIn today’s youth show we had Ally, Charlotte, Gabby, Jillian and Rachel in the cast. Our Featured Audience Member, Hue, enjoys working as a Donkey farmer and spends his free time enjoying visits to Maine and aspiring to be Princess Belle. In our first game, FAMlander, Ally’s friend brought a donkey into class as an unwanted birthday surprise, turning the classroom into a chaotic zoo.

During Tableau we witnessed a candy bar in space, an unhappy twinkle living a lonely life at a gas station, and a can of red bull advertising at a motorcycle competition. During Guidance Counselor, our counselor faced a student dealing with strange odors, a teacher dealing with a loud mouth, and a firefighter living with a tragic flat tire. The cast had some Quick Scene and then during our last game Busta Rap the cast busted a serious rap

And Scene!

BYOI – The Italian Zebra Wolf

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imageThanks for coming back to our late night show at the Warwick Museum of Art! This show featured Meredith, Kennedy, Emily, Jonathan and Amy. Our FAM Ryan was celebrating his 30th birthday! He’s a personal trainer, where helping people is the best and worst part of his day. He came to the show with his expectant wife, family and friends. In FAM Greatest Hits, Amy sang the reggae song, “Puppies No More,” while Kennedy and Emily sang the ballad, “Magnetic Love.”

Try That On For Size started off the night, with audience members Kristen and Jim jumping on stage with our friend Erich. Some featured actions were trying to shake hands with Captain Hook, going fly fishing and washing windows the long way. Pillars had audience members Jon and Paul giving Meredith, Emily and Jonathan words. They fungused everything and franked! Aaah chicklet! Everythig Emporium had Emily looking for a reusable q-tip, Amy needing a TARDIS that stays put & Erich wanting a garden hoe that tells time. Thankfully, Kennedy had all of them!

The Two Headed Monster was played by Jonathan and our FAM’s wife! They did a scene with Emily where they looked for the X that marked the spot. Slogans had some great lines like: Paperclips, for when you want to put pieces of paper together without the commitment; Astronauts, for when the government wants to get rid of you; and Slinky, look, there’s stairs! Serious Scene had great participation, as the cast and audience members went hunting in the woods. They found a wild Taylor Lautner! Do Run ended a great night, with the cast singing about Ryan and his friends.

Happy birthday Ryan!

And scene!

BYOI – Canada Goes To Disneyworld

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imageFun was had at our family show at the Warwick Museum of Art with Meredith, Jonathan, Kennedy, David and Emily! Our FAM was Savannah, who loves swimming and inherited her grandmother’s old dog. She’s smart about commmunication and where to avoid. Savannah has a new fan in the cast since she loves “Beauty and the Beast.” Canada tried crowdfunding in FAMPack, where mom didn’t want to be found.

First up was Good Bad & Ugly, with a special appearance from BYOI alum Erich! We heard about how to properly visit McDonald’s, how to avoid spoilers and how to visit Hawaii. Meredith was a very particular character in Guidance Counselor, and she was great at giving Kennedy, Emily and audience member Karen advice! She helped with last minute science projects, bathroom anxiety and a math teacher who couldn’t add.

Excuses, Excuses had Emily late for work! First she overslept, then she lost her iguana in an igloo and finally, she ran into a real-life “Jumanji” on her way in. Next up, Savannah was in charge of the bell in Sing It! Limbs disappeared on unnamed trees on a tour. Exactly, eh? This was followed by Quick Scenes, we witnessed milk lemonade, soccer auditions and the battle of Joe vs. the volcano. Highlander was fun as the cast went to an American Korean Mongolian barbecue. In the end, Meredith was eliminated from the final pair, so Jonathan had to perform alone. We ended the show with Busta Rap! Once again, Jonathan was the winner.

And scene!