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BYOI @ Trinity Rep 2016

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20160827_124642We are back at Trinity Rep again this year for the Season Kick Off Block Party 2016! It is Emily, Jonathan, David and Myself. We only have 8 minutes, so here is a quick show and a quick blog!

Our FAM this afternoon was Amelia who is in the 8th grade and hated Social Studies class with Mrs. Henderson. So with a quick game of Highlander, Jonathan discovered that Mrs. Henderson was super mean, liked only Apple products and would not let students go to the bathroom until after they went to the bathroom.

It was a great mini show and a lot of fun! Thanks for having us Trinity!

And Scene!

BYOI – Got to Digitize It!

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It’s 9pm at the Warwick Museum of Art, time for Bring Your Own Improv and cast member Alan’s Farewell show. IMG_20160827_161119

Our FAM was Alan, who is leaving to work on his master’s degree in marine science. On cast were Daniel, David, Alan, Josh and auditioners Kim and Bethany. We surprised Alan by making him FAM! Our first game was FAM Day in the Life, where Daniel played Alan in a typical day. massive hands and all. We followed that up with “What are You Doing?”, during which planes flew, sheep were shared instead of shorn, water was studied, and Jim wasn’t so quick after all.

In Sing It, Superman couldn’t get into the phone booth because Daniel was busy channeling Oedipus. In the end, Lex Luthor got Kryptonite, needed his nemesis, and Mom showed up at 3;30. Pavlovian Response included cod cooking, Yee Haw, and jumping. I guess you had to be there, but that was no chicken! After that, we played lines from a cup, in which a group of germs on a big toe played Boom Boom Pow with a fungi, and no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. Blank Walks into a Bar was next, and the sock puppets sang the song that never ends. Freeze Tag was our last scene game of the evening, where the olympics went awry. the discus skipped on water, and Josh had a newborn baby Daniel! We capped of the evening by singing DoRun, where we made Alan sing all about himself.

….and Scene!!!

BYOI – Just Joshing Around

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Its 7pm at the Warwick Museum of Art, time for our Family Friendly show!20160827_191433

On cast tonight were Alan, Josh, Daniel, David and auditioners Kim and Bethany.  Our FAM is Scott, who works for an insurance agency. He enjoy his job, but would rather stay home and play video games. He enjoys playing World of Warcraft, and would like to travel to the Bahamas with his family. We started out the evening with Welcome Song, where we sang all about Scott and his family while Josh almost managed to lead us on guitar.  Next, we played Try That on for Size with double dutch, the game of life becoming a pizza and a lock, a cannon being loaded and becoming an angry hampster, Mr. Miyagi gor really specific, and Alan flapped his wings differently. Revolver came after that, where Alan ate all the cookies, the astronauts talked about their mission, woodstock had music, and the seeds needed so much moist mulch. Bethany threw a party in Party Quirks for Youth Collective member Carolyn, who stole the show with her impression of  Josh, David (who was the Mojave desert) and Josh (who was a spoon).

In our game of Guidance Counselor, Daniel got a rainbow tattoo, auditioner  Bethany was coughing up fur balls, and volunteer Barbara was trying to find a solution for stopping a plane robbery at the airport. After that, we played Back in My Day. and discussed the good old days before hotels, iron workers,  bus drivers or trees. Following that was Freeze Tag, where is was all about the bass, driving school got dangerous, and it was hard to paint a portrait, because of the rattlesnakes. Grandma gives the best gifts. Our final game was Quickest Minute, where we attempted to recreate the Matrix in 60 seconds or less.

And SCENE!!!!!

BYOI – Almost as Artsy as Art Itself

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It’s 6pm at BYOI, and it’s time for our Youth Collective show!20160827_191350

Our cast was Rowan, Ryan, Carolyn, Emmie, Hetta and Madeline, and our FAM was Trinity, who is eight years old and starts Third grade on Tuesday. She’s looking forward to learning cursive ths year, enjoys dancing, and loves puppies. We played a round of FAM Typewriter for our first game, we wrote a fantasy story called “Trinity and Sienna defeat the Lovable Chickens.” The dog lost his squeaky toy in Story Land, Dorothy wasn’t in Kansas anymore, and they got caught in a tornado. We moved on to Trolley Stop, where a whole slew of crazy characters met up to creep each other out.

In Newborn, Lady Gaga and a vacuum cleaner had a baby that was the Eifel Tower. After that was World’s Worst, where the fire station had no trucks, the teacher couldn’t understand why there were kids in the school, and the spoon had holes. Pizza had pineapple, the princess didn’t want to be rescued, and the lawyers charged too much and called their clients guilty. In our game of Centerpiece, getting taller made it cooler. There was a really, really big pidgeon that ate a sandwich, the building wasn’t stable, and the photographer took artsy pictures of the drawings.

It was a close game in Debate Club argued over how sparkly the shoes could be.

…and Scene!!!

BYOI – Beavers With Whiskers

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imageWe’re back for our late night all ladies show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Once again, Kennedy, Candice, Amy and Emily were joined by auditioners Ally and Sarah. Our FAM Christie is a college student and librarian. She enjoys seeing movies and came to the show with her friends Kristen and Gwen, who are both crazy. She’s not the biggest fan of shelving books, so everyone be nice at the library and put stuff back! Happy birthday to Christie! FAM Day In the Life had fish, tuna fish and discriminated against fish!

Try That On For Size had Candice trying to figure out the Dewey Decimal System, Kennedy doing the Bend & Snap and audience member Jim sword fighting two people once. Freeze Tag had pizza hidden in the card catalog at the library, sauce on the rare books and random swearing at kids on the fields. Next up, Ally hosted friend at Party Quirks. She invited Candice the psychotic broom, Kennedy AKA Kim Kardashian, and an audience member, who was allergic to little.

Guidance Counselor had Jonathan on guitar while Sarah gave advice. Emily needed to learn how to add, Ally had a sausagey shepherd’s pie in her lunchbox, and a very brave audience member was stuffed in the locker. Because I Said So followed this, because why not follow up high school with toddlers? We learned that ice cream comes from excited cows, aliens visit for the spray paint fumes, and acting school was only for waiters. Growing and Shrinking had Ian trying to fix the worst conga line ever, Amy getting robbed at the Olympics and Ally had negative 15 SPF to get all the rays. The final game of the night was Debate Club! They debated about the pros and cons of death, food poisoning and we met the first Candice birther conspiracy theorist! At the end, we had to give kudos to Kennedy since it was her last show before leaving to go to college. Go be awesome, Kennedy!

And scene!

BYOI – You’re My BFF

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imageTonight we had a fun family friendly show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! It was an all female cast onstage, with Candice, Emily, Amy and Kennedy joined by auditioners Sarah and Ally. Our FAM was Marissa! She’s going into the second grade soon and has a few kitties at home! She loves Dory and would like another cat. FAM Typewriter started off a story of a mermaid and Dory. During their travels, they met an underwater magical hairdressing cat and a teacher named “I Don’t Know.”

Trolley Stop brought interesting characters to the stage, like squirrels, cloud chasers and super excited trolley lovers! Remake had a Jane Austen novel adaptation remade as a space opera. Director Kennedy was super picky, so they had to redo it again as a Monty Python sketch! New Born had Sarah and Josh as a toaster and Tim Curry. They were the proud new parents of baby Bora Bora!

Sarah was the common denominator in Centerpiece, where she had a blast riding the vaccuum cleaner. The cool cats were not intimidating with their jazz hands. Hey, a Pop Tart! World’s Worst shows us the worst teacher, baker and new Avenger, Captain Canada. Up next was Freeze Tag, with sleepy time in the poppies, a lesson in smores making and a prom turtleneck. The show ended with Irish Ditty, as the ladies sang about a singing cat.

And scene!

BYOI – Life As An Epipen

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In tonight’s cast we had Carolyn, Hetta, Madeline, Rowan, Ryan, and Emmie. We were lucky enough to be joined by our FAM, featured audience member, Sharon. Sharon spends her time at home writing and designing or reading books like outlander. She would love to go off to England and maybe would like to get a cat one day. In our first game, sing it, we witnessed cats at work being made into a tv show! During tableau we visited Hawaii and caught some waves, experienced a pistachio allergy, and sleeping beauty taking a snooze. In marriage counselor our loved ones experienced ear aches, a chocolate addiction, and hated doing the dishes! After that, we experienced some deaths  by dancing and swimming during story, story, die. We got to listen to a lovely story about Alice’s terrible tea time. During catch phrase we asked where the chocolate came from and begged to stop the ride while prepping for a marathon on a roller Coaster! In our last game, highlander, we got to make lids in a run down factory. And scene!

BYOI – That’s Why You’re the Water Boy

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IMG_20160818_121106BYOI was at Lincoln Woods State Park for a super fun summer camp! Our cast for the day was Josh, Kennedy, and Emily. FAM Ava loves Harley Quinn, she wants to be a singer when she grows up, and she loves hanging out with her friends at camp!

Our first game was FAMlander, where Ava and her friend snuck into Taylor Swift’s dressing room. After T-Swift and Ava got over-excited meeting each other, body guard Josh broke up the fun… causing him to get fired. Emily was our big “winner.” Next was Pillars. Kennedy and Emily were firefighters in the middle of the desert. After their hose was filled with bricks and they didn’t have a keyboard for their computer, they decided to ask the firetruck for help. After that was Trolley Stop, where we saw two clowns blow people’s minds with snake balloon animals and everyone wanted cake from the store.

Josh was the owner of three dogs in Timmy in the Well, where we learned that Beyoncé took out the trash in Florida. Two Headed Monster came next. We discovered our monster, Kennedy and an audience member, had been stealing items they thought they needed for the past four years, including Katy Perry’s signature, a gold medal, and their pet. Officer Emily took the medal for herself and called it even. In Action Figures, Josh and Emily got to play some basketball. The problem was, Josh would throw the ball to Emily, who would move her arms and get hit. Practicing “I’m a Little Tea Pot” didn’t seem to help her. Our last game was Sing It. Coach Josh tried to help Water Boy Kennedy become a better baseball player during the off season with renditions of Rihanna, Frozen, and Beyoncé.

And scene!

BYOI – The Peanut Revolution

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imageWe’re back for improv at the Warwick Center For the Arts! We once again had Alan, Meredith, Daniel and Kennedy joined by auditioners Barbara and Rachel. Our late night show’s FAM was Thomas! He recently finished getting his Bachelor’s degree for accounting. He thinks Godzilla is cool! He wasn’t sure what he would bring to save the world, but thankfully his friend Katie answered for him! She said he’d bring snacks. FAM Pack had Alan and Thomas as vegan cheeseburger salesmen, while Meredith taught Rachel gibberish and Kennedy and Barbara had a calculator from 1803.

Trolley Stop started off the show, with hilarious characters like gymnasts, monotonous people and peanut lovers. In Say It Again, Daniel tried to be Marlon Brando and marshmallows were a great distraction. Madame Zelda was a blast as Alan got his fortune told by Rachel! Thankfully the spirits were there to let her know that Alan was going to pour salt on his pancakes before getting stuck in a tarpit and ultimately ending up married to a clown. Revolver had yellow tea made from snow and too much brain in the head was overwhelming.

They didn’t have table tennis in Back In My Day since there weren’t any tables! So sad! They also didn’t have plungers, blenders or French. This was followed by Freeze Tag, where Meredith was taking the job of capturing birth very seriously. Audience member Kim had strong jazz hands and the poles were in the mail. The show ended with Curtain Call, with the cast singing about the mountains of New Hampshire, gross babies and our FAM Thomas!

And scene!

BYOI – Ground Beef Cupcakes

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imageIt was a dark and stormy night…so why not play some improv games at the Warwick Center For the Arts? Tonight’s family friendly show was fun with Meredith, Daniel, Kennedy and Alan joined by auditioners Rachel and Barbara. Our FAM was Betty, who thankfully loves the crazy rain storm that was going on during the show! She’s a retired librarian and she brought her New Hampshirian granddaughter to the show. She loves nonfiction books and would bring Trinity to help save the world since she’s a wonderful grandmother! In FAM Sing It, the cupcakes needed more calories, and the pesky neighbor wanted all of them.

Tableau started off the night, with a different books in the library, lost and found food at the amusement park and an air of respect at the golf course. Questions had a lost cat in the tree, Bahston accents and aliens eating ice cream in a tornado. Marriage Counselor had Barbara fixing the marriage of Daniel, who thought he was a monster under the bed, and audience member Kim, who couldn’t stop buying motorcycles. Together, they were stuck in Hawaii.

Catch Phrase gave Alan a bunch of power and they needed all the stamps. Next up was Story, Story, Die! The cast and some audience members told a crazy story with the moon under the ocean, ands, and Percy and the mice battling aliens. Fortunately/Unfortunately had a story about art. Unfortunately, they thought fingerpainting was uncultured. The night ended with Highlander! Kennedy, Barbara, Rachel and a very brave audience member looked for a stolen elephant but instead found monkeys.

And scene!