20161217_215137BYOI is doing a company Christmas party and tonight it is for TransCanada here at the Providence Biltmore! We have Jonathan, Emily, David and Myself and our FAM tonight is Joe. Joe works with a lot of online training and thinks it would be great if he could turn invisible at work so no one would give him more work to do. So in our first game of Remake we got to see how a romantic relationship with HR could be a problem with… HR.

Next up in Pillars we gave money to the moist fund. After that Emily drove a Zamboni at the Water Treatment Plant with Elton John in Good Cop, Bad Cop. In Action Figures I was praying for a high five and Debate Club taught us all that there are much better “F” words to use at work.

Thanks for having us out for a few laughs at your party!

And scene!