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BYOI – I’ve Had Enough Of Your Pie

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imageThanks for joining again for our late night show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! We once again had a blast with Barbara, Candice, Ally, Daniel, Kennedy and Jonathan. Our FAM was Emily, who is from Philadelphia and visiting a friend! She is very spiritual and is working on the Couch to 5k Run! Her love of pie may get in the way; I know mine would. Rock on, Emily! FAM Sing It was a blast, with beef deep in Daniel’s mouth, a secret job chicken job and a cat with rhythm. My favorite part was the sequined Richard Simmons.

Serious Scene started off with the Pop, Rock and Drop It and Kennedy being expected to eat really bad food. Daniel didn’t want to be micromanaged by Barbara and audience member Jake in Catch Phrase as they tried to find a missing library card. This was followed by Madame Zelda, where Candice had to tell Daniel about his future. His cat was going to go broke, his jelly donuts were going to fall up the stairs, and finally, his rabbit and hamster were going to mate to make his 4th arm.

Revolver was a blast with an awkward doctor appointment, dabbing with Jonathan and audience member Ken, and all the falls. Famous Last Words had the last words of soap, tweezers, a local pastor and a massager. This was followed by Good, Bad & Ugly, where audience members Rose, Kate and Ken taught us about how to deal with stress, how to make friends and how to collect money owed to you. The night ended with Highlander! Jonathan, Candice, Barbara and Kennedy did a remake of “Beauty and the Beast” which was unlike any vversion I’ve seen before. In the end, it came down to Candice and Kennedy, with the latter perforning all 4 scenes.

And scene!

BYOI – Pin the Tail on Sudoku

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imageWe had a great time at the Warwick Center For the Arts for our family friendly show! You should have been there, or you would have laughed at the antics of Candice, Jonathan, Barbara, Ally, Daniel and Kennedy. Our FAM is Nick, who is an accounting student at RIC! He enjoys being awesome at math and playing guitar. He happens to know a nice girl, who blushed the entire time she interviewed him, and it was adorable. Jonathan and Nick hosted FAM Greatest Hits, where Candice sang a love song to numbers, while Daniel & Barbara sang about dodgeball!

The show started off with Try That On For Size! Candice shaved off someone’s muttonchops, Barbara did modified yoga, and a few of them painted houses. Pillars had Daniel and Barbara going to dodgeball camp, with waffles and slimy pools! Next up was Chainsaw! We had a mad scientist in Iceland with a plunger, but it soehow was guessed as a barista, karaoke singer or hot tub with a massage chair.

Everything was cool in Short Cutz! That’s because the carpet covered everything we didn’t want to deal with, and we ate all the ice cream. The cast was joined by audience members Carolyn, Shane and Rose in Busta Rap! Jonathan tried to take Rose out at the end, but failed, so Rose won the game! Kennedy and Candice had an interesting time in Helping Hands, as a mother and daughter trying to make chores fun. The show ended in song with Curtain Call,

And scene!

BYOI – Home Inspections & Cat Doors

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IMG_20170125_1354301What a great show with the hardworking and dedicated folks from RISE Engineering!! The cast included Ian, Candice, Barbara and of course our FAM, Brian (BK). BK is the fearless leader of the RISE crew who really has a passion for keeping his customers happy and a zest for the outdoors!!

Our games started off with FAM Sing It hosted by Barbara. It was Candice’s first day on the job with Ian and Barbara to cheer her on… this may or may not have included breaking in via cat door but Candice was up for the challenge!! Pillars, hosted by Ian, was great fun, especially with our 2 awesome volunteers. Barbara and Candice had a lovely haunted ski trip full of selfies and tasty beverages. The audience LOVED it… until they were informed that a crime had been committed by Ian in Good Cop/Bad Cop hosted by Candice. Barbara and Liz, with some expert interrogation skills, made Ian confess to taking all the insulation in a resort with Beyonce. Next up was Two Headed Monster hosted by Ian, where Candice and our monster (Barbara and Ian) decided to spice things up with their furry prom dress!! Barbara hosted our last game of the day where our two action figures became one with the printer!!


BYOI – The Friendship Is Geek

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imageWelcome back to a great night of improv with Erich, Daniel, Emily, Kennedy, Barbar and Jonathan. Our FAM for the late night show at the Warwick Center For the Arts was Kat the Meowtastic! She works for a wonderful place helping those in need. She came to the show with her friend James, who she knows from a fun sounding sci-fi club. She’s a fan of all things geek, like conventions, movies and fun costumes. FAM Say It Again had Daniel and Erich making meaningful contact with a creature. They learned it’s too soon to mention Carrie Fisher, we met Spanish speaking Nifflers and Barbara taught Daniel how to speak nerd.

The show started off with The Quickest Minute! Erich, Jonathan and audience member Jim performed the 60 second version of “Labrynth” and I might want to see the real film now! Alphabet had the cast and audience member Paul in scenes about sock puppets, not listening and stage fright! Interrogation Lineup had audience member Mary witnessing the horrible crime of Jonathan eating donuts in a cathedral with the Pillsbury doughboy.

Remake had Erich as the picky director in a film about a unicorn! After a few casting changes, we met a robot dude, a dad and a street wise detective, played by our dear friend Alan. Debate Club had the cast joined by audience members Jim and Alison, as they debated love of cheese, walking around Woonsocket, and interesting meetings in the bathroom. Freeze Tag had bad mom, altar boy school, and Emily took joy in having the tables turned. The cast ended the night with a hilarious recap in the Finale Song!

And scene!

BYOI – What Is a Pawtuxet?

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imageThanks for joining us for another fun family friendly show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Tonight’s cast was Barbara, Erich, Jonathan, Emily, Daniel and Kennedy! Our first FAM of the night was Jen! She works in a behavioral program to help people lose weight. She likes tennis and shopping, and came to the show with some of her friends, who are all funny and sweet. She’s sweet too, since she would use superpowers for good. The cast serenaded Jen in FAM Do Run before starting off the show!

The first game of the night was Trolley Stop, with generic church friends, visually impaired men and foodies waiting for their rides. Say It Again was fun with Jonathan, Erich and audience member Carolyn. They were visiting Niagara Falls, where grandpa wasn’t old or clumsy; he just had an inner ear issue. Timmy In the Well had Marilyn Monroe golfing on the Moon. Kennedy, Emily and Daniel gave great clues as dogs!

Movie Critics had Erich and audience member Karen introducing a Bostonian movie. It had a character doing too much shopping, a showdown between Amazon and Jen, and a fake dog who did tricks. Up next was Because I Said So, where tennis was great because of deodorant, humans were sometimes turtles–or rabbits, research was interesting, numbers were crunchy and Erich’s boss was mean. Thanks to audience member Paul and our friend Alan for helping out! This was followed by Growing and Shrinking Machine, with scary babies, lazy cheerleading, and lots of chair maneuvering. The show ended with Sing It! Jen rang the bell a bunch of times to make the cast sing. Daniel needed help with his words, Jonathan needed the nurse and a lawsuit.

And scene!

BYOI – What Do You Have Against Purple?

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imageWelcome back to our late night comedy show at the Warwick Center of the Arts! We once again had Ally, Emily, Daniel, Barbar and Ian on stage. Our late night show’s FAM was Leonidas! He’s a bagger at Stop & Shop, and he hates finger snapping customers. He loves Charlie Chaplin films and is a coach for Special Olympics. One day, he’ll make it down to Puerto Rico to visit family. FAM Revolver had dick-taters and a rescinded prom date.

Highlander started off the night, with yoga. The audience made Barbara’s wishes come true by letting her off stage after Ally. It was the sport that made Daniel feel like a man in tights! Typewriter had Ian and audience member Jonathan transporting us to Puerto Rico, with g-strings and debt. The more you know! They drowned the bioluminescent creatures and caused evolution out of the lava lamp. Good Cop Bad Cop was next, with Emily committing insurance fraud in a San Juan fort with Marilyn Manson. Thankfully, officers Ian and Daniel were able to get a confession.

Dead Santa and fighting started off scenes in Questions! Barbara wasn’t sure if she wanted to be tricked and Ian lamented the possible loss of tradition. The cast showed off their impeccable rap skills in Busta Rap, and as always, Ian won the rap battle! We then moved onto Fortunately/Unfortunately, where the backup plan to repealed benefits was a trip to Denny’s. Along the way, the English teacher’swife started a bakery and made the cream with her husband. Daniel and audience member Jonathan told the great story while Ally and audience member Jake mimed it out. The night ended with the cast telling a story in song in Do Run.

And scene!

BYOI – The More You Know

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imageIt’s Friday night, which means BYOI at the Warwick Center For the Arts! We had a great cast for the family friendly show, with Daniel, Ian, Ally, Emily and Barbara on stage. Our FAM was Karen! She spend her time homeschooling her daughter, Carolyn. They enjoy coming to improv, studying archaeology and going on field trips. Karen reads and sews costumes during her down time. In FAM Day in the Life, Common Core standards were inspected and a 21,000 page, size 2 font paper needed to be proofread that day.

Tableau made pictures of a secret lair with beef stroganoff stew, a karate studio with a broken arm, and a 3D movie! Revolver was fun, with audience member Ari buying a fishbowl and a rocketship to become an astronaut, while audience member Carolyn threw rare coins into the well to check how deep it went. Ian played Leonardo DiCaprio in Press Conference, where he announced his chain of helicopters.

Meanwhile was next, with the rude girls, static electricity, and the diabetes clinic. OMG Becky! This was followed by Back In My Day, where we went back to the times with no archaeology, horse makeovers or Etch-a-Sketches. Ally had an iPad and Ari had paper! After this, it was time for advice with Good, Bad & Ugly! We learned it’s bad to tell the rude kids to go away, asking Facebook friends for help with solving the DaVinci Code would get really, really ugly. The final game of the show was Say It Again! Emily showed the way to the grape nut pudding at the nursing home, and Ian gleefully kept ringing the bell on her.

And scene!

BYOI – Accidental Accents

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imageWelcome back to our late night show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! It was such a blast with Amy, Daniel, Erich, Kennedy, Ally and Emily!

Our second FAM of the new season was Michaela! She came to the show with the sassy Derek and geeky Jonathan and Jacob! She’s a freshman in college and loves movies. All of them are part of our great group of regulars, and we love them. FAM Reunion had the cast doing a World Of Warcraft & Star Trek marathon party with some sick burns.

What Are You Doing had sign language serenades, a possible general, and a roller disco birthday party. Next up was Remake! We started off with Amy directing the origin of Thanksgiving. The youngest members of our cast did a great 1920’s version, followed by a horror version, and finally, a centennial documentary. Chainsaw was complete insanity, with a mall cop at the Death Star with an avocado. NOT a person dabbing or a Nazi on a highway with cotton candy or frosting.

In Alphabet, Erich desperately needed a xylophone, we visited the Liberty Bell, and we lost/broke the bell! World’s Worst showed us the worst Thai food, donuts, Christmas and mall cop. Follow That Action started off with lazy Greek gods, jumped to long hair and yogurt smell, and ended up with a stripper. The night ended up with Highlander, where the ladies hung out in their dorm writing and essay at the end of the semester. Or were they? Amy, Emily and Kennedy were all kicked out, so Ally had to perform the last round alone. Oh, the humanity!

And scene!

BYOI – Never Boring Together

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imageGuess who started off their TENTH SEASON tonight? That’s right, it’s BYOI! We started off strong with Daniel, Erich, Amy, Emily, Kennedy and Ally at the Warwick Center For the Arts. Our first FAM of the new season was Morgan! She’s going to school to be a trauma nurse. She’s not a fan of crabs, aka spiders of the ocean, and was inspired to be a nurse after watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” Morgan came to the show with her friends. The cast had fun singing about Morgan in Do Run, before Emily warmed everyone up.

Try That On For Size had Daniel poking a cyclops in the eye, Ally milking a giant cow and Amy as the world’s worst basketball player. Pillars had musical aliens who might be s’mores with soft eyes. Comic Sans that! Timmy In the Well was fun with Amy needing help from her dogs Ally, Kennedy and Emily’s mom, Sue! Her canine friends were helpful by showing her Juliet was trying to parallel park at IKEA.

Up next was Lines from a Cup! Daniel and Erich played with audience member Trinity as they visited bearded Bora Bora with Hamilton and Burr. Because I Said So taught us great lessons! Like lots of olives made Mariah Carey lose her voice, new beginnings are good for aging, Instagram is iffy, and moms are great since they’re older. Freeze Tag had driving lessons and infomercials, before we jumped into Debate Club! The cast was joined by audience members who debated about the merits of getting mom to buy trinkets for you in Newport, if hoarding is actually hoarding or just obsessive collecting, how to pet evil cats, and who is the most villainous. Erich ended up winning the game!

And scene!!

BYOI – Snowmen, Pixels & Meatloaf

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It’s our first show at Hasbro of the 2017 season and we are out here with Ally, Candice & Daniel. Tonight we had our main show and two room shows and got to meet some great F.A.M.’s. First was Jordan’s Dad. Jordan just wanted to watch and let her Dad do all the work. We found out that Sleeping Beauty prefers snowmen over Prince Charming in Pillars and that you can serve pizzas and slay dragons the same way in Try That On for Size.

Next in Emerson’s room, we saw the Quickest Minute Version of Pixels and in Pillars found out that the key to soccer is… shoes. Finally in Abigail’s room The Quickest Minute brought us a mash-up of Despicable Me and Finding Nemo. And in Pillars Rex & Woody found french fries and corn inside Ms. Piggy Bank… of yeah, and meatloaf.

A great time with three great F.A.M.s.

And scene!