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First Adult Workshop for BYOI!

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Tonight, BYOI had it’s first Adult Acting & Improv workshop at the WCFA! This was the friendly group of folks who participated and a lot of learning and fun was had by all. We worked on some of the key skills of really listening to a partner and learning to acknowledge the environment and facts of the scene. If you would like to join this merry bunch and join in the next class, you can do so by clicking here. Looking forward to the next workshop on Monday, March 27th! Maybe we will see you there!

BYOI – Parcheesi with Grilled Cheezy 

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It’s 9pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, time for our late-night show! Our FAM was John, who hates inconvenient involuntary vacations. He isn’t a fan of pets, but he has an adult daughter who he likes. John came with a group of friends to enjoy the show. We kicked off the show with a game of FAM Pillar, where our FAM helped our cast make a secret recipe and go hunting. The wolf in sheep’s clothing was full of action. Trolley Stop brought us vampires, clowns, dancing queens and scream fiends.  Lines From A Cup brought us scuba diving with sparkles. Newborn had Ian and an audience volunteer guessing that they were Auckland, New Zealand and Jimmy Stewart, and had given birth to We played Six Pack next, with Burger King patents, amazing anxiety about curly fries, and chicken scratch sickness. Quickest Minute brought us The Little Drummer Boy. We wrapped up the evening with Sing It. Meredith was admitted to the hospital for a very special round of treatment.
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BYOI- Fortunately, Cthulu had a Girlfriend

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It’s our FAM Shane’s Birthday at BYOI’s Sold Out Family Friendly Show! Shane is reading H.P. Lovecraft, likes to camp, and loves waterslides. We started off with a FAM Six Pack, where cows were cats, and subs were regulated except for the screen door, and they earned the cool hat while legos come out of Daniel’s nose. In Fortunately/Unfortunately, Cthulu took a walk by the pond with ducks who liked gouda with stale bread except when they are allergic. Short Cutz followed that, featuring an ice cream shop, moms who take driving classes, cheating on an algebra exam, the perspective of an African fly, and lunch room shenanigans. Amy’s Everything Emporium sold Ian a Barbie Car with a spoon for a hood ornament, our audience volunteer bought a toilet that makes noises like a zebra, and Emily wanted a 1967 detective horse. Typewriter had our audience members volunteering a bunch digging for buried treasure with pirates and Orangoutangs. The ship crashed, and they tricked the the other pirates, and found a treasure containing a trophy, a tablet, and a picture of a man dabbing. Quick Scenes featured camping, food and forest fires, bathrooms, Disney, and Grandma. Sit, Stand and Lie Down had our cast and an audience volunteer struggling to maintain the proper positions as they swabbed the deck. We finished up by singing a Happy Birthday Irish Ditty to our FAM Shane.

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BYOI – Sharktopus

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We had great fun at the Warwick Center for the Arts with our Youth Collective. On cast were Emmie, Maddy, Rowan, Hedda, Carolyn and our FAM was Austin, who loves English Language Arts, hates Social Studies, and would travel to Portugal if he could. If he could give away superpowers he would make his brother invisible. We kicked the show off with a FAMily Reunion. We needed a badger for the cookies and it was ready in two hours. That was followed up with Follow That Action, during which Carolyn got all the prize tickets, the big prize got stolen, and Emmie got hit with it, while the owner got hit with a lawsuit. For the Dating Game, Rose had to choose between Carolyn, who was Prince Harry; Emmie, who was a Remote Control and Maddie, who was a grocery store. In Debate Club we discussed school lunches, the lack of options in a cafteria, and the potential of lunch from home. Also, Highlander taught us, no matter what, Don’t Touch the Sharktopus!

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BYOI – Cow Panda Sloth Ally

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It’s 9pm the Friday after Valentine’s Day, and we’re having a special couple’s night here at BYOI. Our FAM was Megan, whose birthday was this week. She plans to study Psychology in college, has a dog named Dusty, and really likes cows. She joined us for FAM Six Pack,  where mines were diffused, animals were performing, and a couple practised for a massage. Tableau featured the first Thanksgiving, the Salem witch trials, Doctor Who, and a wicked piece of Artwork. Guidance Counsellor featured such problems as wanting to skip college to become a professional dishwasher and disliking nice people. In Marriage Counselor, Jonathan had to guess that Erich hates how Daniel chews on his pencil, Daniel hates it when Erich dresses up as Batman, and they both have problems sharing the dodgeball. Sing it followed a mouse in a maze with a snake as they learned to get along and plotted their escape!

We ended the show with a rousing game of Highlander which featured a cow, a panda and a sloth robbing the bank with a tricycle and x-ray goggles.

And Scene!!!!

BYOI – In Vests I Pursue Uncomfortableness

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It’s 7pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, time for our Family Friendly Valentine’s Show! Our FAM was Brendan, who is in 7th grade, and came to the show with his funny family that likes to chill. He would like to return on vacation to a water park in Puerto Rico and would like to grow up to be a firefighter. We played FAM reunion first, Brendan came home from firefighter school to his chill and funny family who told jokes, made smores and had a birthday cake. In Follow That Action, Meredith spun like a top into Jonathan’s rock collection, the gumshoe didn’t spare Emily’s head, and Erich made a robot with no sparkles and rainbows to do his homework. Say it Again started off with a game of field hockey. Meredith didn’t like grass stains or feet, Ally was allergic to peanut butter, and our audience volunteer was ambivalent about pickles.

For Dating Game, Emily had to choose between our audience volunteer, who was Tyler Joseph, Jonathan the Triangular Ferris Wheel, and Erich, the Model who was allergic to cats. Two Headed Monster took place at a waterpark in Puerto Rico, where safety was a concern and the life vest was unwelcome. There was a shark at the end! Greatest Hits featured an album all about Bathroom Accessories. In Serious Scene, fire was bad, kittens were in peril, and shenanigans ensued. We capped off the evening with Highlander, where a camping trip wasn’t what anybody expected.
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BYOI – Dogs are Always Happy!

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It’s 6 pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, and our Youth Collective is back. Tonight we had Rose, Maddie, Emmy, Gabby and Carolyn and our FAM was Tiffany, who is a nurse anaesthetist. She usually works with people but would like to work with a hippo, enjoys playing sudoku, and would like to travel to Italy with her husband.

We kicked off the night with FAM Growing and Shrinking Machine, during which Rose was invisible, the hippo stayed asleep, and the kids wanted a ride to the mall at 2AM. In the Dating Game, Maddy had to decide between Justin Bieber, the Jefferson Memorial and a lamp. Debate club had our youth collective debating if cats or dogs were better, and if the pet store was designed for hamsters or gorillas. Pencils were missing and tests were failed in our round of Questions, and we sang a song about pasta, pizza and our FAM Tiffany to end the show with a BANG!

And Scene!

BYOI – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mold

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Mrs. Rojek’s 5th grade class joined us on the stage at the Community Preparatory School in Providence today. The students joined in for an hour-long show. After a rousing warm-up with the class, the rest of the school filed in and filled the auditorium to capacity.

We started off with a game of Pillars, in a scene at the green potato chip factory. Anya and Naomi were quick as the pillars offering up words like emotional and mold (thus explaining the green chips). Next was a game of Alphabet with help from Jaiden, Matthew, and Nate The J turned out to be the biggest challenge! For Two-Headed Monster, we had Anaija joined with Barbara while Meredith convinced us that her favorite video game hero had come to life. This game of What Are You Doing brought some excellent suggestions and action from Kaylee, Jarius and Jasmine. Eating tacos, picking out your wardrobe, baptising a puppy… can you just see it?!

Next up was Quickest Minute which brought a madcap – and most likely TOTALLY inaccurate – retelling of the movie Golden Shoes, with Lily and Alisa helping Candace and Meredith out with the speedy scenes. Crowd favorite Trolley Stop showed off Helen, Jaelynn, and Owen’s quirky character work. And there was a guest appearance by a pigeon, who promptly scared Owen off the bench… Mrs. Bench and Mrs. DeJesús joined us for Action Figures giving Meredith and Candice an excellent workout before their soccer match. Our last game was Spelling Bee and the players, including students Shawn, David–Allen, and Ian were on their game and almost even got supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – but not quite.

The show was a great end to the week and a great start to winter vacation! Thanks to Mrs. Rojek, The Community Preparatory School, and all the students for a great welcome and a fun afternoon.

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BYOI – You’re Adopted!

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Thanks for rejoining us on a winter night at Warwick Center For the Arts! We once again had Emily, Barbara, Amy, David and Jonathan on stage making everyone laugh. Our FAM was Eliza! She works at a craft store, and she makes all the crafts. She lives with her bassett hound, Anubis, and doesn’t like nit picky people. She’d like to visit Sweden someday with her friend Sarah and is generally pretty awesome. FAMily Reunion was fun with David as Eliza at AC Moore. Emily was the perky coworker, Barbara was the nitpicky coworker, and Barbara was mom-like Sarah!

Barbara and audience member Kathy were battling in the sweeping competition for Sports Commentator, hosted by Amy and audience member Shane! There was sabotage, the ashes of Spuds McKenzie and a secret Swiffer suit! Jonathan, Emily and audience member Sarah were the brave players of Sing It! They visited Ikea, where they had to make their own horsemeat meatballs. Everything was better with a different Felipe and there was a surprise adoption announcement! New Born had us meet Amy and Shane, aka Bop-It and Sweden, the proud parents of baby Tom Hanks.

Short Cutz taught us about the secrets of Anubis in a hole in Georgia. Along the way, there was a trial to see if Shane really bit Jonathan’s calf, but Emily suggested it was really the hot dog. Post It was a blast with a forklift driver meeting a campgirl, beer inspector & Merlin’s beard, and cement mason and wheel well. Thanks to audience members Jake and Ally for jumping in! Speaing of helping, we played Helping Hands next. Barbara and David were helped by Jonathan and Emily in a scene demonstrating arts and crafts at the store. They made great use of pink floss. The night ended with Quickest Minute, with the cast recapping the show in 60, 30, 11 1/2 and 1 second scenes.

And scene!

BYOI – The Optometrist’s Bouncer

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It was a great after blizzard night to get out of the house and laugh with us at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Jonathan, Emily, Amy, David and Barbara were all warmed up and had a blast! Our FAM was Mary! She works for an eye doctor, which seems like an interesting job. She likes writing, hiking, baking and hanging out with some cute guy who wears glasses. She’d like to be a sultry lounge singer and is strangely talented when it comes to dolphin noises. FAM Movie Critics started off with Mary’s elderly childhood in Canada and ended with her singing the theme song at Sea World.

The show started of with Action Figures! David and Barbara were hilariously moved by two audience members. They were enjoying a trip to the mountains, with its majestic lake. Too bad they left the tent in the car. Up next was Revolver, where Amy represented all of the munchkins, David learned there was no such thing as a free lunch, and Jonathan and audience member Paul hid. Fear the battle cry! Emily was then shopkeeper in Everything Emporium. Barbara was looking for Doritos that were used to scrub things clean, Amy needed a unicycle with the Midas touch, and audience member Shane wanted a zebra striped chaise lounge that grants the ability to fly.

Six Pack had a flying pizza, all of the octopus and giant lollipops. This was followed by Famous Last Words, with groaners about dough, fencers and Xena. Following that, we played Quickest Minute! Barbara, David and Emily performed “Lady and the Tramp” in 60 seconds, 30 seconds, 10 seconds, and finally, 3 seconds. Jonathan enjoyed torturing our trio by making them finally do it again in 1 second! The show ended in song, with Finale Song!

And scene!