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BYOI – We Just Couldn’t Even

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We’re back to end a rainy night at the Warwick Center For the Arts! We once again had Candice, Amy, Daniel, Jonathan, Emily and Ally entertaining everyone. Our late night show’s FAM was Caroline (and fake Caroline, aka Anna!). She’s a local high school student who loves the going home part of the high school day. Someday she’d like to visit Ireland or Austria, depending on which Caroline answered. Caroline and Anna wrote a story with Amy in FAM Typewriter! They went on an adventure driving on the wrong side of the car, switched accents and horribly danced.

Trolley Stop had some characters like drunken Irishmen, stoners and reckless drivers. Remake had a racy scifi that wasn’t on a premium channel, a musical horror and stabbing in the eye! This was followed by Chainsaw, where a tightrope walker was at a used car lot with a juicer. Somewhere along the way it turned into a boxing ring with a blowfish, because that’s what happens with this game.

After so much death, it was a good time for Guidance Counselor! Candice was dealing with spitballs, audience member Rebecca had lactose intolerance problems, and Daniel wanted to spend his money on bad things. Thankfuly Emily was able to solve their problems before moving on to Back In My Day, where we learned about life before millenials, friends and funeral directors. After that darkness, it was clearly time to play Fortunately, Unfortunately! Amy and audience member Dylan told the story of the best cheese omelette chef and science! Jonathan and Rebecca did a great job of acting it out. The game ended with Highlander, with millenials, Chewbacca and cabbage.

And scene!

BYOI – Phillip All Over the World

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Rainy nights are perfect for staying in with BYOI at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Tonight we had Emily, Daniel, Jonathan, Candice, Ally and Amy on stage. Rebecca was the show’s FAM! She’s a massage therapist and taught us a bunch about muscles and bones. She’s a friend of Jonathan, thinks breakfast for dinner is always great, and loves otters. It turned out that Rebecca was great at the bell with FAM Sing It! Daniel, Jonathan and Amy met at a bus station where they bonded over weight lifting and the iffy part of town.

What Are You Doing featured cheers, Laura’s lies and yoga! Emily, Ally and audience member Julie had fun with Lines From a Cup. Emily killed Bop Bop and they were closer than Green Acres. In a plot twist, there was a sudden betrayal and Bop Bop came back to life! Next up, Daniel had to help a troubled couple in Marriage Counselor. Amy was Bob Ross and only wanted to paint gingerbread houses, audience member Paul wouldn’t clean the hippo box, and together they were trying to decide on a whimsical print for their coasters.

Candice and Jonathan were trying to make breakfast in Say It Again, but audience member was hard to please. The food was super fresh and dad had to be called. World’s Worst had the worst floor, secret agent, genie and massage. This was followed by Highlander! The cast lost the very tiny Phillip and his very tiny walking stick. Ally and a very brave audience member were the final two in the game, before Ally had to perform alone. The show ended with Curtain Call, with the cast recapping the show in song.

And scene!


BYOI – Talking Trees & the Himalayas

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It’s a snowy Friday night and we are here at the Warwick Center for the Arts with Hetta, Rowan, Gabby and Carolyn for the Youth Collective Show! Our FAM is Kelly, a nursing assistant who listens to cat music with Paul her sweet husband. Our first game is Say It Again where Flamingo Angels go Up.

Next up is Try That On for Size where logs are not chopped that way but they can go into the fire. Rowan then correctly predicted the her customer would get her pet groomed, then travel to the Himalayas and finally getting a bunny to do her chores in Madam Zelda. In Story, Story, Die a beast lived in a castle of talking trees and animals but a reading girl from a villiage having a party were they were pushed into the trees and were also turned into beasts. In Revolver we were out of colors, fabric, money and customers but no one can help you act like a snow angel. Finally in Busta Rap Gabby brought the house down.

And Scene!

BYOI – Pluto’s Soccer Mom

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Joelle was our FAM! She’s a personal trainer and does power lifting for fun. She would love to go on adventures exploring Australia with her friend Alica. FAM Sing It had a possible worker’s comp case with boxes.

Tableau was hilarious as we saw an awkward family Thanksgiving and skydiving in London with the Statue of Liberty, space, and the Eiffel Tower. Questions took place a work (or the lack thereof), the shopping mall, and a dance club where Candice had to avoid a creeper. Up next was Timmy In the Well, where Ian, Emily and Jonathan were the unfortunate dogs having to explain to Candice that Quail Man was in a car accident at the school playground.

Centerpiece had pie in the face and risks of surgery. World’s Worst followed this, with one liners about the worst nephew, sewer cleaner and Mountie. Follow That Action took place at the National Quidditch Championship, and the night ended with a musical recap with Finale Song!

And scene!

BYOI – Battling For Breadsticks

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We had a full house for our family friendly show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! It was a great show with Candice, Emily, Jonathan, David, Ally and Ian, as they made everyone laugh a bunch. Our FAM was Austyn! She’s a local nurse who will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow. She loves hanging out with her siblings and going to the gym. Her favorite birthday present was the dog she received for her 18th birthday. FAM Say It Again had nuggets needed luggage and tried to cross the road on a trip to Philadelphia.

Try That On For Size started off the fun with typing on teeth, hiding from explosions and shameful dabbing. Last Line, First Line went to London and made up crazy tea combinations. Ally had to figure out Emily’s fortune in Madame Zelda, with the help of spirits David, Candice and audience member Carolyn. She figured out Emily would dig a grave, adopt a hippopotamus, and get jumped on by someone & sent to space.

Revolver had thundersnow tornadoes, a first date to the car dealership and spinning in all directions. Story, Story Die told the story of hungry dingoes and distracting babies. We went with puppies to the chocolate shop, and visiting all the scary dogs. In the end, the babies and the puppies lived happily ever after thanks to the Snoop Shuffle. Up next was Helping Hands! Alan and an audience member helped out Jonathan and Ian while they boxed and threw javellins. The show ended with Busta Rap! The final three were Candice, Ally and Carolyn, but ultimately Ally won the battle.

And scene!

BYOI – Everything Is Awesome

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The BYOI Youth Collective had a small but very energetic show with Carolyn, Emmie and Rowan! Our FAM was Jessi, who loves Halloween and once dressed as Wednedsay Adams. She came with a group of friends. FAM Sing It had the kids at a Halloween party with edible eyeballs! Lurch was responsible letting them go to the mall only if they had eyes first.

Trolley Stop introduced us to a bunch of characters like grandmothers and Girl Scouts with $50 cookies. Good Cop, Bad Cop had Carolyn as the criminal! She threw a baseball with a spoon in a volcano with Wednesday Adams.

Spelling Bee was up next, with the girls spelling mother (“a person who loves me”), utopia (“the beautiful place where I can sleep”), and hippopotamus (“a large animal that likes friends”). Growing and Shrinking had misadventures with Floo Powder and wand accidents. The last game of the show was Quickest Minute, as the girls performed a one minute version of “The Lego Movie”.

And scene!

BYOI – The Scissors Don’t Give a Horse

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It’s our Late Night Saint Patrick’s Day Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts! On cast, we welcomed back Josh, and we had Emily, Daniel, Jonathan and Barbara. Our FAM was Darrell, who works for Johnson and Wales University in security and likes to visit Renaissance Faires as a melee fighter with a sword and dagger. He likes Batman, wanted to be an astronaut, likes Firefly and Serenity, and enjoys eating roast beef and rye toast. He suggests you don’t eat the turkey leg at the Ren Faire. We kicked things off with an Irish Ditty about Darrell. Action Figures came next, with Barbara and Josh being aided by our audience volunteers in the task of building an exercise room on the porch while drinking. Pillars brought us scary scissors to the Factory Witch Project. Wax and scissors, grapes were not wine and porcupines got cut.

Press Conference had Jonathan having to guess that he was Snow White and he invented Flying Shoes. Catch phrase brought us Daniel and Jonathan with an audience volunteer at the Ren Faire. In Story, Story Die, Ursula majored in hospitality at Johnson and Wales. Barbara died by Mermaids being taken beyond their potential. Audience member Allison won! Sports Commentator featured professional water fiddling potato sack racing. It was electrifying! Our show ended with Debate Club, where we argued the finer points of Batman vs. other superheroes.

And Scene!!!

BYOI – We Have Each Other’s Back….Literally.

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It’s 7pm , time for BYOI’s Family Friendly Saint Patrick’s Day Show at the Warwick Center for the Arts. On cast we had David, Barbara, Jonathan, Daniel and Emily. Our FAM was Trinity, who wants to be a singing baker when she grows up. She has a Katy Perry song stuck in her head and would like to see an Irish step dancer. Penguins are her favorite animal and they are interesting because they live in the South Pole but they can swim in the cold water without freezing.  We kicked off the show with an Irish Ditty all about Trinity! Following that, we played a game of Trolley Stop where the cast and volunteers tried on all sorts of characters including tall cowboys with short horses, Irish step dancers, super suit salesmen, gorillas, baking competition contestants and air traffic control towers. Guidance Counselor was up next, where Barbara had to help Daniel with his problem of having to take too many bathroom breaks, David keeps losing his lunch in his pockets on the way to school, and Emily and our FAM were twins that lost their homework. Interrogation Lineup had our cast and volunteers having to confess and guess that they stole an umbrella and sang in the rain in California with Harriet Tubman.

Centerpiece had Jonathan anchoring scenes about artists, the South Pole, Squirreling away the cheesecake, and a Katy Perry fireworks emergency. Spelling bee brought us shenanigans with “Koooo-alas”, we spotted a dalmatian and got side-tracked by Sauron. Growing and Shrinking Machine featured singing bakers, southern soldiers, pretty ponies to play with, Frankenstein’s Lab and room cleaning. They stole the art and the baby was awake for the trip down the river.  Our last game was Quickest Minute. We did a production of Annie in a minute and under for our FAM Trinity!

And scene!

BYOI – Get a Rise Out of You

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It’s 6PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts, time for our Youth Collective to practice their skills and play! On cast tonight were Gabby, Carolyn, Rowan, Rose and Hedda. Our FAM was Michaela, whose favorite book series is Harry Potter. She came with her mom and is Gabby’s sister. She has three dogs; Ollie, Bill and Lilly. She likes to act and sing in her spare time. We started off with FAM Remake. Gabby was in the box, feathers were added, and the potion was a disaster. Kermit were flying, buttons were pressed, and Big Bird was teleported. Tableau featured butterbeer, Alaskan wildlife, underwater cotton candy and a prison predicament.

In Good Cop/Bad Cop, Gabby had to guess that she committed the horrible crime of vacuuming on the beach with Grover. Slogans brought us alternative advertising for YouTubers, squid, reading and pastry chefs. Last Line/First Line had London Survival by tea making and pizza attempts at a failed restaurant.

We finished off the show with Lines from a Cup. Cucumbers stuffed with pearls, unburdensome cold, and Spongebob laughing helped us wait to be King while no one’s hair was incredibly thick like Gaston’s!

And Scene!

BYOI – A Thousand Eiffel Towers

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Our FAM was Jeannine! She works in finance and came to the show with her family. Jeannine’s not the typical Rhode Islander, since she’s visited a bunch of places and bought a boat at one of them. In FAM Say It Again, Daniel and Candice were rowing a boat in Canadian, and the whole family joined in for a driving test. The game had a ton of Rhode Islandisms!

What Are You Doing was fun with a search for Dunkin’ Donuts in Spain, Polish Pokemon Go, frozen tomatoes, and a steam cleaned mother in law. Candice and Andre were the hosts of Movie Critics, where “Crepes of Wrath” was being reviewed. The movie took place in fashionable France, and turned very intense with a flyaway crate and two toothpicks. Pavlovian Response was a ton of fun! Poor Candice was all over the room, since she had to run every time someone put a hand near their face. David had to keep sneezing when someone blinked, and Daniel tied the whole thing together by mentioning cheese anytime some ran.

Alphabet had scenes with RAs who didn’t like one another, and the epic yarn of the Great Chocolate Incident! This was followed by Spelling Bee, with cheese, bae, eucalyptus (a tasty tree that eats ants), and cheat, which somehow had a 15 word definition. Next up was Sit, Stand, Lie Down with Candice, Emily and Jake. They had a surprising amount of drama for being in second grade! The night ended in song with Curtain Call!