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BYOI – A Ton of Swords

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Thanks for joining us for the last show of July with Amy, Erich, Jonathan, Daniel, David and Emily! Our late night show’s FAM was Brock, who is s a deputy sheriff. He came to the show with his mom, Sharon, or as Jonathan calls her, Brock’s Mom. He likes the ren faire, collects Disney paraphenalia, and hated “Toy Story 2.” After the interview, the cast was inspired to serenade Brock in FAM Do Run.

The show started off with What Are You Doing, with monkey tickling, stray dog adopting (plus his 7 siblings), and tiny pogo stick jumping. Say It Again took place at the ren faire, where a cod piece needed to be used for carving, and Amy loved dinging Daniel’s lines out. Up next, Emily committed a crime in Good Cop, Bad Cop. She was caught blowing bubbles at Rocky Point with Scrooge McDuck. (Woo-oooo-oo!)

Lines From a Cup had a cranky fast food worker who needed to be more professional. We followed this with Busta Rap, where Amy won with a rap about puns! Fortunately/Unfortunately had audience members Kate and Maddie telling a story of finding religion on an adventure through New Orleans. The night ended with a great game of Sing It! It started off with a strange request for a kiss and a “sword” touching the back of Daniel’s head, before jumping to the Number 4 and taking a moped ride to Duckburg.

And scene!

BYOI – The Legendary Saunderstown

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We went into the end of July strong at our family friendly show with Erich, Emily, Daniel, Amy, David and Jonathan! Our FAM was Rebecca! She came to the show with a group of theatrical family and friends. She’s a former math and science middle school teacher, but upgraded to a stay at home mom of 4. She likes everyone, except Mary and her negative energy. She enjoys hanging out with her husband relaxing on the porch. FAM Day In the Life had Rebecca hanging out with her family and the negative Mary.

Action Figures started off the night with a bad dog in bad dog training school and no Windex. Remake started off with a chicken problem in Saunderstown, but Amy wasn’t happy and had them redo it as a sci-fi action film. Finally, we redid the film as a birdy telenovella. In Press Conference, Beyonce invented a personality transplant machine.

Sing It had a great scene in song, with someone who wasn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and we learned that it’s important to not only go to college, but don’t be jerk. Post It had crazy combinations, like Canada+dental hygienist, construction manager+vet, Universal Studios+bagel factory, North Pole+top of an electric pole. The Quickest Minute redid the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and the cast finally ended the show in a song recap in Curtain Call.

And scene!

BYOI – Going to the Cah Show

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The BYOI Youth Collective had a great show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! The cast included Rose, Ethan, Steven, Aidan, Maddie and in her final show before moving away, Gabriella! Our FAM was Tony, who is a retired tax accountant. He used to like travelling to the South for work, and is visiting from North Carolina. Tony has been golfing for 19 years, and enjoys bringing his antique cars to nursing homes.

What Are You Doing was creative, with golf ball birth, the Macarena, joining a “cah” club, and making friends with an armadillo. Pavlovian Response had 3 of our ladies climbing the job ladder at Papa Gino’s. It lead to lots of laying down, honking and raised arms. Next up, an Easy Bake Oven, teddy bear, and psych teacher were some of the visitors in Blank Walks Into a Bar.

Short Cutz was fun with chinchilla hide and seek, except he didn’t want to be found because he was getting a bath with water. Along the way, we met the unfortunate chinchilla’s family and visited Aruba. The show ended with Busta Rap! The guys were eliminated first, as the ladies slowly being elimated, with Rose winning.

And scene!

BYOI – Family Barbecue

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It’s 9PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts. Our not-so-family friendly show featured Daniel, Ally, Emily, Ian, Josh and our FAM was Paul, who is in the Army and stationed in Rhode Island. He enjoys playing golf and camping with his grandkids. If he had all the money in the world he would spend it on family, friends and charity.

Our first game was Day in the Life. The wife slept in, the grandkids swam in the dirt instead of kite hunting, and Paul was charitable. Try that on for Size brought us armed eggs, Oldsmobiles, outdated pop songs and hula skateboards. Revolver featured breathless stair climbers, cleaning the bathroom, some grilling tips and a bad baby mitten kitten. In Excuses, Excuses Emily had to guess that she was late for work because she was socializing in the car, trying on clothes and waiting for a delivery. Last Line, First Line was a blast! 3-D volcanos didn’t soothe the animal lover while seventeen people failed to enjoy the film, at least the ones from this district. Blank Walks into a Bar had trees branching out, matches striking, and the princess was in another castle. Follow that Action took place at a campground. First Aid badges had to be earned, in Spanish. Snapchat rollers made S’mores, and the horror film didn’t go as planned. We wrapped up with a round of Say it Again!

And Scene!!!


BYOI – Cha Cha Real Smooth

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It’s 7PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts and our Family Friendly show featured Daniel, Emily, Ally, Josh and Ian. Our FAM was Michael, who owns a restaurant and used to juggle on an 8-foot unicycle. If money were no object, he would buy a bigger restaurant and hire some skilled chefs. He knows cast member Ally, and he makes her salads with Lowfat Dressing and taught her to ride a bike.

Our FAM joined in a game of Movie Critics. The film was Birth of a Monster, about his son. The newborn rampaged and ate all the Chicken Parmesan, the ex-wife had no filter, Susan tamed the beast and toddler Ally should have taken the bike. What are you Doing featured expansion, wood sculptures, juggling, brushing a snake and the discipline of errant giants. We followed that with a game of Questions. Lying liars lied. Gossip spread. The jewelry was inadequate and the milkshake was specific. Pavlovian response had Emily mooing when she heard ‘The”, Josh doing a jumping Jack anytime anyone crossed their arms and Daniel scratching his face with a shoe anytime someone sat down. Short Cutz brought a lost Penguin to the Lollipop Guild with Santa, there was a thirty-day weight limit at the bank, and Josh got lost in a store. Again.

Greatest Hits featured the lead singer of The Jumping Mangos, beginning with the song “Trampolines”, the Bassist went to the Barbershop due to coughing from a mango allergy, and the ballad of the seeds filled Ally’s nutritional needs. Highlander had fried burger buns, a lack of gloves, four patties and DING! Order UP!

We ended the show with a great Busta Rap all about our FAM!


And Scene!!!

BYOI – Got Your Nose with the Oven Mitts

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It’s 6PM at the Warwick Center for the Arts, time for our Youth Collective show. On cast were Steven, Juan, Maddie, Ethan, Gabriella, Aidan and Rose. Our FAM was Jonathan, a student and artist whose favorite work was a self-portrait he painted. If he could travel anywhere, he would go to Fiji and if he had any car, it would be a Tesla Model X.

We kicked the show off with a round of “Try that on for Size”. Basketball players sprinkled magic, portraits and pets. Party Quirks had Aidan having to guess that Steven said Oink Oink whenever someone put their hands on their hips, Ethan was Scooby Do, and Juan was allergic to oranges. Famous Last Words followed, The Statue of Liberty’s Arm was tired, the firefighter was more of a dog person, and Rose got the Sphinx’s nose.

Growing and Shrinking Machine started with Nikolai Tesla’s laboratory, brought us to castle building and a lost expedition, searching the sky for superheroes, worshiping Wonder Woman, interviewing a firefighter who rescued a puppy, and a culprit who stole the oven mitts, then around and back again to Tesla. Our final game was Sing It! The dress code didn’t count when pineapples were involved, judging judgers judged, and getting in trouble was bad!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Oar the Old Man!

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On this wonderful Tuesday night, BYOI is at Brown University again for another STEM camp performance! It is Jonathan, Emily, Amy, David and Myself with our FAM for the night, Jake! Jake wants to be a Space Pirate and is concerned about the new obsession of tall socks with shorts. So to start things off in a game of Pillars, one body sock seemed to ruin everything for these Space Pirates.

Next, in What Are You Doing, we saw Vacuuming¬†Dogs and Upside Down Sunglasses. Two Headed Monster brought on cute puppies and their owner’s big ears. Timmy in the Well had Alexander Hamilton digging a hole in Narnia. We then moved to Highlander, where the “Old Guy” had to do the rowing scene all by himself even though he had been eliminated in the first round. Action Figures showed us that is is hard to feed the monkeys and Debate Club taught us that STEM is used to get E-Coli into Chipotle through tall socks.

Thanks for having us Brown University!

And scene!

BYOI – CSI: Jay Walking

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We’re back at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Barbara, Erich, Amy, David, Meredith and Ian! Our FAM was Barbara, who is one of our regulars. She came to the show with her parents and her boyfriend. She’s into cosmetology and likes to write music. Her favorite movie is “Blazing Saddles” and she’d like Ethan to bring her to the new “Spiderman” film. The cast then serenaded Barbara in FAM Welcome Song, before starting off the show.

Erich and David were climbing a wall in Action Figures, thanks to help from Meredith and audience member Paul. In the end, Erich announced his engagement to the wall. Remake started off with Erich and Ian shoeshining for everyone’s favorite dictator. Amy and audience member Ethan remade it as a Mel Brooks scene, while David and Daniel redid it as heroes. Everything Emporium was fun, with Amy selling all the things. Meredith found her angry Leaning Tower of Pisa, Barbara needed a fork that made her invisible when she ate with it, and audience member Kate was happy to get an unreliable Canadian.

After that helpful game, it was time for Ian to be helpful in Guidance Counselor. David needed different colored braces, Meredith ran out of tater tots, and audience member Sarah had no time to read the books she wants. Because I Said So taught us that Hawaiians like vowels because they’re cheaper, hooky is short for fart, sociopaths are bad, and babies are the result of yogurt. Trolley Stop had long lost Bostonians, a duel, proper Southern ladies, and girls with eyebrows that were not on fleek. The night ended in song, with the cast singing about Barbara in Irish Ditty!

And scene!

BYOI – I’m Studying To Be a T-Rex

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We had a great family friendly show with Ian, Barbara, Amy, David, Meredith and Erich at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Our FAM was Juan Carlos, who came to the show with his family to watch his son in the earlier Youth Collective show. He works at a car dealership and is originally from Venezuela, which has amazing burgers. FAM Last Line/First Line had giant matchboxes, baseball memories, and stressful wedding planning.

The show started off with Try That On For Size! The cast was joined by a few audience members, where they rang for Lurch, stepped on ants and pet sheep. Pillars had all the paper cuts, origami microphones and dry feet. Meredith then had friends over in Party Quirks. Amy was Napoleon Bonaparte, Barbara was Kermit the Frog, and audience member Aidan was David Beckham. Say It Again had Erich, Ian and audience member Juan hanging out in the Arctic, with a chase and a very hungry dinosaur.

Famous Last Words was next, with the end for bus drivers, exterminators, phone chargers and doctors. Growing & Shrinking had Munchkin auditions for “The Wizard of Oz,” “American Idol” hopefuls, tons of animals, and a new patio. The show ended with Sing It!, at the burger place with missing burgers at closing time. The five second rule didn’t apply there.

BYOI – Pizza For Breakfast?

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We started off Friday strong with our Youth Colletive with Maddie, Steven, Aidan, Ethan, Juan, Gabriella and Rose! Our FAM was Blanki! She came to the show with her wonderful awesome family. She loves going to the movie theater. She’d like to visit France someday and see the sights.

The show started off with Trolley Stop, where toddlers and the British were coming. New Born was next, where Maddie and Steven were the Statue of Liberty and Thomas Jefferson, who were the proud parents of baby werewolf.

Debate Club had the kids debating about the tallest building in the world, travel, and the recentness of recent things. Revolver followed that energetic debate, where we met a reluctant beauty queen and weird breakfast options.

And scene!