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BYOI’s 2018 Annual Auditions

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BYOI is looking for new talent to round out our cast. We will be having auditions Friday, January 12th & Friday January 19th at 5:00pm.

Bring Your Own Improv is an established improv show that has performed over 1000 shows all across New England. We are a short form improv show (similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway) that takes it a step above the rest and welcomes audience members up on stage to perform with us.

This audition will be held Friday, January 12th & Friday January 19th at 5:00pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts at 3259 Post Road in Warwick, RI. Make sure to be on time and dress to move.

We are looking for a few performers who can commit to the following:

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Can pass a Rhode Island Background Check
  • Works well with children
  • Be silly when needed
  • Commit to two Friday nights per month
  • Have reliable transportation and arrive to things on time
  • Can be available during the week, during the day for school shows
  • Brings no drama or ego

Please email us at to let us know you will be attending.


BYOI – Gilda Reincarnated (Ally’s Last Show!)

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We ended our 10th season with a high energy show with Daniel, Erich, Emily, Alan, Ally, Audrey, and occasional appearances by David! Since it was her last show, our FAM was Ally! She’s loving her time at Harvard, and runs during her free time. Ally loves her parents and her brother, Chris, and lasted a whole day playing basketball. FAM Day in the Life took place at a track meet, with the bad coach, Ally’s family and best friend, and hopes of meeting Kristin Wiig.

Daniel and Emily fought about a new boyfriend and needed a epipen in Helping Hands. The Quickest Minute had a black and white version of “Miracle On 34th Street” with took place in Providence on 42nd St, starring Christopher Walken. Chainsaw then had a window washing electrician at Harvard with a seesaw, but it somehow turned into a martial arts expert at a pizza place or wake with a stationary bike.

Lines From a Cup had pancakes, an annoying daughter, a bridge blocking marathon, and a college student was a gluten filled GMO. Busta Rap was a blast, with Ally almost making it to the end, before being bested by Erich. We then jumped over to Follow That Action, with rogue crustaceans, one celled organisms, and Ursula the Sea Witch. The season ended with Ally’s favorite game, Debate Club! Feminism, Ghostbusters, and killing Erich’s childhood.

And scene!

BYOI – Yeah, Brah!

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We had a great family friendly show to close out our 10th season with Ally, Erich, Alan, Emily, Daniel and Audrey! Our FAM was Paula, who is a Dean of Residential Life at a boarding school. She loves her family, skiing in Colorado, and cheese! FAM Sing It had smelly, heavy cheese at the gym, and the only two students in the school were expelled. We learned that pizza is just a delivery system to bring cheese to your mouth!

Trolley Stop had the kings of everything, sleepy cuddlers, puppy movers, and an elevator. Catch Phrase had Emily stressing how delicious was, while audience member Jessi just wanted to make cookies. Daniel had his hands full with them, as they introduced sponsors and requested a dog-car. Erich then had friends over in Party Quirks! Ally was a creme brule whoopie pie, Audrey was obsessed with Quidditch, and auidence member Paul had just climed a mountain.

Questions asked when Erich was small, there was a tunnel to the present box, audience member Ari had the biggest cat bed, and Alan and Ally wondered if we were all just turtles. Because I Said So was next, with cherries in the garden, dangerous spikes, monkeys and bananas, and there was a Audrey dropped some science knowledge. Erich was going pretty strong, until he had an epic rapid fire battle with Ally! We followed that up with Action Figures, where Alan and Emily attempted to decorate the house for Christimas while communicating through walkie-talkie. The game ended with Debate Club, with students, non-students, old Erich, everything vs. anything, young Emily, invisible Gatorade, scared Alan, and the clearance rack.

And scene!

BYOI – Jumping in Spanish

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We had a great last Youth Collective show of the year with Hetta, Rowan, Juan, Aidan, Luke and Rose. Our FAM was Emilia! She’s a high school Spanish teacher, where she loves watching her students progress throughout the year. Emilia loves Christmas because she gets to spend time with her family.

Remake started off with a Christmas horror movie, before being remade into sci-fi/slapstick, and finally a western. Pavlovian Response was next, with lots of jumping, quacking and hand rasing.

Post It had crazy combos like Hudson River & car, and orthodontist & Auror. This was followed by Short Cutz, with a hole in the ground and fluency in Spanish. Irish Ditty had salsa and winding down.

And scene!

BYOI – The Hawaiian Taco

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Here we are at the 9pm tonight with Amy, Jonathan, Emily and Jonathan with our FAM Matt! Matt is a student at URI who is majoring in engineering, likes island food and loves a good macadamia nut cookie. In our first game of FAM Remake Matt was really into making flat waves and masticating tacos.

So we move on to Tableau where Glad became generic and Target has too many people in the isles. In Movie Critics, we learned that the French don’t care about switching bodies and pleasing fathers. Then in Good Cop, Bad Cop, Amy unsound proofed the soundproof room at the Ice Cream Parlor with Bob Ross. We have Catch Phrase where the art cannot be sharpened because it is s%#t!  In Busta Rap Jim finished up rhyming with him. Next in What Are You Doing we had caffeinated dinner and difficult oral surgery. And finally in Debate Club where good cookies are made with Aquanet.

And scene!

BYOI – Tale As Old As Twine

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We had a fun family friendly show at the Warwick Center For the Arts with Daniel, David, Amy, Jonathan and Amy! Our FAM was Ingrid who’s a pricing analyst. She loves mac and cheese and crocheting. She came to the show with her husband Mike, who she met through a friend. FAM Greatest Hits had the songs about pie, making yarn, Liverwurst, and Ingrid and Mike’s love story. Try That On For Size had wallpaper tasting, cat washing, bongo playing, and a beef between Daniel and Jonathan. Short Cutz had a picky customer at the burger place, competitive snail racing and its resulting funeral, and an awkward family trip.

Pavlovian Response had Amy as a matchmaker. Jonathan tapped his shoes a bunch, Amy facepalmed, and audience member Sarah though everything was lit. Up next was Pillars, where David talked too much. Love was a big inflatable wobbly thing, and stepping on the gas made it more velociraptor. Post It had strange combinations like flying saucer & mall cop, medical doctor & Italy, table & nape of the neck, stenographer & fire fighter, and New York subway & Alabama. Helping Hands had the guys doing a girl’s hair. It included lots of mousse, burning hair dye and curling. The show ended with Irish Ditty, with the cast recapping in song.

And scene!

BYOI – Better Get the Cattle

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The Youth Collective had a great show with Luke, Juan, Emmie and Rose Our FAM was Paul! He came to the show with his fantastic wife Kelly. If he were on a desert island, he’d want cattle and a pot to eat, as well as a light saber for protection. Very practical!

Growing and Shrinking Machine started off the show. There was a stirring the pot competition and it was time to eat a leg. Rose then had Luke and Emmie over in Party Quirks. Emmie was an alien from Italy, and Juan was a pot that had all the flavors. Up next, we learned the Famous Last Words of milk, an alien, a strawberry, and a light saber. Say It Again was next, with Luke on the bell. Snuffleupagus was the Pope and a dog did tricks. The final game was Highlander! It had a classical family with flowing dresses and beautiful portraits. Luke and Juan were the first ones eliminated, so Emmie and Rose made it to the finals. Emmie ended up playing the game alone in the end.

And scene!

BYOI – Aliens Landing

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We had another great late night show with Ian, Emily, Amy and Erich at the Warwick Museum of Art. Our FAM was Hayden, who came down from Maine and works for a grocery store. He has all the animals: goats, chickens, guinea pigs, and others. FAM Revolver had chemistry nerds on a date, mom was worshipped, and there were bees.

Sports Commentator had Amy and Emily as competitive rakers. Very appropriate for the season! Meanwhile needed less styrofoamy chicken, and Taco Bell with extra Dorito seasoning. In Excuses, Excuses, Ian was late for work! As Erich interrogated him, he learned he dropped his baby, a spaceship landed on his house, and “Jumanji” became real.

Alphabet had forbidden romance through math, pirates divvying up treasure, and the language of Wookies. Blank Walks Into a Bar was next, where homework, cats, and Big Bird showed up. Bar: That begins with B! Try That On For Size then had free pamphlets, 400 page essays, and screaming kids. The cold night ended with Debate Club! We debated things like childbirth and the length of Rhode Island.

FAM – Grandsgiving

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We had a great family friendly show with Amy, Erich, Ian and Emily at the Warwick Center For the Arts. Our FAM was Ieeshia! She works in IT and is going to school for business management. She has a daughter, and if she had breaks, she’d like to watch shows that would let her escape into someone else’s drama. Amy played Ieesha in FAM Day in the Life, where she had the good coffee and should have worn fluffier slippers for unexpected company.

Trolley Stop started off the night, where we met arachnophobics, knights, and crepe sellers.  Say It Again had Ian, Erich and audience member Carolyn visiting the American zone in France. Up next, Amy had friends over in Party Quirks. Emily was a cow who produced all flavors of milk, Ian was a grandma being chased by wolves, and audience member Aidan was Hannah Montana, but she couldn’t stop referencing “The Lion King.”

Lines From a Cup had artistic critters, a battle between robots and squirrels, and audience member Juan professing his love. This was followed by Famous Last Words, with the end of donuts, candlestick makers, and Nokia phones. Growing and Shrinking Machine had a computer manual in Braille, shared cake, and ear wax. The show ended with Highlander, with the tale of the neighborhood radishes in hoodies. Erich ended up performing it all!

And scene!

BYOI – 80 Hours For Poptarts

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Luke, Rose, Aidan and Juan took the stage for a fun Youth Collective show at the Warwick Center For the Arts! Our FAM was Juan’s dad, Juan Carlos! He works all the hours selling cars, so he likes sleep. He loves his family and likes watching “Friends” when he’s not at work.

Growing and Shrinking had a visit to the Paris and Aidan’s flaky friends, before we moved on to a mystery! Timmy In the Well had Oprah fall off the Eiffel Tower on a movie set. Thankfully Rose’s helpful dogs were able to tell her. Spelling Bee had the kids spell Bob, Squidward, Krusty Krab, and vaccuum!

Alphabet had Luke channelling his inner Yoda, and Monopoly was fun until the 10,000th play. Highlander capped off the Youth Collective show, where the coffee was fast, the Poptarts were slow, and no one knew. Luke’s plans to get eliminated backfired, and he ended up in all 4 scenes.

And scene!