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BYOI – Meatballs are Important in Small Doses

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Our Late Night Improv Comedy Show was a blast with cast members Emily, Alan, Jonathan, Krissy and Audrey. Our FAM was Austin, who is Emily’s brother. He is studying Rocket Science in Florida and races homemade built go-carts. He likes to eat spicy food and his superpower would be meat vision. FAM typewriter brought us the story of Austin’s life, beginning with inquiries into the origins of the juice box, babysitting misadventures and French mimes running out of air in their invisible boxes, and ending with crippling college loan debt.

Serious Scene was next. Lasagna and spicy meatballs, in memory of Papa, with delicious fries. Revolver’s scenes were Epic Breakfast, Achilles and Helen, Elves that were shelves, and Mother Russia/Papa Smurf. Everything Emporium had Jonathan guessing that his customers needed Stethoscopes that travel in time, water that absorbs secretions and wings that keep the wearer on the ground. Krissy the Guidance Counselor helped a student with failing grades, a teacher who cannot stand kids with the stomach flu and a groundskeeper with a spaceship potentially crushing her topiary garden. She suggested copying off the smart kid, the teacher vaccinates all the kids with the same needle, and yelling at NASA to land somewhere else. Back In My Day, we didn’t have magnets: We used chewing gum to stick things, and could not find North. We did not have hammocks, so we swung from vines; we did not have bicycles, so Emily never learned how to ride and we did not have Dragons, but we had pushpins and glued feathers on dinosaurs. We finished up the show with a Debate Club!

And Scene!!!

BYOI- Roast Beef with Swiss Cheesecake

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We had a great show at the Warwick Center for the Arts for our 7pm Family Friendly Show. On cast were Jonathan, Alan, Audrey, Krissy and Emily. Our FAM was Sarah who loves cheesecake and works at Walt’s Roast Beef. She is a college student who wants to be a publisher someday. We kicked off the evening with a game of FAM Sing It! We found a Swiss Cheese Cake and had a blast but it was bad and got kicked into a clock tower. Quickest Minute was next: Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder foiled the villain posing as Alfred while hiding in the Bat Cave. Alphabet brought us to a pretentious book blogging session, Princess Headphones in a coffee shop, really big elephants and hairless Rapunzel. Pavlovian Response made Emily duck and check for bags when people cleared their throat, made Krissy speak a foreign language when anyone offered help, and made Audrey be as helpful as possible as long as no one was making eye contact.

Remake took the cast and volunteers on an epic journey where humans were smarter than they appeared, but that did not stop the aliens from losing their technology to a bumbling cause of self-destructing in the process of trying to capture them. Debate Club caused arguments about roast beef, the Cheesecake Factory, Nicholas Cage on Netflix and books that no one reads that cannot be proof because no one reads them. Action Figures took Todd to YouTube where he hit himself to be a hit and we got the point but not the pizza. We ended the show on a high note with Say It Again!

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Let’s Do The Show In Black & White

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We had a very special birthday to celebrate during our late night show! Josh, Emily, Daniel, Barbara, Ian and Alan were joined occasionally by David and BYOI alumni Ally and Candice. Our FAM was Daniel! He just turned 40, and has been working hard on BYOI for almost 10 years now. He told us about the huge toy train set his dad built him when he was younger, and it sounded amazing! FAM Sing It had Daniel forcing the rest of the cast to sing a bunch of times as they did scenes about doing things the hard way.

Quickest Minute had Ian, Josh and Candice, where the farmer’s wife surprised everyone by killing everyone. Mick! John! Blargh! The Dating Game was next, where Barbara was Belgium, Alan was Daniel’s dog Jack, and audience member Rose played malicious tweezers. Lines From a Cup was a blast, as the cast quoted Daniel isms and broke the birthday boy a few times.

Questions showed us a divorce lawyer visiting his therapist, and popcorn was in deep space. But was it buttered? World’s Worst was next, with the worst lawyer, director, Mordor, curtain, and FAM. Action Figures had Daniel and Ian building a model train and maybe needing a chiropractor after it. The show ended with Curtain Call, with the current and former cast members singing together. Happy birthday, Daniel!

And scene!

BYOI – Cows Everywhere

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Family Friendly show was fun with Emily, Daniel, Barbara, Ian, Josh, and Alan! Our FAM was Ally! She just finished her first year at Harvard, and she recently visited Nebraska. She had a super nice, yet strange roommate. Ally kept stealing plates from the school cafeteria, but she thankfully brought them back in the end. FAM Remake brought us to Ally’s dorm room with all of the plates. The first remake was a documentary version with a long kitchen, while the buddy cop version showed us a day at Ally’s CVS job in Boston.

Highlander started off the night, with cleaner dirt underneath dirtier dirt. Ian and Matthew were eliminated first, while Emily and Josh battled to see who would be the only one. In the end, it was Josh. Typewriter had Daniel and audience member Rose telling a nefarious story. We had a bad tree costume of a green shirt, a stick and a whisk. The tree and the small dog weren’t remembered. The axe was guarded, the fridge was only a few feet tall, and the dog and cow ran away together. Next up, Alan was hosting a party in Party Quirks. Barbara thought she was a monkey, Daniel kept ducking, and Rose was the Quaker Oats quaker.

Everyone hated prosciutto in Pillars, and a live shark inside was not the best idea. Along the way, the good citizen ran reluctantly through the streets to give everyone oxygen, and Emily gave her voice. Busta Rap had an epic battle between Ian and Ally, with Ian besting her in the end. What Are You Doing had its players conducting interviews, lion grooming, boiling couscous, and eating shedded dog fur. Irish Ditty ended the show, with cast singing all about Ally.

And scene!

BYOI – Giant Chocolate Meece

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It is 9pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, and for our Late Night show, we had Erich, Josh, Barbara, Tim and Daniel. Our FAM was Hosie, a model and personal trainer who came here with his friend who is a designer. He is moving to New Jersey and doing an acting program for the summer in New York City. If he was eating cheese at a dairy farm, he would wear rain boots to do so. We started the show with a Revolver with scenes inspired by bodies, evil New York City, “not married to you” and “Geriatric Navy”. Highlander came next, with cast member Tim winning in a scene about the fantastic cockroach ant farm held Harold the Arachnid until he was driven to rage and quit.

Pillars was next, with audience volunteers helping us to set the scene, Mad Libs style. Things got bad but we stopped the crisis with calamari. The asteroid video game hamster brought his phlegm. An epic round of Chainsaw followed, where somehow an ice cream man in Things Remembered with a mug became a grape peeler in a video arcade with a steam kettle. Typewriter allowed Josh to tell a story with an audience volunteer about Longing for Musical Classics with Death, farmers and a bumblebee. Story, Story, Die brought us back to New York City with a serial killer at the Chrysler Building with peanut butter sandwiches. In What Are You Doing, we painted, cut hair, gave birth, pet Llamas, played hockey and got a massage. Our final game was Sing It, where we performed a musical for our FAM.

And Scene!!!!

BYOI – Screaming Yellow Bird of My Soul

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It is 7pm at the Warwick Center for the Arts, time for our Family Friendly Show! On cast were Daniel, Erich, Barbara, Josh and Tim. Our FAM was Sarah, who is a RIC student studying English. She plans to be a publisher and editor, and would love to publish fantasy and realistic fiction. We started the night with a FAM Reunion. Artful cursive letters were crafted for Mom, empathetic and enthusiastic friends were enticed to express, and Bill (oh, boy!) blew his nose. Helping Hands brought us to Prom Preparations. Flowers were prepared, juggled and thrown. Hair was commented upon, fingers bandaged and boundaries broken. Two-headed Monster brought us to a college campus where the monster wanted more friends, and so they had to learn how to cook to impress them. Eggs were broken, the pheasant was dunked, tofu was suggested and angry birds was played.

Newborn had Daniel and FAM Sarah guessing that Daniel was Uganda Knuckles, Sarah was Mother Nature and their baby was John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. Movie Critics featured the film “High School Nostalgia”, a film about a boy named Timmy who found an alternate universe inside of a locker at school and expanded his soul. Because I Said So answered such questions as ‘Why do moms have to work so hard?” And “Why do birds have feathers?” We played a round of Try That on for Size next. Pimples were popped, figures were sculpted, pollen was spread, students were scolded, and bridges were guarded. We ended the show with a song for our FAM Sarah.

And Scene!!!

BYOI – Follow That Droid!

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We finished off Star Wars Day with our late night show! Krissy, Daniel, Jonathan, Josh, Ian and Tim were once again on hand to make everyone laugh. Our FAM was Jodie!  She’s not a Star Wars fan, and came to the show with her friend Joseph. If she had a superpower, she’d like to move things with her mind. FAM Remake had our FAM as a space pilot, before the scene was redone as a western, and finally as a samurai film.

Tableau was a fun start, with a boat in salt water and a bank robberty. Lines From a Cup had a family visiting penguins, but all of the lines were “Star Wars” quotes. Up next was Pavlovian Response, at the diviest of dive bars. It had lots of screaming, charging, and beer.

Revolver showed us the beginning of a new children’s show, the beginning of life, and the end of a relationship. World’s Worst had the worst blue cow, common core math, and shoe ties. We followed that game with Follow That Action, where the interns observed, and everyone followed that droid! Finally, the night ended with Debate Club. We debated where to build giant space death machines, Jersey vs. Virginia, getting rid of matter, and Krissy’s toys.

May the Fourth be with you! And scene!

BYOI – Kyber Crystal Milk

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Happy Star Wars Day! We had a fun themed night with Daniel, Jonathan, Ian, Josh, Our FAM was Saki! He doesn’t like Jabba the Hut, and hopes to not lose his hand in a light saber fight since he couldn’t hold onto railings. He loves Porgs and “The Empire Strikes Back” the most! FAM Greatest Hits had the cast singing about Yoda, Darth Vader, and the Empire.

Action Figures started off the show with Jonathan and Daniel trashing Mos Eisley. Stop in the name of Lucas! Freeze Tag had really tanning on Alderaan, toasty Anakin, and “Cooking With Porg.” Up next was Chainsaw! We started off with a tuscan raider at Vader’s gift shop with a pear cutting fork. It went way off track, with a shoe salesman or Porg hunter on the “Project Runway” or “Saturday Night Fever” sets with a Thanksgiving stuffed Porg.

Alphabet showed us the effects of climate change on planets where the tundra turned into the desert, while Krissy and audience member Abby were surrounded by At-Ats but didn’t know what they were. Because I Said So had Krissy learn all about “Star Wars,” before we ended with Highlander at the Porg cafe with different colored milks. Let’s get wild with Darth Josh!

And scene!