So we are off to Boston tonight for another BYOI show at IB… but I think we forgot some people.  Mike and I start off the show… that’s right just Mike and I.  But don’t worry, Bryan shows up here about 15 minutes in.  We’ve got this!

Our FAM tonight is Katie, an administrative assistant to a head librarian in a locked down library… yeah!  Her boss is great, she loves movies only if they are at Kendall Square and she has a very lovely wife!

We start off with FAM Say it Again, where the quickest way to get someones job is to have them look for the sailboat.  Then we had a case of Good Cop/Bad Cop, where temperate water is a torture device. In Fortunately/Unfortunately, Mayor Menino loves Manatee.  Bryan swings in right about this point for a little Sit, Stand and Lie Down… seriously, why do libraries still use Netscape? Next up is a game of Questions, followed by a game of Chainsaw, where a Scuba Diver in a Grocery Store with a Bag Pipe actually almost made it to the end through 5 people.  Catch Prase had nun’s looking for a hot date and Guidance Councilor gave us two great songs about needing fake ID’s to get girls and getting Fredrick back in the locker.

Thanks to everyone that come out tonight!

And Scene!!!