Hi everyone!

Today BYOI performed in a special birthday show in Cranston, RI for Carolyn’s 8th Birthday. The cast consisted of Daniel, Joe, Ryan and myself.

Daniel opened the show with a brief introduction, and then we jumped right into our FAM interview. Daniel and Ryan interviewed Carolyn, where the audience learned of her love for Barbie and the Three Musketeers and vanilla cake. Carolyn also expressed that she is unsure if being 8 years old will top age 7, she hopes to receive lots of toys, and that if she could go anywhere in the entire world she would choose Connecticut to see her grandparents and look at their lawn from their balcony.

Next up Daniel and Carolyn reviewed the greatest movie ever. The movie was all about Carolyn’s life, complete with talking lions, magic diamonds, allergic reactions to fruit, and tomato filled volcanoes. But don’t worry, the movie still received a five star rating from Carolyn.

Next, I warmed the audience up with animal impersonations.

Remake followed, and began with Ryan and Carolyn at a museum’s dinosaur exhibit. Carolyn discovered the world was actually in the shape of a triangle during prehistoric times, leading to many interviews, a press conference, and a book written by whispering into the ear of a robot (Joe). In the next Film Noir version, Joe and I were joined by an audience member and they were able to see even more exhibits, though they somehow forgot about the robot along the way. In the final “sillier” version, everyone leapt around and ended up impersonating dinosaurs. Roar!!!

What Are You Doing was next, and several of Carolyn’s friends took the stage with the cast. I wound up digging a lot of holes, and a lot of birthday candles were blown out.

Carolyn’s father Tom hosted a party in Party Quirks with some interesting company. Miley Cyrus was on the initial guest list, but was replaced by Albert Einstein (Daniel), a person impersonating a kangaroo (Joe), and everyone’s favorite 6 (or 8?) sided shape, the hexagon (Ryan).

Carolyn’s favorite game, Freeze Tag, was the second to last game of the night, and had some interesting scenes about dog whisperers in scientific laboratories, lying on the ground after running a marathon, and volcanoes (again).

Do Run was the last game of the night, where the cast sang a song about Carolyn’s birthday.

Happy birthday again to Carolyn! It was great to celebrate your party with you! 🙂

And Scene!