BYOI was privileged to be asked to be perform for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America on tonight.  Evan, Erich, Paul, Krissy, and myself attended and had a great time entertaining the members at their pre-conference dinner.

Our FAM for the evening was Lisa, despite our insistence on calling her Sherrie.  Lisa is an account manager who spends her days handling complaints.  When she isn’t fixing other people’s problems she enjoys golfing and going to karaoke bars even though she doesn’t sing.
Lisa’s  answers provided us the inspiration for a game of Highlander.  Krissy played a karaoke singer who was so bad that it killed me, while Evan and Paul desperately tried to find another song for her to sing, which ended up being a duet. Paul was the lucky winner and had to act out all the parts.

Next, we played What are You Doing?, where the cast interacted with many animals, including walking dragons, licking llamas, and eating ant-covered ice cream cones.

Ed had his work cut out for him in Catch Phrase where he had to train two new security guards for his mall.  Paul is very intent on getting coffee and telling people to shut up.  Evan continually tried to propose marriage and told people to get lost.  When the new guards got their segways, mayhem ensued.

Next, we played Timmy in the Well.  Krissy’s faithful dogs helped her rescue General Patton ( or was it Robert Pattinson?) from the DMV where he was passing the time smoking questionable items.

After the smoke cleared, we played a game of Slogans where we were joined by an  audience member who had a remarkable gift for buttoning up various topics.

This led to a game of meanwhile where security guards when crashing off the stage on their segways and leeches were sent to a Chinese hospital.  You might have had to be there to make sense of it all, but even then I’m not sure you could.

Finally, we closed out the night by singing a version of Do Run to our FAM, Lisa.  We tried to fit in all we could from her interview, including trying to find her a date.

We had a wonderful time entertaining the members of the society and hope they enjoyed the show as well.

And scene!