Hey everybody,

Fireworks will soon be in the air, and I am thinking about some of my great Independence Days of the past.

So, let me know about some of your Independence Days of the past.  What is your favorite thing to do on July 4th?  Do you usually travel?  Do you have any great/funny/comically sad/inspirational stories?

I generally like to spend my 4th in New Hampshire with my family sitting back and relaxing with the small fireworks set off by families around the lake, and either on the 3rd or the 4th there is a huge bonfire.  There is a small island in the lake that gets covered with pallets and wood and whatnot and all the boats of the lake drive out and sit on the lake to enjoy the fire…family, friends, food, laughs, and a big-ass fire, that’s why i enjoy my independence.


Please leave a comment telling me anything that the upcoming holiday makes you think of; because when fireworks are flying…Jimmy Wants To Know