Aww geez eh?  Good Day!  Beauty show last night!  Thanks to all you hosers that came out to the very special Wednesday night show, and for all of you knobs that stayed home…Take off eh?…And most important thanks of all goes to all you hoseheads that came up and volunteered with us and made our Canada Day show that much more special.


What Are you Doing…eh?

Jason nearly takes down Ben with his new stage voice {nice work Jason}


Dan called John “Honey” and it seemed way too realistic…perhaps you two hoseheads need a room or a vacation from each other

Ben is the new cop on the beat and rose to the ranks of Sergeant in a matter of two days…probably because he stole the only cop car and left Jon with the cop tricycle

60 seconds is not enough time Jon and I to deliver the alphabet, so Dan and John had to show us how to do things…how many sentences can we  start with expletives?

Good Cop/Bad Cop…eh?

Ben went from the ranks of Sergeant to no good criminal in a matter of minutes, Bert and Ernie {John Ring and John Knight} got a confession out of that no good hosehead.  Who would have thought that Ben was capable of killing Pandas with his breath, I was wondering why Regis Philbin was hanging around Sesame Street

On the brighter side of things, Jon A got what he deserved for stealing a horse from a mountee, that’s why we don’t hang out with Miss Piggy at The Dump.  Thanks to Adam and Friend whose name escapes me for taking him down

Freeze Tag…eh? {It’s not nearly cold enough to be freeze}

Water slide operators really should be more careful

A pile of sticks and barley just “barley” missed their chance to represent the wonderful land of Canada

Helping Hands…eh?

Don’t pick up hitchhiking pirates, they have nothing to provide to a running ship and they try to fight you with poultry

Divorce hearings are somewhat biased when the soon to be ex-bride is seeing both the baliff and the judge…and Ben will inevitably be slapped

World’s Worst…eh?

Senior Citizens love to pull pranks too

Ben being slapped pre-empted his Gerbil Entry show ending joke, so there is balance in the world

Thanks again to all the hosers, knobs, and hoseheads who were at The Spot…our very special Canada Day/Pre-Independence Day show went off with a bang

Beauty Show All!