imageThe first Valentine’s Day show of the weekend was at 95 Empire, and every audience member was from Massachusetts. Rhode Islanders are wimpy and were afraid of potential snow in the forecast. Thank you to all of you who drove to see us. We were joined by ventriloquist Kevin Driscoll and Jerry.

Anyway, on to the show. Evan came by as an auidence member but ended up playing as cast. He was joined by Daniel, John, Joe and Erich. *coughwherewereyouEdandErincough*

First up, Erich went through RESPECT, before picking the FAM, Kelly, aka “Hooker.” You see, Kelly calls everyone by that name, so she gets called it back in return. Her archnemesis of the night was her coworker Natalie, who decided how to put her name in the FAM cup. Kelly works at Old Navy and likes tutus. She’d love to visit Australia because of the accents and kangaroos. She bought Natalie Spanish candy hearts, and sadly, will be working on Valentine’s Day. Ever the logical one, if she had to go on a spy mission, she’d pack clean underwear and a phone charger.

Joe and Kelly were then critics for FAM at the Movies. This wonderful romance featured male prostitutes at Old Navy, French pink and lime green tutus, and ended with a song.

Next, John warmed everyone up with statements about love.

A new game was next, called Saturday Morning Cartoon. You’ll see it at any of our February shows. Super Villains Evil Vegemite Man and I Yell At Everything Man wanted to undress the Statue of Liberty. They were thwarted by super heroes Mr I’m a Girl and Mr Turns Around Everytime He Says Something.

Kelly and Natalie were the madlibbers for Pillars, which featured Erich and Joe with candy and edible undies.

Daniel needed a date, so he went on the Dating Game. Evan helped Daniel choose between John (a spatula), Erich (Kim Kardashian) and Joe (an old man). I hope everything works out between Daniel and Joe.

Audience members Kerri and Meredith participated for Angels and Devils. Angel Erich and Devil Meredith explained the story of Evan and Kerri. They met on, but she was actually 12. There was babysitting pay for the date, an Amber Alert, and a Disney movie with strange costumes.

During intermission, Kevin and Jerry entertained the audience. They talked about social networking sites merging as one super networking site called YouTwitFace. Next, Jerry serenaded everyone.

Yes And and Helping Hands were fun after the break.

In New Born, Evan and Meredith were Bugs Bunny and a can of green beans celebrating the birth of Tylenol.

World’s Worst had some crazy things, like the worst pregnancy test (It’s multiple choice or Were you fat before?), worst Harry Potter character (Snape’s brother, Grape and Edward the sparkling wizard), and underwear (chastity belts or commando).

In Short Cutz, a gorilla squished everything, a school’s faculty had mutiple jobs because of budget cuts, and John and Evan were part of the worst cheerleading school ever.

Finally, in Do Run, the guys sang about a Valentine’s date. It started with candy hearts, then moved onto a nice car and being up all night.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out, and a special thanks to Kevin and Jerry. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our Third Annual Other 9 to 5 Show, from 9pm March 2 to 5am March 3. It’ll take place at the Warwick Museum of Art and will be $20, and includes free breakfast.

And scene!