Love was in the air at the Warwick Museum of Art for BYOI’s Family Friendly Show. Joe, Daniel, Paul, Erich and Erin entertained the audience, after Joe explained RESPECT.

The evening’s FAM was Kate! She repairs computers and would like to do live band photography. Her love of photography started when she was a child taking pictures of the inside of her mom’s closet. She met her boyfriend Dave online, where she also met some freaks like a crazy cat guy who thought he was a prince. Kate’s not a fan of attention and would hurt Dave if he made a big production at her workplace for Valentine’s Day, but would love to go to Vegas.

In FAM at the Movies, Paul and Kate reviewed the romance movie of her life. Erin played Kate and Daniel was the Cat Prince. They were on a date at the top of the Stratosphere which was getting a lighthouse installed. Cat Prince gave Kate a cat toy on one knee, and then he fell–or was pushed by Kate. Next, she moved from OKCupid to eHarmony. She was overwhelmed by the nerds and then was found by her royal feline loving paramour. Finally, Kate started taking pictures in the closet to improve her photography skills, when Cat Prince popped out of a shoebox. I think in the sequel, it will start off with a restraining order.

In Saturday Morning Cartoon, Ghost Cupid Man, Human Skyscraper and Banana Bandito had a horrible plan. They wanted to infiltrate OKCupid to make bad matches and then have the couples slip on bananas to fall into one another’s arms. Thankfully, Cat Prince, Blown Away Man and Coin Return Girl.

Daniel then warmed everyone up with reaction sounds to yummy, good and bad Valentine’s gifts.

Audience member Rebecca joined in for Questions. A son with a mommy complex was sued by his mom, an italian soda was mixed, and Daniel ended the game with the longest question ever uttered.

Joe was looking for a date with the help of Erich, the host of the Dating Game. He had to pick between a kitten (Daniel), Venice (Erin) and AC Slater from “Saved By the Bell” (audience member Andrea).

In Catch Phrase, Paul was having a horrible day at work. His employees Erin and Rebecca kept asking how work was and how to help, bit they weren’t very helpful. The ladies were concerned about root beer and volunteering to stay late, which wasn’t helping during breakfast.

During the break, everyone enjoyed some of Erin’s apology cake. Yum, red velvet cake! This was followed by Daniel and Erin doing a short scene about Cat Prince refusing to go to bed in Yes And…

In Lines From a Love Movie, Daniel and Andrea were cellmates at Alcatraz. Paul bought Erin a lighthouse but had no boat to bring her to it, and then made her spaghetti. This was a problem because of her gluten allergy, but luckily, Erich showed up in a boat to sweep Erin off her feet.

Erich and Andrea were the new parents in New Born, playing a pair of nail clippers and the Great Wall of China. They named their baby Uvula, which is the dangly thing in your throat. Erich made the newborn’s name even more unique by adding 4 M’s and a silent Q.

Paul hosted Slogans, while Kate, Rebecca and Andrea joined the cast on stage. Some highlights: Motor oil: Don’t let your love slip away (Erich); Cruise ships: For when the relationship’s going down (Daniel); and Taco Bell: …And this date is over (Erin).

Sit Stand and Lie Down featured Paul, Erich and Andrea. They were taking pictures of rubber bands and Paul fed Erich ammonia and clay.

The evening ended with Kate in charge of the bell during Sing It! The guys were Italian plumbers trying to catch the Princess, who just couldn’t stick to one castle.

And scene!