Hey did you miss our last show recap?  It was our 300th!  Making this our 301st and it brought us to a wicked good show in the city of Boston!  The set began with Aeropuerto teaching us where to hid the bodies and why not to mess with the eye patch.  Then MIT’s Road Kill Buffet taught us how to pass a health inspection.  Finally we hit the stage and with the fantastic energy from the first two groups, we finished this off with a cherry on top!

Tonight’s cast was Ryan, Nate and Myself and we were joined by our FAM Stephen. He is a MIT Student who wants to join the Navy and loves his Oreos Double Stuffed.  Ryan and Nate start us off with his father enjoying his Oreos when Stephen comes to deliver the news that he wants to join the Navy in a sub but it is OK, because he is a robot.  Then we watch the same movie again, but as a Noir well narrated by Ryan and then finally as a Highlights video directed by Coppolla.

Next up I introduce us and get us all warmed up with our left over Valentine’s Day gifts.  Then I am out of the room, only to reenter into a game of Timmy in the Well where I learn that Beyonce got breast implants in an asbestos plant.  Thank god for the “three vests.”  Ryan dominated not only myself but two audience members in Try That on for Size while even frog hopping over leprechauns. And finally in Sit, Stand & Lie Down we learned that MIT students are not as attractive as everyone else unless they let their powers combine like Voltron.

And Scene!