We had a large crowd tonight at the Warwick Museum of Art, with plenty of new fans. Joe explained RESPECT before being joined by Evan, Krissy, Erich and Ryan. Daniel was around taking some great photos.

The night was started off with Lindsey, the FAM. She’s an art teacher who loves music. How much does she love music? Enough to play a whopping 14 instruments! She likes comic books, including Sabrina the Teenage Witch and would enjoy being invisible.

Evan hosted FAM Pack, with Joe babysitting hellion Ryan, and Krissy and Erich playing tuba.

Ryan warmed the crowd up by bringing them through the Iron Man–I mean, Improv Man–500. Everyone won by making it to the finish line together.

In Quick Scenes, Erich fell down the pole at a fire station, the dentist was visited, and the cast had low expectations.

Joe was the shopkeeper at the Everything Emporium. He helped Krissy find a panda bracelet, while Evan needed a gold plated lightbulb and audience member Ethan needed a Justin Bieber album set at chipmunk speed.

Audience member Ron came up for Alphabet, which started off with an argumeng about kumquats befoere coconuts. A pregnant wallaby was going to birth a kangaroo, whale was on the menu, and Erich convinced Ryan that he needed to replace just about everything in his car.

In Growing and Shrinking Machine, Ryan started off practicing magic before the prom. Dwarves mined for kittens, ancient Twister was played, and island inhabitants weren’t impressed by their new neighbor–or his guacamole.

After the break, Erich and Ryan one-upped each other’s peanut butter sandwiches in Yes And…

In Saturday Morning Cartoon, Hydroman was joined by Elasticband Underwear Man and Captain Knobby Knees. They were going to open up all fire hydrants so people couldn’t park. Anyone who attempted to park would get a wedgie. Luckily, Captain Says Everything Twice Boy, Spaghetti Lass and Glow in the Dark Girl saved the day.

Erich had some friends over for Party Quirks. Joe had a bee stuck in his navel, Evan couldn’t make eye contact, and audience member Seb was obsessed with his own voice.

Seb and Ethan were the first ones eliminated in Story, Story, Die. Ryan ended up surviving to finish a story about a bookworm at Good Burger. Through the crazy story, Keenan Ivory Wayans drove a tank through Africa, a zoo was painted, and someone was blinded. Not by science, but by a peanut.

An Audience member and Daniel joined the cast for Meanwhile. Scanning wars in the Midwest featured coupon tumbleweeds, and Erich and Evan were talking brooms. They ended up in Disneyworld, before ending up in the unemployment line and traffic court.

Finally, audience members Chris and Eddie joined the cast for Beastie Rap. Krissy, Evan and Chris were the West Coast Team playing against Erich, Ryan and Eddie as the snobby Harvard kids.

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And scene!