It was a fun night at 95 Empire, even if we were a castmember down due to bad fish. Paul, Daniel, Joe, Krissy and Oscar did a great job entertaining the audience.

Paul taught everyone about RESPECT, and then was joined by the rest of the cast.

Chris is one of our regular audience members, and he was finally picked as the FAM. He works at as a business process analyst, which has to do with controlling costs on warrantees. If he had a muscle car, he’d become a stunt driver so he could drive 100-something mph. Since Chris just happens to be the boyfriend of our wonderful castmember Krissy, Daniel and Joe had to grill him. They met at work, and went to dinner and the aquarium for their first date. Chris and Krissy debated what she had for dinner that night. They like to go to the movies and Chris says he’s like Beast from “Beauty and the Beast” but only after the transformation back to a prince, because he’s not hairy. Ever the dutiful boyfriend, he said if he was abducted by aliens, he would miss his girlfriend before his car. He’d also trade his soul for a whole bunch of money.

FAM Pillar was the first game that Chris played, which started off with Daniel and Joe trading their souls. Oscar tried selling glass eyes, while Krissy and Paul discussed their love of pigeons on a plane. Somewhere along the way, screws were needed to get hair out of peanuts, and a speeding ticket was gotten for going 200mph.

Joe then warmed up the audience by getting them ready for a trip. Everyone frantically packed before rushing to the plane.

After being warmed up, it was the perfect time to play Highlander. A family was arguing about why “the rug be in the kitchen” and in a twist, Daniel was the first one eliminated. Anyone who’s seen Highlander recently knows that Daniel usually is the last one standing. This time it was Oscar, and he did great performing alone.

Chris was late for his job at McDonalds in Excuses, Excuses. He faced a very angry boss, played by Krissy, but thankfully was backed up by Daniel, Paul and Joe. After explaining how he had a dentist appointment, was in a funeral procession and was abducted by aliens, he was able to keep his job.

Audience member Coburn joined the cast for Post It, which had some crazy suggestions from the audience. Some weird combinations were: proctologist & Hogwarts, Ronald McDonald & the Death Star, traffic cone & teacup, and fire extinguisher & Temple of Doom.

The cast was led by Joe in Revolver, and was one of my personal favorites of the night. Daniel and Krissy were a tortured contractor and an uber picky homeowner. Throughout the game, the amount of time a front step had been built—and rebuilt—went up to a crazy 7 years. Oscar and Daniel started off speaking in gibberish on a beach, while Oscar was a robot who “runs off of love” and was dancing on Paul’s rug. Finally, Krissy and Paul were trying to get money from a piggy bank without breaking it open.

After the break, Oscar and Paul talked about something else while doing something in Yes And…

The cast and Chris seemed to have fun with Saturday Morning Cartoon. Sour Patch Man, Margaritaville and Flip Flop Girl were going to steal liquor from bars in South Beach while slapping everyone with flip flops. Thankfully, Wet Dog Boy, PTSD Guy and Sweater Vest Man saved the day (and South Beach’s drunks!)

Oscar was Pavlov in Pavlovian Response, and he had to do jumping jacks each time someone said “hi” to him. With help from Daniel and Paul, Joe cried for his mom and Krissy mooed for most of the game.

Coburn and Chris joined in for World’s Worst. If you’ve ever seen Coburn in a line game, he likes to throw out the groaner jokes, and tonight was no exception. He and Oscar were Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston as the worst parents, and later,  daycare providers. Joe and Chris wisely said they didn’t know what the worst girlfriends were, since their girlfriends were in the room. Coburn burned the people of Earth like ants as the worst Greek or Roman God. Paul was the worst parent, being just fine with the kids raiding the liquor cabinet.

Krissy hosted Follow That Action, which took place at a Chinese restaurant. After a long bathroom break making a different kind of pu pu platter, cooks went to work in the kitchen. Joe had to serve Paul and Coburn, with Daniel translating. Oscar wouldn’t high five Joe because of scabies, and then served it to Coburn, who was upset about scabies in his shark soup. Thankfully, Joe had some eczema soup on hand to make it all better. Throughout the game, Russia ended up falling into the ocean. Sad.

The final game of the night was Curtain Call, with Oscar on guitar. The cast sang about the freaks of Thayer Street, visiting Italy for beer, driving a fast moped, unicorn My Little Ponies, and ended up drunk.

The 3rd Annual Other 9-5 Show is next Friday, as in one week from now. You must come and enjoy the craziness in your pajamas. We’ll have a larger cast than usual, including some of the Boston cast, and you’ll get free breakfast at the end. It’s at the Warwick Museum of Art next Friday into Saturday, and will cost $20. You don’t want to miss it.

And scene!