Only took 4 tries to get this picture JUST right!

Hey Look, it’s my first Blog entry!! Too bad it’s because poor Kerri is feeling sick. Did you have the bad fish too? 😉

The show began with Ryan leading the audience through RESPECT and he was quickly joined by Daniel, Joe, Krissy, Paul, and Ryan.

Tonight’s show saw long time audience member Andrea finally be chosen to be the FAM, though Daniel swears she had been the FAM before. (It’s not nice to swear Dan) Andrea is a Supervisor for Seabra Supermarkets whose boss Felix is humorous and bubbly. She really looks up to her cousin Alisa and spends the holidays at Aunt Diane’s (it’s so clean) and two of her troublesome uncles Allen (anti-social) and Mark (shouts obscenities – DANG!). She hates Lindsey Lohan who drives her nuts and ruins everything she touches but she likes Harry Potter, but not “like like”… just one “like” which is, like, really confusing….

Our first game was FAM Party Quirks where Andrea was hosting a party and had to guess her party guests (Ok, we really sent her out of the room so we could talk about her…I mean, those shoes ok, ok, I kid). Joe was Aunt Diane, Krissy was Lindsay Lohan, Ryan was Harry Potter, Daniel was Uncle Felix, and Paul was cousin Alisa. Andrea was able to guess Harry Potter in the shortest time ever when Ryan simply said “Brilliant!”….I think she watches too much Harry Potter!

Krissy then warmed up the crowd by having everyone be the annoying car alarm (and don’t think that I didn’t notice that frequent Audience member Jackie didn’t stand up!!!).

Once the audience was warmed up, we played Questions where Dan hogged up the entire game by never getting bumped out for not asking a question. Scenes included TV Dinners, TV, Tissues and buying a house.

Next we played Movie Critics where Joe and Andrea told us all about the newest Romantic Comedy called Magic Lamp starring Lindsay Lohan and Matthew McConaughey as a postal worker and UPS employee who fall in love despite working for rival shipping companies. We learned that UPS does not accept unpackaged frozen Omaha Steaks and that Lindsay Lohan can easily escape any prison by simply turning sideways and walking thru the bars!

Good Cop/Bad Cop was up next where Good Cop Daniel and Bad Cop Paul interrogated Ryan until he admitted that he and Accomplice John Travolta were guilty of knocking the ice cream out of the hands of children at Walt Disney World.

In Say It Again, Daniel kept everyone on their toes as Joe and Andrea discussed Muppets, cooking with a hammer, and belly aches while cruising on their party boat. Then Krissy and Ryan were wrestlers who sent valentines, realized that Krissy was related to the Tyrannosaurus Rex due to her tiny arms, and finally got maried.

After the break, Joe and Ryan taught us all about doing something very specific together, but talking about something else in Yes And… where they were workers on an assembly line.

Saturday Morning Cartoons was next and Audience member Chris joined the cast. The evil villians Weed Whacker (Joe), Mr. Lumberjack (Daniel), and Mrs. I buy fashion to make poor children cry (Krissy) were out to strip golf courses of their grass. Foiling the evil plan were our heroes, Anti-evil emperor penguin boy (Paul), Elastic face man (Ryan) and Who Farted? Man (Chris). Remember Who Farted? Man’s motto…”Whoever smelt it, dealt it!”

We then moved onto Press Conference where Daniel was Harriet Tubman pitching her new line of underground railroad Laser Printers to reported Joe, Ryan, and Andrea.

Back In My Day saw us complain about TVs, cars, iphones, and Christmas. “Back in my day, we didn’t have cars, we walked” (Paul – well duh), “Back in my day, we didn’t have TVs, we had a bird that pecked his beak into slate.” (Erich)

In Freeze tag, Andrea and WMOA’s Director, Patty’s niece (who’s name I can’t remember – sorry) joined the gang for scenes including armadillos, flip-tending, pulling teeth, knighting ceremonies, pebbles of love, heart attack charades (RED FOXX!), small low tables, surfing lessons, flocks of birds in flight, slow motion bad year book photos, and lice-ridden monkey detectives.

Finally, we wrapped the show up with a Do-Run song where Deb got some sleep, went shopping in some stores, and met a man named Steve who could cook and came with a stove but was left at the mall.

The 3rd Annual Other 9-5 Show is next Friday, as in 5 days from now. Come and enjoy the craziness in your pajamas. We’ll have a larger cast than usual, including some of the Boston cast, and you’ll get free breakfast at the end. It’s at the Warwick Museum of Art next Friday into Saturday, and will cost $20. You don’t want to miss it.