Hey, you know that scene in Ten Things I Hate About You where the nerd has the party expecting ten of his friends to show up and instead the entire high school crashes the fun? That was Wednesday night’s show yo! We started with a few people and ended up with a full house. Thanks to all who showed up and to those who participated. And here’s hoping you get into Brown if you so choose, young scholars! And if you don’t, Penn is just as good. No matter what your mother says.

The night started with some RESPECT and some introductions. Which seemed superfluous after an entrance to the worst but most enthusiastic rendition of Do-Re-Me ever sung. Adam told us about turtles and naked dentist visits and Ben and I gave a Yes, And…That’s How It’s Done lesson on descriptiveness. On to the games!

What Are You Doing?

Apparently Jimmy likes to snort crack in the road, Adam likes to fly naked, and I was a hapless reporter who pissed off the teleprompter. And there’s a cold front in Southern Massachusetts that is sleeping with your boyfriend.


Ben asked the audience to help him judge, and they did an admirable job. The bell was fair but swift when needed. A young man named Alex SCHOOLED us tonight by playing questions longer than anyone else and being funny while doing it. We went from a dorm to an island and finished at a dorm on an island. I was RA of all of them.

Movie Critics

In the first round of MC, not one but two young women rocked it onstage with John and Adam. John and Rachel played Mother/Son movie critics and Adam and Brianna were actors in an action comedy that featured ants and some karate. A great one-two punch came from Adam and Rachel:

“Let’s not use protection and screw with love on Wikipedia.”

Rachel to John
“That’s when I covered your eyes.”

And Rachel also gave John a confidence boost.

“You’ve been reading up on your pop culture, I am so proud of you.”

In the second round of MC, Jimmy played out what was possibly the longest death scene on record, and Jon A’s excellent Cheech and Chong  joke fell flat, since most of the audience was too young to know who they are.

The second half, oh the second half. You had to be there to truly appreciate it, but let’s just say John Ring needs to study his crappy directors. Michael Bay. It’s Michael Bay, John. Dude’s a gazillionaire with zero talent and a penchant for blowing things up.

Thanks for reading, and if you want more hilarity and hijinks step away from the computer and come to a show already!