You know how it is, if you weren’t there… it’s just not fair. But let me expose you to some epic snippets…

We played:
What Are You Doing
Marriage Council Endowment
Freeze Tag
Famous Last Words

Audience member Jackie gives away all of Victoria’s Secrets.

Audience member Dan assures Jon A that it’s “just teacups”.

Beth Hicks comes out and exposes T-Cups.

Weasel Stomping Day calls for too many questions.

Jimmy cries a river over his sloppy eating husband while fighting to be the winner of American Idol.

John Ring loves his bowling bowl…. no matter what Freeze Tag has to say.

Door girl soliciting sex or Beth Hicks all night.

Audience member MIke Amaral has sex change after many years of bro-friendship.

Jon A sends Lance Armstrong to the moon. Yeah, Lance. The Jon proceeds to hit a golf ball off of a bear, TWICE.

Adam Michael Kennedy The First (except for that jerk who plays for the Oakland A’s)