So we are back for a second year at Norton Middle School for the Learnapaloza!  This year we got to split the school into two groups and got to perform two shows to two audiences of 350 each!  So this deserves two blog entries!

So here we are with Joe, Ryan, Erich and myself and our first FAM came as a pair. (How fitting with our theme of twos.)  Their names were Kiely & Alexis and they had SO MUCH to share with us…  um…  I think they want to be wedding planners? “I don’t know?

We start off with a game of Remake where Kiely & Alexis are SO full of energy… that they cannot hold it in… yay…  One of them gets married… it was OK…  Next up the Horror version of that where one friend is killed, but the murderer husband to be gets it… yay…  Finally in a Sci Fi approach Spock marries the Away team and we shoot people with more… excitement.

Next up Ryan warms up the crowd with some “We will rock you!”  Then onto Pillars where the frog gets lose in Science class but always use a golf club to dispose of the evidence.  In Timmy in the Well, Abraham Lincoln was in trouble with vampires at Taco Bell. Highlander saw a version of Elf that one audience member had to do all by himself… and he nailed it!  Back in My Day had some teachers playing with us and Do Run took us home as we sung about becoming a wedding planner.

And Scene… 1.