We sent Erich off to fatherhood with laughs at 95 Empire.
Joe, Daniel, Krissy and auditioner Drew joined in after Paul explained the rules of RESPECT.

The FAM was Hillary, who “does everything” at a nonprofit company. She loves her coworkers but isn’t a fan of the weird phone calls they receive. Adventures in the city and cocktails on the porch with friends are fun, and she last visited Baltimore, which Daniel remembers as the land of crabs. Hillary gave the most unique answer for what she’d bring to save the world: her sugar glider, Spinner. My apologies to Hillary for not grabbing a picture!

FAM Pillar was the first game, where the guys had drinks in a glider that was deemed safe because it has no engine. A chihuahua with a weave, who may have been a drag queen, was stuck in a copy machine, and the cast told stories of being trapped in a trash compactor.

Erich warmed up everyone by having a baby!

Audience member Chris joined in for the Quickest Minute, which took place in Baltimore. There was a cranky raven, regurgitation and regrets over not having an oriole.

Audience member Andrea was brave to play Try That On For Size. Godzilla squashed people in Japan, Krissy’s pinky was cut off, inchworms raced, and Erich danced like MC Hammer.

Krissy enjoyed having the power of the bell in Say It Again. This time, audience member Chris L joined in. The first round took place in a kangaroo jacket store. You know what’s great about kangaroo jackets? Twirling in them. They easily ripped, but the Corey Feldman style–denim–was a top seller. In the second round, Erich and Paul were hanging around a Porsche/horseless carriage/car made of doilies.

Erich’s sister Julie jumped in for Chainsaw, where an astronaut was in a sweatshop with a toothbrush. There was hesitation with each toothbrush kill, and along the way the location was forgotten and turned into a bike race, a sauna, a Monty Python skit and the Wild Wild West.

Daniel and Erich showed us that silence is okay in Yes And.

Six Pack was a blast. Erich & Andrea had a horrible vacation with her grandparents to the library. Paul & Krissy were at the arcade and kept getting bothered by a nerd, and Drew was a horrible dancer in Chris’ salsa class. He blamed Joe and Daniel for stealing the coupons for the correct salsa shoes.

Paul had his fortune told by Erich in Madame Zelda. Joe, Daniel and Chris were the spirits who helped Erich figure out that Paul’s power would go out, he’d find his long lost twin and he’d wake up from a coma.

In Blank Walks Into a Bar, Chris and auditioner Coburn joined the line. Here’s what happened when the following walked into a bar: a chameleon got slapped for eyeing 2 ladies at once, Lance Armstrong had his drink taken back, and an astronaut said, “One small step for man, one big beer for me.”

Follow That Action started off with a trip to Baltimore on the Monopoly railroads. The themes of the game were crabs and vendors. Erich was a crab who wanted to be Paul’s pet. Unfortunately, he insulted Paul, who decided to eat Erich out of spite. Coburn then brought his girlfriend Krissy the jellyfish to a game, to the chagrin of his crab friends. Paul kept getting sued every 10 minutes and Drew had to follow the 30 second rule when he dropped his expensive fish sticks. Later, a bird and a crab found love. Near the end of the game, Joe took advantage of the need for a dog license and a park ranger license. Paul one upped him by selling meta licenses, and Erich ended the scene because no one had a skit playing license.

The night ended in song with Do Run, where the cast sang about Hillary and the people she deals with.

Thanks to everyone who came to the show. Good luck to Erich when your little one is born; we can’t wait to get you back in November!

And scene!