20130612_092901_resizedBYOI has returned to Norton Middle School for our third year straight!  These folks love us!  We had two shows today, so let’s get started with, ROUND 1.  Our FAM is Travis, a seventh grader who loves life sciences, hates math and wants to go to the Great Barrier Reef.  So we start off with a game of Highlander where Travis is going scuba training in a kiddy pool, but watch out for the Great White Shark!!!  Travis makes it all the way to round 3, but alas I have to do the scene all by myself… do any of these kids know CPR???

Next up is Pillars when Drew is an angry Dad who does not want his daughter to dress up as a pumpkin, but as a princess Chuck Noris!  Then Good Cop, Bad Cop found Meredith baking pizzas on a safari with Selena Gomez.  We then moved to a trolley stop that saw intense gym teachers, scared students and the angriest French little girl I have ever met.  Finally we finished off with Action Figures where Evan and I were controlled by the teachers to go for the long pass in football.  Lot’s of pretzel like positions!

Thanks again to all of the many kids we had come play!  Check out the next blog entry for ROUND 2!

And Scene… To Be Continued….