20130628_230416It’s a rainy Friday night and some awesome people decided to share it with BYOI and tonight’s cast of Erich, Meredith, Ryan and myself! The FAM tonight was Cezary an IT specialist who use to crack Atari codes as a kid and who emigrated from Poland when he was 15 years old.

So the first thing we saw tonight was the original lifetime movie about his boat trip from Poland where Ryan and Erich fought over motorboats and old fashion sails.  But this was a game of Remake, so we saw this film again as a Australian film traveling in go-carts.  And finally, a Kung-Fu movie traveling from Poland to the US on a train.  May I just remark that Erich’s ability to dub himself was a hilarious treat.

Next up Erich warmed us up with a story about lions and elephants and… dogs… oh my?  Then it was time to take our own ride with Trolley Stop where we saw pretentious Newporters, trepidatious tweeters and just a couple of guys in need of a voice box.  Speaking of needs, we have World Without a Letter, where we needed the use of “M” & “O” at the library.  We followed that up with Timmy in the Well and Ryan found out that Iced Tea lost his baby doll at the Kremlin.  That may be debatable, but Debate Club will fix it, where I learned that Michael Phelps swims with his ears and I don’t know how old any of the cast are.

After intermission, we saw some growing and shrinking and growing machine.  One captain, my captain; One drunk man and his inability to use an ATM; One Leonard Nimoy just wanting some piece at home away from his fans; And one Sarah Palin’s poor attempt to teach a civics class at the University of Phoenix. Action Figures brought Sherlock, Watson and Moriarty close together… very close.  Revolver found us volcanos can’t go on forever and some reggae groups might need talent too. And finally a game of Highlander found us throwing away the sassy new hologram Siri phone for the mammoth new Galaxy 7 with Ryan finishing the honors.

What a great show!  We are here every Friday night at 10pm!

And Scene!