20131004_232807Tonight was another fun night at Theatre 82 and BYOI had a great team on hand!  It was Ryan, Paul, Alex, Josh & Myself.  And tonight was our FAM, Charlie, who is on a date for his one year anniversary with Jennifer.  He also hates Canada and seems to think he is a long lost cousin of Ryan.

So we began with having Charlie tell us a story about Charlie and Jennifer’s first date in Typewriter.  We found out that the Irish Cantonese Canadian restaurant called Murphy’s Law has wonderful food and terrible service.  After that Josh warmed us up with a numbers game and we were off and ready for the show.  In Tableau I learned it is painful to be Huey Lewis’s microphone.  Centerpiece found Alex in the middle of a Twizzler factory, Christmas Gift surprises and knowing that you can smoke a Canadian Maple Leaf.  Jennifer joined us for this game and helped us braid the Twizzlers. Party Quirks made Ryan guess his guests, Michael Douglas, the entire Back to the Future series and a toaster with Vietnam PTSD. So why not sing our problems away with an Irish Drinking song about Transformers.

After intermission, we were back with Sit, Stand & Lie down and saw some firetruck repair.  Then Follow That Action found the Paw Sox’s taking out aircraft with wiffle balls. And why not finish up with Curtain Call and make Charlie & Jennifer’s 1 year anniversary date complete!

And Scene!