FAM 100613Paul, Krissy, Daniel, Ethan, Christine and Alex were on hand for another great show at the Warwick Museum of Art!

The FAM was Dave, who is one of our season pass holders. He is a regular, along with his girlfriend, Kate. When Dave was a kid, he hated football and wanted to be a basketball player. However, his favorite movie was “A League of Their Own.” Dave’s clearly a fan of sports. When he’s not at improv, he’s hanging out with Kate and playing games.

In FAM Pillar, Dave was the pillar who got to throw in random words. In the first scene, the guys had to throw a soccer ball like a dentist to get lots of clocks, like the rap artist, Ukelele. Reclining during a game was made illegal in France and we learned about the great new superpower: being anti-football. In the second scene, the ladies were planning a surprise anniversary party for Kate and Dave, although Kate wasn’t their favorite girl and it really wasn’t much of a surprise.

Christine warmed up the audience with a series of claps and cheers, before sitting down with Ethan as the announcers for Sports Commentator. The pair explained what Paul & Alex were doing for the Annual Ham Cooking Competition. Paul ended up with oil in the eye, while Alex’s undercooking warranted him a foul for being raw.

Krissy was then the director for the action film, “The Sleeping Elephant,” in Remake. It featured everyone’s favorite Governator hunting down a sleeping elephant. There was worry that the elephant would wake up, but thankfully, a foreign friend stopped by to help since elephants can’t hear Australian accents. Paul and Christine had a lot of explaining to do in the film noir version, and the backscratcher was the weapon of choice in the horror remake. Next, Krissy needed help from dogs Alex, Christine and Kate in Timmy In the Well. They easily explained that Van Gogh pulled a hamstring. It wasn’t so easy to explain that it happened in Cuba, but eventually everyone made it to the same page with the help of Daniel.

In Debate Club, the cast and audience member Ashby wondered if school lunch was bad. They said that lunch ladies don’t care–except for Krissy’s mom, who is awesome–that society doesn’t care about genger, the green aisle has Barbies on motorcycles and Ethan is self absorbed. What else did we learn? That Christine is smarter than Daniel since she’s a girl, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and dogs don’t have tails. It eventually came down to the last second, and Ashby won the debate!

After the break, Daniel, Paul and Ethan talked about if they should go to the theme park in Sit, Stand & Lie Down. Tableau featured a beach that had an abandoned hot dog & a dolphin with bad GPS, a doctor’s office and a candy factory.

Revolver showed us that it’s okay to switch out a pen for a Sharpie Light Saber since Sharpies are permanent–just like when you cut off a limb with a light saber. The night ended with the cast serenading Dave, who is rich and famous–but not heinous–in Do Run.

And scene!