20131013_185446There is a big Patriots game tonight, but that did not stop BYOI’s audience as people came to see Erich, Paul, Christine, Ethan and Alex for tonight’s show.  And your’s truly is running the door! Our FAM tonight is Andy!!!  He is in the 5th grade, loves recess, hates math, likes the Jetsons and Darth Maul.  So why not see some movies about Andy’s life?  We saw the lawyers at recess as a drama, then as a space dog lawyers film and then as great dating advice film.  Then Ethan warmed us up with Milkshakes.

So first up was Tableau with libraries, outer-space and Santa’s house.  In Revolver we saw people getting Joshed, a no pants at school day and a very dangerous haunted house.  In Chainsaw a plumber, at the shopping mall with a purse became a surgeon, on a wave with an axe. Then they finished up the first half with Do Run about Andy how cool he was and how he charges for his pool.

And so we begin the second half we saw a great scene about Darth Vader’s students and their attempt to blow up another Death Star.  Then next was the Good, Bad and The Ugly where cheerleaders hate the top of the pyramid, math is cool and the Jetson’s car is going down.  Follow that up with Say It Again where bologna sandwiches are great for running with rock sauce with granite stove top flavor.  Then another scene where Dad destroyed an endangered species and was loved for it.  We then finished the show with Follow That Action where we saw how to warm up cold pizza in the dryer.