FAM 101113It was a very special night at Theatre 82 as audience members came from Maine, New York and Pennsylvania! Daniel, Ian, Meredith, Josh and Alex were on hand (feel better, Ryan!) to celebrate a Sweet Sixteen.

Our FAM, Gwen, was brought to the show by her mom, BYOI regular Crystal, as a surprise to celebrate her 16th birthday, all the way from Maine. Gwen’s in her junior year of high school and loves Halloween. She has 10 siblings, which probably gives her plenty to work on since she wants to be a psychiatrist someday. During the FAM interview, Gwen had her second surprise of the night, as her best friend Carolyn came in, fresh from New York City.

In FAMily Reunion, Ian was handpicked by our FAM to play her. Gwen was having a party with lots of Reeses and thought she had the best costume. Mom Crystal, played by Meredith, made a TARDIS Jack-O-Lantern. Josh and Alex played Chris, Gwen’s boyfriend and her friend Amelia, who was a science nerd. After that, Josh warmed everyone up with a hand and foot shakeout.

In Guidance Counselor, Daniel had to give advice, with help from Josh on guitar. Alex was being bullied, Meredith had an inappropriate crush and Ian wanted to be in a musical. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly had FAM Gwen and audience members Ray & Carolyn giving advice. We learned about how to best do homework, how to respond to “Does this make me look fat?” and what’s best to eat.

Pavlovian Response had Alex as Pavlov, and he thought everyone was fat. Josh tap danced all over the place and audience member Pat was super sleepy while they had to hurry to make bacon flavored candy. Ray once again jumped on stage to help out with Quick Scenes. Kids had name tags, a gazelle was freaked out, the M&M store only had W’s and Nickelback tickets were the worst birthday gift.

After the break, there was an unfortunate accident with a plastic beach shovel in Sit, Stand and Lie Down. In Fortunately/Unfortunately, Ian and audience member Kylie told the story of John Proctor. He was in a new world of religious fanatics but liked the natives. Comic books were found in the bushes and the scene ended with Charlie Sheen.

In Catch Phrase, Alex and Pat were Meredith’s children in the Yankee candle store. Alex was skeptical about her parenting skills and Pat insisted he was innocent.

The night ended with Debate Club. The cast, along with Ray, Carolyn and Pat, debated about why people see psychiatrists. We learned it’s for medication–or not, people are self absorbed, that Alex has mommy issues, Carolyn’s Ritalin source, and videos that may or not exist of Daniel. We also learned that nothing is obvious to Josh, Ray may have been on some substances, no one believes in astrology and nobody likes Ian. Ian ended up winning!

Happy birthday Gwen!

And scene!