20131018_231715It was a crew of Daniel, Erich, Josh and myself who came out to Theatre 82 under the Hunter’s Moon for another evening of irrepressible BYOI fun. We met our FAM Miriam, a freelance writer who has one husband, one friend, and two dogs, whom she loves enough to buy toys she can’t identify, so they won’t abuse her maroon & pink crocheted slippers with pom-pons (the dogs, not the husband and friend), and who would teleport to a faraway lush island since we wouldn’t let her be invisible.

Miriam’s pets inspired an incontinent round of FAMlander, with Erich eventually alone in showing no restraint as human nor animal, since there can be only one. I then warmed up the crowd with a round of orchard activities celebrating a favorite fall pastime in New England. In Meanwhile, we found out how the Northeast was won from the hapless Native Americans (hint: they’re bad traders), that glue is made from horse spit and not horse bits, and that Horace Nowhere, by selfishly not changing his name, doomed his descendants to live in a town that would someday die from lack of tourism. We then had a Press Conference in which the City of Paris had a hard time sticking to the important topic of Leave It to Beaver despite a pestering and punning press pack. What then followed was a Trolley Stop frequented by mysterious smokers, Munchkins, teleporting drug dealers, writers who compulsively wrote and announced what they were writing, and finally one of the aforementioned unfortunate natives.

We postured out of the break with a round of Sit, Stand, & Lie Down, featuring a lion, tiger, and bear (oh my!) getting grouchy about the bear’s incompetence (but not incontinence, unlike the earlier pets) in the woods. A Growing and Shrinking (and Growing and Shrinking and…) machine came next, with ill-fitting jeans, ill-tasting food being swapped at school, an ill-behaved pair of students being ill-prepared at a juggling course, and a boy ill-suited to join his sister’s girls-only club. The evening ended with a rousing Do Run about the delirium of Miriam, with her friend the bead store owner and their travels.

Annnnd Scene!