IMAG3291-1It was another great Sunday night for improv at the Warwick Museum of Art! Daniel, Drew, Ethan and Alex were on hand. Speaking of Alex, we decided to make him the FAM so we could get to know him!

You all know Alex as one of the newer members of BYOI, but here’s what you didn’t know: when he was a child, he wanted to be a park ranger. He works in high school special education, where the hot people apparently work. Alex loves being outdoors, tennis and books. If he had to pick 3 books to read forever, he’d go with The Phantom Tollbooth, the Sherlock Holmes anthology and an encyclopedia, so he’d always have a source of random facts.

Alex seemed to enjoy being in control in FAM Revolver. Drew was busy solving crimes on company time, Daniel was weary of Ethan’s habit of mixing everything in the household into drinks–including the kids, and janitors decided to come up with a brand new sport: rock rolling! After that, Ethan warmed everyone up with an Addams Family exercise involving faces and tongues.

Ethan and Daniel used Alex and audience member Kate as their hands in Helping Hands. They were comparing weaponry, and Ethan thought the tree was a jerk for ignoring him…like trees normally do. Later, Daniel littered as he lost pieces of his uniform. He redeemed himself when he stopped Ethan from chopping down the tree.

Daniel had a hard decision to make in Say It Again: should he get a goldfish or become an astronaut? Drew ended up furloughed and couldn’t buy a helmet, goldfish was better baked instead of fried and we learned about Law & Order: New York City Miami and how to Snapchat. In the Dating Game, Drew had to choose between Arnold Palmer, the Mayan Ruins and a functioning adult.

Next up was Famous Last Words, where we heard the last words of Benedict Cumberbatch, nature (“industrial revolution?!”), hockey, foreign language (“Google Translate!”) and the BBC (“Let’s sell our shows to the Americans!”)

From there, Daniel, Ethan and Drew had fun in Sit, Stand & Narcolepsy, which is a fun twist on Sit, Stand & Lie Down. They gave too much blood to get cookies, until they realized the could make their own! Unfortunately, there was a debate about what temperature cookies should be baked at, and when to take them out of the oven.

Drew and Alex then preformed a 60 second version of “Raging Bull” in Quickest Minute. That was followed by 30, 10 & 5 second versions. In Short Cutz, there was a phantom in the phonebooth, which was scary! Quick, look the other way! The phantom ended up popping up everywhere and being just friends just wasn’t good enough for Alex.

The night ended in a diner with Pavlovian Response. Drew wondered how fast he was going, which kept triggering Ethan to do the Chicken Dance, while Alex kept having to speak in foreign languages, which would then trigger Drew, and it was a fun loop for a bit.

If you like our Warwick Museum of Art shows (of course, you do, the WMOA is awesome!), then you’ll be happy to hear that after the new year, we’ll be moving there on Fridays! We’ll have TWO shows per night! We’ll have a family friendly show and another one for the teens and adults. Watch for more details. Also, if you come in costume to next Sunday’s show, you’ll get $2 off the admission! Come play with us–in costume!

And scene!