FAM 102713Daniel, Paul, Alex and Ryan were at the Warwick Museum of Art for another great BYOI show! Our FAM was Beth, who brings her son Andy to our shows on a regular basis. Beth is a nurse and lactation consultant, and loves running and junk food. She’s also a big fan of Mary Katherine Gallagher and was once Sandy the Squirrel for Halloween. After the interview, the guys serenaded Beth during the long awaited return of the FAM Welcome Song!

First up was Follow That Action, where Daniel was an extremely difficult driver who was dealing with OCD. He would not move until the light had changed 4 times, to the chagrin of his fellow drivers. Ryan gave Alex a ticket for telling him how to do his job, which made Alex want to be deputized so they could work together. Paul’s wife was then whining about the time they were waiting, and Ryan’s motorcycle was modified to have doors and crank windows. In Lines From a Cup, Daniel and Paul had muffins that fell into nuts, squirrels ate hamburgers and we learned that while fur is a great insulator, it’s a horrible windbreaker.

Next up, Alex was looking for love in the Dating Game. He had to choose between Ryan the IT specialist, Paul as Superglue and Beth as a grandma. Of course, Beth won because grandmothers usually bake cookies and watch “Jeopardy!” In Alphabet, Alex wanted to be a princess for Halloween, but had Ryan as the worst father ever.

Since it’s been such a big week for local sports, it was only right that the guys wanted to play Sports Commentator! Paul and Ryan were the competitors in the Olympic raking competition. Alex and Andy were the announcers, while Daniel was the on field referee. Ryan was the rookie, while Paul was a ninja and cheated by bringing out a leaf blower.

In Because I Said So, Paul learned about the world from the guys and audience member Kate. We learned that trees came from seeds when Johnny Appleseed had a bad date…or because of a capitalistic society. Without brain cells, brainds wouldn’t work because people are greedy and there is no I in team! Later, we learned that pink is better than blue because storks are smaller than ostriches, and chicken don’t have teeth so vegan food isn’t fun. In the end, the tribe spoke because Ryan was only a bill.

Because we had regulars in attendance, we tried Ventriloquism, which was a bunch of fun. Ryan voiced Paul, Paul voiced Daniel, Daniel voiced Alex and Alex voiced Ryan. They did a scene that started off with rocks being juggled. Salt was put in the wound so first aid was failed, and Woody Allen needed to be listened to because the Wiggellllllah root had no Wikipedia entry. The night ended with Curtain Call. The guys sang about scary school girls, buying a dozen puppies, how Beth is a good mom and cans of #YOLO.

And scene!