FAM1 040414Friday night is BYOI time at the Warwick Museum of Art, and we started the night off with our family friendly show! Tonight we had Meredith, Alex and Daniel joined by auditioner Amy.

The first thing we did was pick Steve as the FAM! He’s a project manager at a local health care company and enjoys kayaking, traveling and spending time at the beach. What is one thing Steve doesn’t like? Zombies. That makes me sad.

After serenading Steve in the Welcome Song, we moved right into Lines From a Cup. Alex, Meredith and audience member Beckett didn’t like lions, tigers and bears in the dog park, so a dog chose her new owner.

Trolley Stop featured chickens, robot spies and unprepared students as audience members Beckett and Mary Beth joined the line with the cast. From there, it was on to Ventriloquism, the April Game of the Month! Meredith and Amy were joined by audience member Kendall for a scene with a twist–they had to voice each other while controlling their own actions. Their scene had a wonderful queen, phantom voices and a revolution.

In Marriage Counselor, Daniel and audience member Beckett needed a therapist to deal with Beckett’s habitual socks on the floor, Daniel never being able to eat in peace and the different temperatures in the house.

Because I Said So had the cast, along with audience members John and Phil, educating us about a variety things like seedless bananas, heavy heads, fear of swords and niceties. Freeze Tag was next, with audience members Emmie and Kendall helping out. They painted around Banksy, rescued Old Zealand and started a zombie musical.

Some would say the night ended in an educational way with Spelling Bee. The cast and audience members Kendall, Emmie and Beckett had fun spelling and defining words such as wall, Rembrandt and extravaganza. As always, it was sometimes correct and sometimes…not. For example, peace means peacefulness broken hippie dreams love and extravaganza is silliness shark loose party time. Obviously!

And scene!