FAM2 041814Now that the kids all went home, it was time for the late night show at the Warwick Museum of Art! We once again had Alex, Daniel, David, Amy and Josh on hand. Sorry Josh for starting the show while you were occupied!! This time the FAM was Leah, who’s an oncology nurse navigator. She explained what exactly that means, which I’ll just translate into “superhero” because she’s just awesome. Leah came to the show with her husband Joe, and they like hiking. Leah was the consistent person for all of the scenes in FAM Centerpiece. Amy and Alex were going to a wedding that was clothes optional because the maid of honor didn’t want to get stuck in an awful dress, while Daniel and Josh were spies at the train station. Josh and Amy were bored by mainstream auditions, and in the final grouping, Alex was scared by Daniel’s cowardly lion.

Meanwhile, there was a hyper assistant and foot problems in…Meanwhile. Try That On For Size featured help from audience members Chrisy, Lexi and Marissa. They played with silly putty, did water polo the wrong way and seasoned fish! Ventriloquism, the game of the month, was next, with David, Josh and Alex voicing one another. The scene centered around a kid playing with makeup and concern over where Josh’s hair went. New Born had Daniel and audience member Michaela as Payless Shoes and Joseph Stalin, the proud new parents of baby Mighty Mouse.

Next up was Blank Walks Into a Bar, where the needle said, “I’ve got my eye on you.” We also heard what happens when a pen, bear or bandage walk in. This was followed by Growing and Shrinking Machine, with freaky birds, Daniel in leather for a heavy metal video and the lesson that bears are people too! The night ended with Busta Rap, with the cast rapping to the death! David, Josh and Amy were no match for rap master Daniel.

And scene!